2019 (Not) Resolutions:

2019 (Not) Resolutions:

These are not resolutions because resolutions almost always fail. Let's call them plans instead.

2019 Plans:

  1. Spend Less Money
    Last year my resolution was to write down every single transaction in my budget. I succeeded in that, but I still spent way more money than I should have on food and random stuff.

    Action Plan:
    a. Weekly Grocery List:
    Yesterday, I made a weekly purchase list for groceries.

    b. Monthly Toiletries and House Supplies List:
    Yesterday, I made a VERY detailed supply list and did price comparisons between Grocery.Walmart.com (I HATE going into the store) and Amazon/Amazon Subscribe and Save. I discovered that a very large number of our household supplies and things are much cheaper when bought in large packs on Amazon Subscribe and Save. So I now have like 26 subscriptions. I had about 7 before.

    c. Stick to it  That's the hardest part!
  2. Eat Healthier and Lose Weight
     The husband and I need to lose weight badly, and we need to make the kids eat more diverse vegetables.   Avalon is going to be easy. She’s currently making a list of veggies in Word next to me.  She just asked how to spell artichoke. The boys will be harder…

    Action Plan:
     a. Chose a Diet Plan
    We’re going to be doing Low Carb.

    b. Make a list of foods we can eat.
    Done! Did it yesterday and posted it on the cabinet. I’m pretty sure that’s why Avalon is making the list of veggies.

    c. Make a Weekly Grocery List:
    Boom! Done as part of the previous goal.
  3. Write More
     I want to write again.  It’s so hard to find the time and my muse, but I want to make it happen. I miss getting lost in my own worlds.

    Action Plan
     a. Blog
     Start with blogging to get my muse warmed up hopefully.

    b. Finish the Rough Draft of the sequel to Blood and Violets. That book has been torturing me for a couple years now. I just can’t get it finished!
So, there’s the plan! Let’s make it happen!


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