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Shopping for Baby

Listening to: Cartoon Heros by Aqua...Yes, I like Aqua! You got a problem with that? hehe

I dragged Bryon and Nicky to Target this morning and got Nicky three new pairs of shorts. He has SOOOOO many t-shirts. Now he actually has something to wear them with. Other than jeans of course.

Now I'm sitting on the swing in the backyard watching Nicky stare in complete and utter awe at the riding lawnmower go by. I love that my internet reaches the backyard!!!

Well Darn It....

Listening to: This Kiss by Faith Hill

I was going to visit my parents and go fishing this weekend, but it looks like its going to rain like crazy tomorrow which would prohibit fishing and make driving a nightmare, so it's a no go.

I guess I'll just have to get my darling husband to help me come up with a new design for my homepage. I think he has some ideas for including some of my 3d art. That'll be fun.

Lishy and I are going to Bath Junkie this afternoon to mix up our long overdue empty bottles of stuff. I'm trying to decide what to put in mine, but it's too darn hard! At least I know what color it'll be. I am a firm believer in the color pink. *looks around at her blogger template* Which is probably pretty obvious. :)

Off to work on Fiona while the munchkin naps.

Mommy's Little Paleontologist

My little guy has a tendency to bring me all the stones in the yard while we are outside and as a Mommy I am forced to graciously accept them as the most amazing finds in the history of time. So naturally I take them and inspect them in depth and then chunk them over the fence toward the drive way. Now I live in the mountains and we have a few rocks (read: millions). So by about the 100th time he's done it in a ten minute period my rock inspection skills have somewhat dwindled.

However, today Nicholai brought me a really neat rock that looked like it was compressed sea floor sediment with tons of little fossils in it. So I thought awww too cute and stuffed it in my pocket to keep for him to play with later (read: try to eat). So the next time he brought me a rock, approximately ten seconds later, I looked at it and low and behold more fossils.

So obviously my child is gifted and meant to discover a skeleton that will tell us everything we ever wanted to know about every extinct…

I Need a Buddy!!!

A PINK 125 Genuine Buddy to be exact!

My best scooter buddy tipped me off on this scooter ages ago.

I know what you're thinking... And its not JUST because it's pink! It's also got a lot more umph than my little Metro. It'll get up to about 60 MPH. Now I don't plan on cruising the highways on my scooter so why do I need to be able to go 60? Because sometimes you need to be able to get the heck out of the way. I'll need a motorcycle license before I can actually drive it, because in Arkansas if it's over 75 cc's you need one. I'm thinking I'll take the motorcycle safety class that the local community college does. Of course, I can't afford my buddy now so it really doesn't matter, but hey its good to dream!

I actually saw one of these for real the other day! There is a place in town that sells them. I didn't even realize it, until I saw this adorable pink scooter sitting out in front of the place. I squealed quite loudly and t…

Webpage Overhaul

On the advice of someone more knowledgeable than I, I'm going to be redoing my webpage. She suggested putting in sample chapters for all the books you've got out there submitting. While I'd considered this in the past I wasn't sure if it would be frowned upon by editors and agents alike so I didn't.

They'll be up as soon as I can get the chance to wrangle my hubby into helping me. I'm also going to be adding a gallery with my favorite 3d stuff.

On a more personal note, I've been up since 3:45 AM!!! My darling boy decided it was time for me to get the heck out of bed and take him to the living room to play. So my husband should just remember those blissful hours of sleep that I allowed him when I go asking for help with my page. :-D

My Very Own CafePress Store

I took one of my favorite images and put it on an assortment of products at CafePress.

For the Not-So-Well-Behaved Woman
is now open!!!


In an Effort to Prevent Pshycological Melt Down...

Okay, I've been trying to work on two novels at one time this past week, but I've decided I get WAY too much into it to do that. The characters are alive all the time in my mind and when I've got two main characters competing for my attention at once...Well lets just say that this could go horribly wrong!

I think I can work on plotting for more than one at once just not the actual writing. Plotting is more about details than emotions and it's the emotions and personalities that get me all confused. Fiona and Marie (from Blood and Violets) are two utterly different personalities. Now you may say what about the other characters in your novel, Lesley? Don't they get all confused too? Well not usually. My heros do occasionally intrude on the party in my head but generally its just me and the heroines planning how to make their lives difficult. ;-D

So who won the tug of war? Fiona. Because while it would make the most logical sense to work on Blood and Violets, I…

What Happened to Gentility?

