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A conversation between my son and I...

The scene opens with me taking the bottle he stole from his brother and tossing it out of his reach.

Nicky: You're so stupid!!!!!!!!
Me: Whaaaaaaaat did you just say?????
Nicky: You're sooo nice, Mommy!!!!!!
Me: That had better be what you just said!

Ah the joys of the angry threes! I don't care what anyone says 3 is much worse than 2! Everything is sooooooooooooooo serious! He had a screaming/crying fit because I wouldn't give him "the paints"!

There were no paints....

A Request

Will all of you who haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet please take a moment to do some deep breathing and calm the heck down! Now don't get me wrong I know even if you haven't finished your shopping yet, you might not be one of these people, but if you are let me explain something to you... Your family is going to love you no matter what you give them for Christmas. If they don't then it probably doesn't matter what you give them they are not going to be happy with it so don't stress over it.

I understand that if your kiddo wants something desperately you want to get it for them. I'm the same way! So I get that, but cutting off 10 people on the way to the mall to buy it is only going to save you about 10 seconds and the likelihood that that is going to make the difference between your getting that special Elmo doll or not is not very high. So please don't drive like you are Mario Andretti, because you don't have his car or his skills …

Week 2 Complete: Couch to 5K

Finished the 2nd Week of the Couch to 5K yesterday and started over on my 100 Pushup Challenge today. I've revised the 100 Pushups somewhat. I'm going to do Wall Pushups instead of Knee Pushups first. I think I'm just too heavy to do knee pushups just yet. My wrists couldn't quite take it.

So I'm going to start with wall, move to knees, and then on to real pushups.

I'm also going to do each day of the program twice before moving on. That should give my muscles a chance to build up to the next level better I think.

Week 2 Day 2: Couch to 5K Complete!

If I lose 100 Pounds will someone please buy me this? Isn't it GORGEOUS?

My Daddy is giving me his treadmill, because he does all his walking outdoors now. THANK YOU, DADDY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I promise I'll put it to good use. :-D Woohoo I'll save the money I was going to use to buy a treadmill for a double jogging stroller to use with the boys come spring. :-D

I joined Spark Pages so now I'm more accountable for everything. It's pretty darn nifty. I'm a member of a team called the Slow Fat Runners! That's me! I don't think you could even call what I'm currently doing "running." It's more like really slow jogging. hehehe

Oh well I'm off to stretch and then make my husband and kiddos Curry for dinner. mmmmm

Week 2 Day 1: Couch to 5K

This wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be going up to 90 seconds. We'll see how well I do with the three minutes next week! I can't wait to get our new treadmill. The big question that weighs on my mind is should we wait until the New Year's sales at Walmart come out. It seems to me like they have sales on exercise equipment, but I can't remember for sure.

I also can't wait for my new shoes to get here. I'm sure that is going to improve my comfort a great deal. As long as they fit well. *crosses fingers*

I finished the first week of the 100 Pushup Challenge too. Starting week 2 tomorrow!

Couch to 5K: Week 1 Day 2

Started my Saturday with a nice run/walk session.

Ouchies I'm so sore! Everything is sore!

So here's what I'm doing. Next year on September 20th I turn 30 and I'm bound and determined to be in good shape by then. I don't necessarily have to be skinny. That'd be nice of course, but I want to be able to run at least 10K and do 100 pushups. So I started the Couch to 5K and I'll work myself up to 10K from there. As far as pushups go I'm doing the 100 Pushup Challenge. I know that name needs work! Not near as cool as Couch to 5K.

I think running is going to be good with the munchkins, because I can get a double jogging stroller for them and Bryon is doing it with me. He's going to a Krav Maga training thing in April and he has to be in really excellent shape for that. He is in ten times better shape than me already, but dang it I'm going to be able to beat him in a race before this is over!

I'm changing my whole mind set from...I can'…


Okay, so I just started the Couch to 5K training program, because I need to lose ALOT of weight and I really have always secretly wanted to be able to run. I used to have these dreams where I would run and run and never get tired. They were awesome dreams and very unlike the reality of me in gym class when I was in Junior High and High School. And why don't they do something like Couch to 5K with people instead of just telling them they have to run a mile in 10 minutes and throwing them on the field?! I'll bet actually teaching them to run rather than killing their spirit would be a much better method!

Anyway...I digress...

I'm disgusted because I did a search about starting Couch to 5K and Obesity hoping to find some success stories on their forum and what I found was NOT helpful! I found people ranting about how disgusting fat people are scarfing down their junk food and blah blah blah... Well excuse me for being a-freakin'-live!!! People like this just make me …

I'm Outing Myself Now...

Someday I'm going to think I'm really, really cool. Maybe I'll be a best selling writer with a hot bod that makes everyone jealous... (hey I can dream!)...and then THIS picture is going to come out. And all of that is going to come crashing down on my head.

So I'm outing myself now!

I was a nerd! A Big Ol LAME Nerd!

Yes, that is indeed a New Kids on the Block poster, and a vest built into my t-shirt! AND! I do believe that was even a perm!

Laugh heartily! I did when I saw it!

Dear Disney...

