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Dear Disney...

I just purchased your Wall-E DVD. I haven't even watched it yet. But for the love of all that is good and holy people!!! I know the movie is about what happens if we don't take care of our planet and so the "Earth (and Space) Friendly" packaging might have seemed like a good idea, and I'm all for Earth friendly packaging when appropriate...but a DVD case is not disposable!!! You put it on your shelf and it looks pretty and you don't get rid of it. I had to slaughter my cardboard case to put it in a plastic case that I had left over from something else so that the DVD didn't get all scratched up from the cardboard sleeve you put it in...

I hope this was just something for Wall-E and you haven't done away with decent packaging completely, because I put in a preorder last week for the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell set coming out next month and I'm going to be VERY disappointed if it comes in this junk packaging as well. I know the economy is awful, b…

Thursday Thirteen #53

13 Things I Watch While my 4 Month Old Has me Awake for His Nightly Two to Three Hour Fuss Fest

Gotta Love DVR!
The NewsThe Daily ShowThe Colbert ReportThe Biggest Loser30 Minute MealsSouth ParkThe Weather Channel…What? I like the weather channel!Movies like…A Girl InterruptedElizabeth: the Golden AgedKnocked Up27 DressesAlvin and the ChipmunksAnd the Occasional Infomercial *gags* They suck me in almost as badly as HSN! Mmmmm….Diamonique! Just call me Simi!

6 Things About Me

I was tagged by Dianna a while ago and I'm too lame to remember to do ANYTHING so here it goes.
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Six Random Things About Me

My favorite season is spring. I like Fall a lot, but I quickly tire of both summer and winter. I really need a privacy fence in my backyard and a door from my living room to the backyard so I can let the dogs out without fear of them bolting! Cause they do!I google myself. ;-0I have a pile of laundry the size of a small mountain! I just can't seem to get caught up!I really want to declutter every room of my house, but I'm a serious packrat and can't seem to part with anything.
I'm going…

Jane Austen Invents Baseball

This is just so awesome I haven't any words! I love Stephen Colbert.

Thursday Thirteen #52

13 Reasons I Hate Our Local Hospital

They just sent me a bill for the full amount of something without even bothering to wait until my insurance paid them.They sent this bill two weeks after they performed the service...but also JUST sent my son's hospital bill from July.When Nicky had the seizure when he was one, we had to wait in the emergency room waiting room for 8 hours.After that emergency room visit they tried to trick me into paying more than I had to by sending a bill for the whole amount and saying that if I just paid it then it would be 20% off.They won't even try VBAC's and my best friend reallly didn't want to have to have another c-section if she could avoid it.When a friend lay dying of a brain infection, they were still having to ship the tests across town which seriously increased the time that it took to get information back. They've got this fixed now, but I'm still bitter about it. Maybe if they'd had their lab in place when they opened…

Autumny Goodness

Got some fall pictures of my little guys this weekend, but I'm afraid I waited a wee bit too long. The colors were starting to fade already on the mountain.

Taking pictures outdoors of a baby who can't sit up yet is just about as easy as herding cats! Most of the time he was screaming and arching his back trying to wiggle out of the positions I had put him in, but I did manage to get one of the two of them together!

President Barack Obama!!!




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