So I was just witness to possibly the best example of what is wrong with the world...

I was driving on my university's campus and was coming up on a crosswalk. Now you have to be very careful about crosswalks here, because people are crossing all the time without looking. So a girl in a lovely dress with nice hair and cute sandals comes up to the intersection. She has headphones on and probably can't hear much. So two cars that should have stopped for her go on through. The last car would have easily hit her if she hadn't stopped. So what does she do? Instead of muttering something under her breath as most of us would have done, she flips off the person in the car.

Okay, not the most ladylike thing to do. I probably wouldn't have done it, but oh well what's done is done.

So the car might have not seen the person at the crosswalk and perhaps that is why they didn't stop. Maybe? Nope. He/she at least saw the girl when she flashed the bird. So the driver …

The Medieval Tailor

The Blood and Violets Cast

At least for the moment, I've decided to work on my modern day Paranormal Romance, Blood and Violets. These are the stars. The lady in the front is Marie Moonstone. I know Moonstone, weird name right? Just make sure you don't say a thing about it to her. It's a very touchy subject. So touchy in fact that she introduces herself as Marie Smith. That's Alexander Farmer in the background. He's a vampire with his eye on Marie.

Fire and Water

Jeez, I'm a blogging fiend today!

I just submitted a dragon short-story called "Fire and Water" by query to Echelon Press. Let's see what happens. *crosses fingers*

Nicholai is too cute for words!!!

Okay Nicky just brought me the Lowe's ad and pointed to the riding lawnmower and said Vrooom vrooom! I told him that yes we'd bought a vroooom vroooom, and they are going to deliver it tomorrow. Then I told him to go ask his daddy if he would give him a ride on it when it got here. Bryon was asleep on the couch and Nicky walked over and poked him, pointed to the ad, and said Vroooom vroooom.

hehehe Now he is carrying my shoes around the room offering them to everyone in the hopes that someone will take him outside to play. How you may ask could anyone say no to that??? Well of course you couldn't! Unfortunatly it's raining so POOH!

*Lesley Wants a Tattoo*

I've ALWAYS wanted a cute little tattoo of a ladybug, and I just found the perfect one!!!

Now I just have to find a place that does tattoos that I'm not afraid of getting Hepatitis from. Actually there are two places in town that have been open for YEARS so I'll probably ask around to find out who has tattoos that they got in town that they really like.

Well Behaved Women?

Here are all the lovely ladies of Sithein. Well not all the lovely ladies, but all that have their very own book. least that are set in Sithein in the 12th Century.

White Ground Ivy

Today I was out with the little ones playing in the backyard and I saw one of the thousands of this weed that always grow in my yard in the spring, but this one was different! There were white flowers instead of purple. Well I was intrigued. I never did know the name of it until today when I did some sleuthing and found out its called Ground Ivy.

It's definitely supposed to be purple! I couldn't help but take a picture of the cute little white one.

Strange Horizons and How I Think the World Should Be...

I submitted a short story to Strange Horizons Friday evening. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I wish everyone accepted web submissions like they do. It would make life so much easier and save so many trees. Surely the big publishing houses will figure out soon that the best way to deal with things is through email or other kinds of uploads.

Let's say you build a program where you can have authors that would like to submit come in and upload a piece in whatever format you've asked them to. Then the program shoots off an email to the editors that need to review it and one to the author confirming that they have received the submission. Then the editor could go in and review it when they have time and either choose to ask for more of the work or it could generate a nice polite no thank you. That way nothing would get lost in the shuffle. I'm sure it would cut down on time by a lot too.

Actually this is pretty similar to something we've been working on where I wo…

I'm Torn...

Listening to: Carmina Burana

So I read an interview with an author the other day and she suggested that as soon as you get your query letters out for a project you start work on something else. Always a good plan! I've been working on the third and final book set in Medieval Sithein. Now while all of these books can stand alone just fine, they do all compliment each other which means that Dana of the Whispering Wood really needs to be published first.

So here I am...I've got Dana out submitted. Arianna is in the very last phase of tweaking, and I'm starting to write Fiona. I finished off the outline of Fiona about two weeks ago. However, I can't send out submissions about Arianna until I sell Dana so what's a girl to do. I'm afraid I might be wasting my very limited writing time working on something I can't sell until I sell something else. Argh!!!

So I'm thinking perhaps I might start working on a modern day one I have in outline form called Blood…