I just purchased your Wall-E DVD. I haven't even watched it yet. But for the love of all that is good and holy people!!! I know the movie is about what happens if we don't take care of our planet and so the "Earth (and Space) Friendly" packaging might have seemed like a good idea, and I'm all for Earth friendly packaging when appropriate...but a DVD case is not disposable!!! You put it on your shelf and it looks pretty and you don't get rid of it. I had to slaughter my cardboard case to put it in a plastic case that I had left over from something else so that the DVD didn't get all scratched up from the cardboard sleeve you put it in...

I hope this was just something for Wall-E and you haven't done away with decent packaging completely, because I put in a preorder last week for the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell set coming out next month and I'm going to be VERY disappointed if it comes in this junk packaging as well. I know the economy is awful, b…

Thursday Thirteen #53

13 Things I Watch While my 4 Month Old Has me Awake for His Nightly Two to Three Hour Fuss Fest

Gotta Love DVR!
The NewsThe Daily ShowThe Colbert ReportThe Biggest Loser30 Minute MealsSouth ParkThe Weather Channel…What? I like the weather channel!Movies like…A Girl InterruptedElizabeth: the Golden AgedKnocked Up27 DressesAlvin and the ChipmunksAnd the Occasional Infomercial *gags* They suck me in almost as badly as HSN! Mmmmm….Diamonique! Just call me Simi!

6 Things About Me

I was tagged by Dianna a while ago and I'm too lame to remember to do ANYTHING so here it goes.
Here are the Rulies McRulertons:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
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6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Random Things About Me

My favorite season is spring. I like Fall a lot, but I quickly tire of both summer and winter. I really need a privacy fence in my backyard and a door from my living room to the backyard so I can let the dogs out without fear of them bolting! Cause they do!I google myself. ;-0I have a pile of laundry the size of a small mountain! I just can't seem to get caught up!I really want to declutter every room of my house, but I'm a serious packrat and can't seem to part with anything.
I'm going…

Jane Austen Invents Baseball

This is just so awesome I haven't any words! I love Stephen Colbert.

Thursday Thirteen #52

13 Reasons I Hate Our Local Hospital

They just sent me a bill for the full amount of something without even bothering to wait until my insurance paid them.They sent this bill two weeks after they performed the service...but also JUST sent my son's hospital bill from July.When Nicky had the seizure when he was one, we had to wait in the emergency room waiting room for 8 hours.After that emergency room visit they tried to trick me into paying more than I had to by sending a bill for the whole amount and saying that if I just paid it then it would be 20% off.They won't even try VBAC's and my best friend reallly didn't want to have to have another c-section if she could avoid it.When a friend lay dying of a brain infection, they were still having to ship the tests across town which seriously increased the time that it took to get information back. They've got this fixed now, but I'm still bitter about it. Maybe if they'd had their lab in place when they opened…

Autumny Goodness

Got some fall pictures of my little guys this weekend, but I'm afraid I waited a wee bit too long. The colors were starting to fade already on the mountain.

Taking pictures outdoors of a baby who can't sit up yet is just about as easy as herding cats! Most of the time he was screaming and arching his back trying to wiggle out of the positions I had put him in, but I did manage to get one of the two of them together!

President Barack Obama!!!




That is all. :-D

Go Vote!

That is, of course, if you haven't already! ;-D

Vote for Obama!
or McCain

Just Vote!!!

I Simply Must Know

Got this from over at Vixen's Den. If you want to see my answers follow the linky brick road.

So I really want to know more about all of you. Answer the questions in the comments and if you want, try this over at your place.

01) Are you currently in a serious relationship?

02) What was your dream growing up?

03) What talent do you wish you had?

04) If I bought you a drink what would it be?

05) Favorite vegetable?

06) What was the last book you read?

07) What zodiac sign are you?

08) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.

09) Worst Habit?

10) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?

11) What is your favorite sport?

12) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude?

13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?

14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?

15) Tell me one weird fact about you.

16) Do you have any pets?

17) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?

18) What was your first impression of me?

19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

20) I…

OMG I Wannnnnt it!

He's so cute I can't stand it!

He's also 300 bucks...can't stand that either!

Your Moment of Cuteness

From my hubby, who is home with the kiddos...

Nicky: I want more chicken.
DH: *gets out Dino-shaped chicken nuggets*
Nicky: No, I want more chicken.
DH: That is made of chicken.
Nicky: No, silly dada, that is made of Dinosaur!

Rate My MD

Go to this site and rate your doctor. If you love them or hate them, just let people know.

No, I don't own stock in the company or anything, but I really don't like my doctor and want a new one. The problem is there is just really no way to know what you're getting when you pick a doctor from a quick spiel on a website that usually only includes where they went to school and how long they've been practicing. They don't let you know things about their bedside manner. Like for instance, that you might walk in wanting help with your weight problem and being ready to do something about it and walk out with tears in your eyes feeling ashamed of yourself. These are the kinds of things I want to know!

But very few people actually rate their doctor on this site in my area and I haven't found any other similar resources. If I can convince a few people to do it then I'll be happy. Maybe they'll convince a few others.

Wish me luck! I j…

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day


I don't care who you're voting for...this husband would suffer!

Father Secretly Names Newborn Sarah Mccain Palin

He ignored te decided upon name and wrote that!!! That's soooo not cool!!!

You need an Apron!

I've always been a sucker for an adorable apron. Especially the vintage style.

