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It's been a long couple of weeks!

Last Monday, my poor little boy got a fever which shot up to 105 and he had a seizure! I wasn't even home! Bryon was all by himself with him and didn't even know what a seizure was. He thought that Nicky was dying! I got home like ten minutes after he got off the phone with 911. To make everything 100 times worse I didn't have my cell phone with me and we only have one car which I was driving! I'm a horrible Mommy!

He's all better now. He hasn't had fever in like four days but I still have panic attacks! I've never been so terrified in my entire life!

Also we're having work done on our house and it's almost done. To save money we are doing the flooring and painting ourselves. So we've been trying to take care of a sick baby, paint four new rooms, and put down flooring in all of them. I'm so exhausted I could just collapse!

But we're almost done and Nicky is better so there is a light at the en…