Well Vixen over at Vixen's Den has opened an Etsy shop that specializes in adorable aprons!

Apron Frenzy

The picture up at the top is one of her Halloween aprons. Isn't it just adorable?

She's also having a contest to introduce her new site. So go post about her site on your blog and then go buy a cute apron. :-D You know you're going to need one to protect your costume at your Halloween party!

Books that don't talk just suck!

Now admittedly I think this thing looks cool, and I'm a Leapfrog-aholic. My son loves his Clickstart and his Leapster with a passion, but seriously this commercial makes me want to barf!

I mean this commercial basically says that any book that doesn't speak in Sponge Bob's voice isn't worth reading! Personally I think that Journal of Amphibious Species looks pretty darn cool. Check out those pictures! I'll bet you could learn a ton about froggies!

Maybe I'm overreacting. It just seems so condescending to me!

Vote!!! Do it!!! You know you want to!

Vote for whoever you wanna vote for! Just pleeeeeaaaaaaase vote!

There is some foul language in this video so if that kind of thing offends you don't watch it.

On a side note: Ground venison is sooooooooooo lean that you don't even have to drain it after you brown it! At least Bambie's Daddy that I just cooked is. I'll bet farm raised is fattier.

One last thing: YAAAAAY The vice presidential debate is tonight!

I haven't Disappeared!

It would seem so from my blog, but I have not been abducted by aliens!

The kiddos and work have been keeping me super busy. I have not written in more months than I care to count. Which wasn't so hard when I was prego and had NO inspiration whatsoever, but now I keep getting great ideas and unless I can vastly improve my one handed typing (as I'm currently typing this with the munchkin in the other arm) I won't be able to get any done soon.

Oh well, here are my reasons for being absent...

Naughty Writers Beware!

A morality clause for writers?

Now what on Earth constitutes behaving "in a way which damages your reputation as a person suitable to work with or be associated with children"? Because that seems pretty darn broad to me!

This Just Made Me Giggle!

The Award for the Dumbest Invention EVER goes to...

The Treadmill Bike

No, I'm not kidding. It's a bike that is powered by a treadmill. You run...on a go forward at a slower pace...on a bike.

*stares dumbfounded*

Now you can't tell me that at no time while they were developing this thing did anyone come up to them and smack them upside the head and say..."JUST WALK!"

New Haircut and Color

So here is my new haircut and the highlighting I did. What do you think? I love it!

Eerie Similarities Between the Republican Ticket and Battlestar Galactica

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought this. It makes me feel like somewhat less of a nerd...

Go Hogs!

That is all! hehehe

To color or not to color...That is the question...

So here is what I'm thinking about.

I really want to get something close to my natural color that will cover up my gray and then add some highlights, but I don't know if I'm brave enough. Lord knows I've colored my hair enough times, but highlighting is a new one for me. I'm afraid it won't be very forgiving since my hair is so straight, and I don't want to look striped!

What do you think?

I Love This!!!

I'm so in love with Dr. Horrible!!!

I thought he wouldn't do this until he was a silly teenager...

So I looked down today and Finn has this terrible purple bruise on his arm. I started racking my brain to figure out how on earth he got it.

Could I have pinched his arm in the car seat?
Did I somehow squeeze his tiny little arm too hard when I was moving it out of the way to nurse him?

So naturally I felt like an incompetent parent and was sure that someone would see it and like call the state on me for abusing my tiny baby!

Then as I was snuggling him to burp him and he was sucking on his arm as he does quite often, I realized where his bruise came from.

That's right folks!

My six week old gave himself a hickey!

Thursday Thirteen #52

13 Steps for Changing a Poopy Diaper

1. Look down an see yourself and baby covered in nasty poop.
2. Place infant in bassinet changing area.
3. Strip down to panties as they are the only thing not covered in poop.
4. Strip infant down to nakeeness.
5. Wipe infant down with warm washcloth.
6. Realize one wasn't enough and use another washcloth.
7. Realize that wasn't enough and use about 2 dozen wipes.
8. Diaper infant.
9. Dress infant.
10. Treat all poopy clothes with Spray 'n' Wash.
11. Dress yourself.
12. Sit down to snuggle sad baby and realize the boppy cover was also poopy.
13. Change clothes again and strip boppy cover, remembering to pretreat!

Well that was the nastiest diaper ever, but he's worth it! I'm so thankful I was at home when it happened!!!!!!!!!!

His new thing is bartering....

Nicky: NO!!! One second!

Cute Boy!

Here is my sad attempt at photographer, but at least I had a great subject!

The beautiful blanket under him is the one that Vixen made for him. Thanks so much again!

Thursday Thirteen #51

13 Things I’ve Learned in the Last Few Weeks
Why some people thing bibs are so vital!
I never understood people's fascination with bibs for little babies. Why they make so many adorable ones for newborns… I understand now!!! Nicky spit up like three times in his entire infancy. Finn spits up three times in one feeding!
That you should never let a nurse give you Pitocin to speed up labor unless she swears a blood oath that you'll get an epidural when you ask for it!
My water broke at midnight and at six the next morning I still wasn't really in labor. I told them if they gave me Pitocin I'd want an epidural. They did and when I asked for my epidural they said he was with someone else… An hour later during which I'd had the most excruciating pain of my entire life, I was fully dilated and he was still giving someone else her epidural… Well that isn't true at that point he was filling out paperwork… No comment there…
Babies who can be laid down for short periods …

Oh Lord!

My child is such a mess!

Nicky was playing Mario 3, and this conversation took place...

Bryon: I wanna watch a movie.
Nicky: No, I playin!
Bryon: I wanna watch That 70s Show.
Nicky: No! I playin, Daddy!!
Bryon: I wanna watch a movie.
Nicky: *turns around glaring angrily* I wanna pinch you!!!

Followed immediately by...

Bryon: I wanna watch a...
Nicky: Movie? No! I playin'!

So I thought they looked alike...

But I didn't realize they were practically twins until I put their pictures next to each other. I took an older picture of Nicky since he was such a tiny little guy when he was a born. He was closer to Finn's size when he hit one month.

Introducing Finn Gabriel Speller!

Finn Gabriel Speller
7 lbs 13 oz
21 inches
Born: Saturday July 12th, 2008 at 11:15 am

He's here, and we just got home from the hospital. We're both doing great.

I think I'll take a nap now. :-D


Blood pressure was back down today!

I have an appointment to go back to the doctor next Wednesday, but she said she didn't think I'd make it that long. So YIPPIE!

Obviously I've Been Neglecting My Chocolate

Well my dang blood pressure went up. Not crazy high or anything 142/82, but enough so that they are probably going to want to induce me if it isn't back down by tomorrow when I go for a checkup. According to my home blood pressure cuff which I take with a grain of salt since it will give me 20 point differences one right after another... it's still about the same it was yesterday. No higher so at least there is that!

They also put me on the fetal monitor for 20 minutes or so because when she checked his heart rate it was really high, 185. He had of course been doing his usual jumping jacks right when she was trying to get his heart rater though. On the monitor it stayed in the lower 160s and upper 150s so they weren't worried about it.

I was having contractions when they were monitoring him and they were completely regular, but they weren't even strong enough for me to feel. At least maybe that's a sign that he'll be here soon without having to serve him a…

Baby Update

Blood Pressure was awesome, and I'm not spilling protein at all so yay for that!

She is a little concerned that he might be huge though...

She asked me when I thought I'd have him, and I said the sooner the better. So then she checked his heartbeat like they always do and she found it above my belly button. Like well above.

So she said it seemed unlikely that he was low enough that anything would be happening soon. But his head is definitely good and down there. So the fact that his heartbeat is so high up and his head is so low makes her think that he might be a big ol' chunk of boy. If I haven't had him before next week they are going to do an ultrasound to try to gauge his size.

So I told this to my husband and asked him if he knew how big he was when he was born, and he says to me..."I think my Mom said 5.6 Kilos."

So my immediate reaction was OMG!!!!!!!!! Then I plugged it into Google calculator to get it in pounds (12.3) and my reaction was OMFG!!!!…

Yay! This little dude is full term!

As of today, this little munchkin is more than welcome to arrive whenever he is ready!

And as exhausted and huge as I am, the sooner the better!!!

What I don't know about car repair...

...could fill a ... uh well car repair manual! LOL

So the car has been making a terrible noise when you turn left for quite some time, and I've been putting off getting it fixed because it's SOOO hard to get it anywhere when you only have one vehicle. Well we've got the scooter too, but my hubby seems to have some aversion to riding it and since I'm in the family way there's no way I'm going to get on it. Not that I don't love it!!! Cause I do!!! It's just not exactly a family vehicle. If it was I'd be on it every single day! 100 miles a gallon! 100 miles a gallon!!!

Well I took the car last Saturday to finally get it looked at, but I guess I didn't take it early enough because they didn't have time to do the work that day. It needs a new ball joint on the drivers side and the tires need aligned. I also got it serviced, and they do a maintenance check when they do that.

I didn't look at the little form with the smiley faces and fr…

My Child is Silly!

Nicky seems to be under the impression that he is the boss in our house. While he is in many ways, his newest form of manipulation isn't working so well for him.

This conversation takes place on a regular basis...

Nicky: I wanna play Dada's Game! (Dada game is Nicky code for Megaman on the Playstation)

Me: Not right now. Go play with your...*insert any number of fun toys*

Nicky: I said, "I wanna play Dada's Game!"

Me: Tough.

Nicky: I said, "No Tough!"

I dunno where he gets this stuff! LOL

Birth Beads

Okay, this isn't the traditional way of making a birth bead necklace, but it's purty!

Normally you get together in a group and exchange beads and everyone says a prayer or blessing (in their particular faith) over the beads they send to everyone else. Then you put your necklace together and use it as a focus during labor.

Well I didn't sign up for the birth bead exchange when they were doing it so I just went and bought my own stuff. hehe

I got two sets of blue beads one light and one dark and two charms. One is a bear to stand for Nicky and one is a Puppy to stand for baby Finn. Then I put it all together. I used a double ring on the charms so that I can easily remove them from the necklace to just leave the beads. Then when I have my third and final munchkin I can reuse the same charms for that necklace and won't have to restring the beads of this one, because they are just gorgeous and will look great with blue jeans.

I know the picture is just awful! I'm com…

He's so cute!


Ever feel like a bad Parent?

I do today because every single thing my child does is getting on my nerves!

I mean I love him dearly of course, and I'm sure it's just pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep (because he decided to wake up at 2:30 AM and not go back to sleep until 9 AM, when I hadn't even gotten to sleep until like one anyway) but OMG he's obnoxious today!

And I feel bad for feeling this way, because I'm usually much more tolerant of his antics!

The Customer is Not Always Right...

My hubby found this blog and it is just priceless! It's definitely going on my list o' blogs. :-D


I was tagged by Vixen at Vixen's Den for this.

The Rules:

* Link the person who tagged you
* Mention the rules on your blog
* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
* Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
* Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

My Quirks:

1. I can remember the words to songs from ads I saw when I was 4, but for some reason I can't remember lines from a play to save my life.
2. My pink walls of my living room/kitchen/dining room have deer horns hanging on them.
3. I'd much rather be fishing or swimming.
4. I am incapable of taking a nap unless I'm horribly ill or pregnant.
5. I'm bilingual: English and Danish (pretty much useless unless you live there).
6. I, like Vixen, am also one of those people with the second toe longer than the big toe. That means I rule my house, didn't you know?

The Orphanage

I'm not often scared by movies...but this one had me shivering!

I don't wanna say much about it if you've not seen it before, but I just want to say that I highly, highly recommend it. It was absolutely wonderful! Oh and I had NO idea it would end the way it did. None at all! I think I liked the ending though.

That is all... :-D

Thursday Thirteen #50

13 Bits of Random Stuff
Today is 37 days from Baby Finn's due date.
I'm hoping he decides to come on July 4th though, even though as Jenn pointed out I won't be able to see fireworks.
I can't really picture myself enjoying sitting out in the heat to enjoy the fireworks 9 months prego anyway, but maybe it'll be nice and cool.
I wanna go swimming!
Maybe I'll insist that we go to Steel Creek this weekend and go swimming.
Or maybe I'll just insist on going to the Aquatic Park down the road.
I wish I could stop sneezing!
I finished packing up my hospital bag this week. Go me!
Today I'm making a giant thing of taco meat to freeze in meal size portions for after Finn gets here.
I want a pedicure. I should find someplace that does them.
I also want a frappuccino from Starbucks.
Nicky looked at me like I was completely batty when I told him that Baby Finn would come out of Mommy's tummy to play soon.
*sighs* Soon however is somewhat relative.

8 meals in 2.5 hours? Wow, I rock!

Okay, so I'm trying to stock up on food for after the wee one is born when I'll be WAY too dang tired to cook. Not that I'm not already way too tired to cook, but somehow I managed. hehe

First I started almost an entire bag of frozen chicken boiling, and while it was doing its thing I cut up enough veggies for 3 nights worth of fajitas. So I guess I didn't entirely finish those meals as I need to get some more chicken to cut up and mix with seasoning and freeze to go in the bags with them. But most of the hard work is done.

So when I was done with that the chicken was finished boiling so I tore it up to add to the enchiladas that I then made. Five days worth if you include tonight.

So I have seven meals worth of food in the freezer and one ready to go tonight. Yay!

Hubby is also bringing home the chicken I need for the fajitas and the taco seasoning and huge thing of hamburger meat that I'm going to make tomorrow to freeze so I'll have taco meat prepared that…

You know your pregnant when...

You suddenly and inexplicably desperately want a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich like the one Paula Dean made on one of her shows but trickled with chocolate syrup.

OMG That sounds good!

OMG The Cuteness!

When I got home from work it was raining, and no one had come and unlocked the door for me so I got a little wet coming in the back door. Nicky came over to tell me hi and give me a kiss and when he saw the water all over my arms this conversation took place.

Nicky: Mama's got water on her.
Me: Yeap. Mama's wet.
Nicky: Mama's wet from the rain?
Me: Yeap, the rain got me all wet!
Nicky: It's okay, Mama. I'll clean you up!

After which he proceeded to try to wipe all the rain off my arms. I mean how freaking cute is that???!!!

Gift Registries: Tacky or Practical?

On the pregnancy forum I frequent, people were talking about how much they hated registries and thought they were tacky and selfish...

I don't get this... I wish everyone would have a registry and or wish list where I could see it so that I would have an idea of what to get them when I need or want to get them a gift! I don't like giving gift certificates and money. It just feels immpersonal to me. On the other hand, sometimes you want to get a gift for say your cousin who is getting married or having a baby, and he is the guy in the relationship and lets face it most guys don't get a say in decorating the house. ;) You might not have ever met the girl he's marrying so what on earth do you just randomly pick out if there isn't a registry? Or you know that your friend is having a baby, but you have no idea what their parenting style is or what they might have already gotten as a gift. Here again registries are totally handy.

And just because someone has a reg…


I have never seen anything quite this skanky in my ENTIRE life. ROFLMAO

Thursday Thirteen #49

I watched Juno for the first time this weekend, and I loved it so much that I watched it again right after. The writing was just about the best thing ever! If you haven't seen it, you simply must! So in honor of it being such an awesome movie, here are...
13 of my Favorite Lines from Juno1.“Honest to blog?”2."I hear how pregnancy, it can often lead to an infant."3.“Hi, I’m just calling to procure a hasty abortion.What?Can you just hang on a minute?I’m on my hamburger phone.”4.“Would you like a free condom?They’re boysenberry.”5.“Somebody else is going to find a precious blessing from Jesus in this garbage dump of a situation.”6.“Can’t we just, like kick this old school?Like I stick the baby in a basket and send it your way like Moses in the reeds.
“Technically that would be kickin’ it Old Testament.”7.“Could I use the facilities ‘cause being pregnant makes me pee like Seabiscuit.”8.“No seriously, if I could just have the thing and give it to you now I would, but I’m sur…

Yay for Good Blood Pressure!

My blood pressure is still good! Yay! Last time it jumped at 33 weeks, but at least so far it's still good. :-D I'm retaining water like NUTS, but I think that has more to do with the weather than anything else. Last time my ankles looked like they belonged to an elephant. This time my major irritation has been that my fingers are swelling and it feels like I'm trying to type with vienna sausages!

But I'll take that over high blood pressure and reduced liver and kidney function any day. :-D

Just Join in the Love Fest

I was tagged by Vixen to do this one. :-D

The rules: Write a blog entry with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about yourself.

1. I have to check the stove before I leave the house to make sure that it's off...even if it hasn't been on all day...
2. I have no idea how many cats I've owned in my life time, but I only have one right now and she is quite possibly the craziest cat on earth.
3. Right now there is a television show playing on my tv that seems to be about Pinatas...very odd.
4. I have never tried nor have I ever been interested in trying any illegal drugs. Why mention this now? Because this pinata show could easily have been inspired by someone's drug trip.
5. There is a small thimble collection hanging on my wall that belonged to my Granny. It was only a tiny fraction of her collection, which could have probably been used to open a thimble museum.
6. My child is obsessed with tree frogs. I think it has something to do with Go Diego Go!
7. My fingers…

Okay! That's it! I'm done!

Moonlight Canceled

I will no longer be watching any new series. That's it. I'm done. I'll watch the couple I watch now, which are Lost and Heroes as I'm not afraid they'll be canceled, but the networks are obviously run by a bunch of *CENSORED* who wouldn't know quality if it came with People's Choice awards and encased in a giant Belgian chocolate bunny!

Seriously!!!!!! Why are they so lame????? Why would you cancel something that won a freakin' People's Choice award???

The only thing I can figure is that they want to manipulate what people like instead of making booty loads of money by catering to it. If I were a stockholder of CBS I'd sell and run screaming the other direction. Why is there nothing decent to watch on television? And if something good slips through why the heck do they have to squash it like a bug!? WHY??? Do you not want to make money? Is that the problem? Cause OMG what is wrong with making tons of money by giving p…

It's Not About Politics! It's About Gratitude!

I saw this on Vixen's blog and had to share it. It's really lovely!

*Stares Transfixed*

Mmmmmm Lost Finale!

Wireless Allergy

Wireless Allergy?

Okay, so we probably don't have the slightest idea what we're doing to our bodies by filling the air with wireless signals of all types, but radio, tv, and the like has been coursing through us for around a 100 years and we seem to be okay.

I just have to wonder if these people who are "allergic" to wireless get the same reaction everywhere they go or only those places that they know there is wireless. I don't know if you've ever turned on a wireless receiver and driven down the street before, but if you live in any kind of developed area you're likely to get a new signal every 50 feet or so! I usually pick up about 3 different networks in Walmart alone!

I'm not saying I'm any kind of expert on the subject of the effects wireless on the human body. I'm just say, it makes you go hmmmmm...

Why does getting dressed have to be so hard?

No, I'm not talking about myself although that is hard enough these days what with the trying to lean over and put on socks thing. I'm talking about my two year old! Why are clothes some sort of acid-laced bane of his existence???

And if it's SO AWFUL to put on clothes then why doesn't he ever want me to take them off??? I mean I have to wrestle him to the ground just to get him to let me take his dang pants off so he can use the potty, when he himself has just told me he needs to go?!

I do not understand this particular aspect of toddlerdom. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm Midsummer Night's Dream

I saw this on Carolan Ivey's blog and couldn't resist! It's too cute!

Your Score: Midsummer Night's...
You scored 21% = Tragic, 58% = Comic, 29% = Romantic, 53% = Historic

You are A Midsummer Night's Dream. Blending elements of comedy and romance, A Midsummer Night's Dream tells the story of mischievous fairies who conspire to make everyone fall in love with everyone else, often with disastrous, yet humorous consequences. You are most likely haphazard in love, but good natured and friendly. While you may also have a mischievous side to you, it is most likely all in good fun. We have no doubt that you are an outgoing person, who may also be a bit of a klutz. And while you may not always get it right, you always try to do the right thing. We applaud you!

Link: The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test written by macbee on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
View My Profile(macbee)

Thursday Thirteen #48

There is an awesome website hosted by George Mason University that is a compilation of wave files of people from all over the world reading the same text. It's a study in dialects, and I find it incredibly amusing! Here are 13 of my favorites.1. Pine Bluff, Arkansas
That's an hour from where I grew up. Yes, I do know a lot of people who speak that way. No, I don't think I do! LOL2. Glasgow, Scotland
3. St. Anne's Bay, Jamaica
4. Darwin, Australia
5. Yole, India

6. Pretoria, South Africa

7. Haslev, Denmark

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

9. Helsinki, Finland

10. Drammen, Norway

11. Hong Kong, China

12. Casablanca, Morocco

13. Brooklyn, New York

It makes your Mii Fat!!!


Okay, so I got up early this morning and went to the store to get a Wii Fit before work so that I'd make sure they weren't sold out. What? I'm not crazy! The first two shipments at GameStop were already sold out.

I just took it home to the hubby to play with and went through the setup stuff. You give it your height and date of birth. Then it weighs you and tells you your BMI. Well even if I wasn't pregnant I'd be a bit on the rotund side, but as you can imagine... Let's just say it was high. We're blaming that on Finn! Hush! Yes, we are! Okay, Finn and Nicky and chocolate in large quantities. :-D Probably mostly chocolate in large quantities, but I will hear no evil words spoken of chocolate while it's keeping my blood pressure so low!

Anyway so the really funny part is that on the Wii you get these cute little characters to represent you called Miis. When you choose them for Wii Fit if you're overweight or obese it makes your litt…

Another One Bites the Dust

Why do I bother watching TV? Why??? If it's not a crime drama or vapid comedy it's probably going to get canceled and make me all mad!

Jericho is not being picked up by Sci Fi.

Apparently Sci Fi is changing it's audience aim, because it had been viewed as a "niche network." Um...hellllooooo?????? Sci Fi is a niche? People watch it expecting to see Science Fiction! Just like people pick up romance novels with the desire to read romance! Funny how that works, isn't it?

Blood Ties is also not being brought back, from what I understand.

Also there seems to be some waffling as to whether or not Moonlight is coming back next fall. Excuse me... You mean the People's Choice Award winner for Best New Drama? I mean, shouldn't it kind of already have been a given if it's one of the people's favorites? Oh...unless all you care about is that ridiculous rating system that doesn't seem to have any real meaning from what I can tell.

At least Eli Stone…

More Praise for Chocolate!

Today my blood pressure was 122/68! Yay!

I'd strangely lost four pounds, but I think that had less to do with losing weight and more to do with the last appointment being in the afternoon and this one being early in the morning so I wasn't retaining the usual swollen ankle fluid that comes standard with pregnancy. Also Finn's measuring 2 weeks more than last time just like he should be so he's obviously getting all the food he needs. So no worries there.

So Yay! Off to eat more chocolate!

Thursday Thirteen #47

13 Reasons I Need a Wii Fit
Because I can cheat! Muhaha! If I go from pregnant to suddenly not that has got to boost my fitness rating right?
Because I'm in terrible shape!
Because unless exercise is fun, I just really can't make myself do it.
Because while I haven't gained much weight with this pregnancy, I've still got weight from Nicky to lose!
Because anything that will improve my crappy balance is a darn good thing.
Because gyms don't have decent childcare… Seriously, how is from 10am-12pm and 1pm-4pm supposed to help someone who has a job? Really?
Because even if they had decent childcare, Gyms are crazily overpriced.
Because I will soon have two children.
Because before I decide to have a third child I'd like to be in much better shape!
Because it has yoga and hula hoop! How cool is that?
Because the balance games sound super fun.
Because it's for the wii, and I LOVE my wii!
Because how cute would my kiddo look trying to figure it out!

The conversation that has taken place 500 times today...

Nicky: *bouncing on my leg while I attempt to balance my laptop there* Mama...what cha dooooooooin?
Me: I'm workin.
Nicky: Playin work?
Me: No workin work.
Nicky: Nicky play?
Me: Yes, you go play with *insert one of 10k toys*
Nicky: *ignores me about two minutes in favor or said toy* Mama...what cha dooooooooooin?

*repeat to infinity*

It's a girl!!!

No not mine! It's still a boy as far as I know. :-D

But my best friend Lisha's little girl Perryn Marie was born today at 12:30 pm!

She was a lovely 7 lbs 13 oz and 19 inches long.

Isn't she just beautiful!?

More on the Tornado

I found some more news articles on that tornado that hit Stuttgart.
My parents are still without electricity. I sure hope they get it back soon!

Stuttgart Residents Count Blessings After Surviving Tornado

Governor Tours Stuttgart, Declares Disaster In Arkansas And Phillips Counties

How did you spend your weekend?

Why, hiding in a bathtub from a tornado of course!

We went down to visit my parents this weekend, and what followed us there but an F3 tornado...

They'd said on CNN that south Arkansas could be getting tornadoes popping up Saturday, but when I talked to my friend Lish on MSN and she said that they were right then seeing footage of a funnel cloud dropping and jumping into a cloud right over our other friend, Jenn's, neighborhood (Yes, Jenn, we're very glad you were camping!), I kind of assumed that the majority of the nastiness had gone north of us. Little did I know that right at that moment there was a tornado forming just up the road.

The sirens went off in Stuttgart about 8ish, and that was odd because it wasn't even raining yet. So I grabbed Nicky, and we went directly to the bathtub. Then my dad came in and told us that it was actually still about 20 minutes out. Since the toddler didn't understand the need for sitting in the bathtub without even any water to…

Thebromine is Your Friend :-D

...well not if you're a dog...but if you're pregnant!

Okay, so I'm not saying that the chocolate is directly responsible. I am saying, however, that my blood pressure was lower than it has EVER been when I've been pregnant at my last appointment. It was almost my normal, not prego, blood pressure. 122/66

So if you're pregnant GO EAT SOME DARK CHOCOLATE!

The Mist: Two Hours of my Life Wasted


Ugh! We watched The Mist on Demand last night. I have to say. Not only was it completely predictable, but despite it's predictability it was one of those movies that makes you think...Well crap, why the heck did I just waste my time to subject myself to a movie that offers nothing but pure and utter despair? Now I like horror movies. This one wasn't even scary though... Yucky at times, but I wouldn't say scary. Granted, I'm not easily scared, but good grief!

I adore stories. Even badly crafted ones. So I'm seldom disappointed with movies or books, but for the love of all that is good and holy I wasted 4 dollars and two hours of Nicky snoozing in bed time on this that I will never get back!!!

Thursday Thirteen #46

Yes, I know there are still many, many days until my little guy's due, but I'm an obsessive compulsive list maker. :-D So I figured why not start now. If anyone else has any suggestions, please share!
13 Things on my Hospital Bag List
Travel size assortment of toiletries
When I told my husband today that he had to get a travel size toothbrush and deodorant today, he told me that he would just add his stuff to the bag when the time came. I laughed at him and we left the store with travel size stuff for him too. Silly husband! With Nicky I didn't even get to go get my bag! I was at work when they called me and told me I HAD to come to the hospital RIGHT THEN because of the test for pre-eclampsia they'd just run…even though it sat there all day until I called them to find out the results and they remembered to actually do it.
A robe
How can you go to the hospital without a robe? Mine is fuzzy and pink.
Yes, they match the robe.
Pre-paid phone card
I think we some…

"Honey, could you stop and get me some medicine on the way home from work?"

My friend Crystal just sent me a most interesting piece of medical research. Possibly the most interesting I've read recently.

Dark chocolate lowers your risk of Pre-Eclampsia in pregnancy!

Now what better reason could I possibly have for having a nice bit of chocolate every day?

Viking Suggestions?

I'm a search for info on the everyday life of the average viking. If anyone has any suggestions for books or websites. I would really appreciate it.

You'd think I'd know tons about Vikings after, you know, living in Denmark and all, but alas I really didn't learn that much about them then. We were supposed to go to Lejre last time we were there. It's a recreation of a Viking settlement. I've wanted to see it forever. Unfortunately, they had just closed down for the cold season when we were there. Doh!

If I find any particularly juicy bits, I'll be sure to share.

Coming Home Outfit

So here is my little guys coming home outfit. I hope it fits. They didn't have one of the strictly newborn, so I got a 0-3 months. It might be a bit big on him, but I'll bet it'll be cute. I just love the tiny little booties! The blankee wasn't actually part of the set, but I thought it matched smashingly. It's sooo soft. It's made out of that microplush stuff. I think that's what they call it. So snuggly!

This adorable little outfit is from one of my best girlfriend's, Amanda. It's toooo cute. I lurv puppies!

"Thank you, your holiness. Awesome speach."

And that, my fellow Americans, is your president.

Thursday Thirteen #45 - and my 300th Post!

13 Random Posts That Caught my Eye from my First 299

1. This is my very first test blog!
Not at all exciting, but it was my VERY first.
2. Mommy's Little Paleontologist
Yup, he is still obsessed with rocks!
3. Well Behaved Women?
I just really dig this picture!
4. Norman London and Shameless Promotion!
Because I just can't say enough nice things about the Norman London book!
5. Thursday Thirteen #1 very first TT!
6. Are Templar swords really meant for slaying serpents? Methinks not!
This was a very strange experience...
7. I Love You, Bryon!!!
I figure it is worth repeating. *looks at her ring longingly* I can't wait til my fingers stop being swollen so I can wear it again! Ah the joys of pregnancy.
8. It could have gone one of three ways...
A chronicle of the worst plane trip ever that didn't end in death.
9. My Son the Locksmith!
Crazy boy!
10. The Royal Guard Incident
Cause Nicky is so darn cute!
11. Razorback Scooter Gang
Go Hogs!
12. I'm a Farmer's Daughter!…

Baby Stuff! And Walmart is Silly!

I must be nesting because my best friend's due date is looming near, because it's still AGES until this little dude will make his arrival. Yes, ages I say! Pay no attention to the ticker with the countdown to your right. It's ages I tell you!

Anyway, I finished cleaning out my bedroom closet, so that I can clean out the guest room closet, so that I can clean out the boy's playroom/future bedroom closet, so that I have somewhere to put my children's clothes.

I also got some little bottles with drop in liners. I'm planning on nursing, but last time it took my milk almost a week to come in. They kept telling me to keep trying, and I had no intention of giving up but looking back I sure as heck would have given him some formula before I did. Poor little guy lost 15 oz that first week. He was a tiny little guy and only weighed 5 lbs 15 oz when he was born because of the pre-eclampsia. This time I'm going with my instincts and forgetting what the doctors a…

*Gags* I just....*Gags*

Hey! I said STOP IT!

I think my plea for no more rain has gone unheard!!!

Flooding Shuts Down School in DeWitt and Stuttgart

Yeah, so DeWitt is where I grew up and Stuttgart is where my parents live...

I don't remember it ever flooding except on some really low lying spots growing up. It's just nuts!