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Coming Up for Air

Ugh! Okay, my poor little bear spent the last week throwing up and with awful fever. The rota virus is evil! And he gave it to me. Fortunately, I didn't get it as badly as he did so I was still able to function to take care of them, and my mom came up this weekend and helped me take care of my little guy too. Thanks, Mommy!

Now Nicky is finally feeling better, and I am too. Poor little guy probably lost like five pounds. He's skin and bones. So I've been plying him with whatever he wants to eat.

And work's been nightmarishly busy. I may have time to rest again someday!

Pimp my Query Letter!

Help! I'm working on getting my stuff submitted instead of letting it just sit on my computer. I would LOVE your opinions and desperately need your help to make it the best possible query letter. So let me have it! Tear it apart. Don't be shy. I can take it!

If you hear sobbing in the background as you tell me how bad it is, just ignore's only the wind. Really, the wind! ;-D

Feel free to email me if you don't want to leave a comment. :-D You'll have my undying gratitude should you decide to help me in this. :-D And you'll be saving me from the horrific embarrassment of ending up as #queryfail fodder!

So here it is!

My Query Letter in Progress for Arianna Penndragon...

When the future adviser to the dragon king and a cross-dressing vampire warrior must work together to save a stolen princess, there’s nothing that can stop them, unless it’s the fact that vampires and dragons have hated each other for centuries.

It is the mid-twelfth century, and Aria…

Cosmo's Worst Advice Ever

I didn't say it! They did!

Okay, the first thing you're probably wondering... Why does Lesley get Cosmo? The truth is I was trying to be young and hip... Pathetic right? But Dang it I'm not even 30! And no comments from the peanut gallery about how I will be in a few months! And then I started reading the articles and most of them are just so darn silly that they crack me up. So now I read it for the entertainment value. Really though...I think I'm more a Family Circle kinda girl these days. hehe I guess when you've been married a decade, and have two kids it kinda strips the Cosmo girl right outta ya.

From this month's Cosmopolitan...

The Worst Advice
We've Ever Printed

Okay, we're not perfect- so please forgive us. And remember, times were different then. Waaay different.

"A woman dominated only by default. She makes decisions-little decisions, big decisions, medium size decisions-only hen her escort, her fiance, or her husband leaves them up t…

And we thought living up to fashion models was impossible before...

Now they're not even human! So Barbie can be walking down a runway near you at any moment!

Oy! My Shins!

Okay, just completed Week 2 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K, 6MPH and now I'm sooooo tired and my shins hurt like a poo! Ouchies! We're taking the wee ones bike riding tommorrow so that'll give my poor shins a chance to heal, but I'll still get some cardio in. Plus it'll be super fun! hehe Hopefully! As long as the weather holds out. *crosses fingers*

Here I go again...

So I have been running 30 minutes at a time since I finished the Couch to 5K the first time, and I've been slowly increasing my speed to 4.5 from the 3.5 I finished C25K at the first time. I know...I could walk faster... :p Anyway, I want to get up to 6 mph because that's actually 5K in 30 minutes. Honestly though I was getting bored and my form was going just increasing 0.1 mph at a time, and I was starting to get shin splints. No fun!

So I'm starting the c25k again and doing 6 mph all the way! Wish me luck!

Week 1 Day 1 Complete!

Win an Apron!!!

The lovely Vixen and her daughter of Apron Frenzy are offering up this gorgeous apron in a contest over at The Apron Goddesses.

Go enter the contest, and you get bonus entries for buying an apron or posting on your blog so do that too!

I can vouch for the fabulous quality since I already own two of her aprons. ;)

Regenerate from Umbrela Corp is FInally Here!

Okay, it's not really Regenerate. It's actually ANEW Clinical Derma-Fill from Avon, but seriously! This is the bottle of Regenerate from the Resident Evil...

I think someone at the Avon company might have wanted to consult a geek before they released this particular design. hehehe On the other hand, I totally wanna try it now. hehehe Yes, I am a geek!

Email Mail Merge in Word 08 for Mac

For this to work, Entourage 2008 must be your default email client. If it is not, Open Entourage, click Entourage Preferences, and click Set Entourage to be my Default Email Client. Click OK.

Click Tools then choose Mail Merge ManagerClick Create New then choose Form LettersClick Get List then choose Open Data SourceBrowse to fileClick OpenDrag Placeholders into the document where desiredClick on the button in “5. Preview Results” that says “ABC” and click on the left and right arrows to ensure that the results will appear as you want themClick Generate Email MessagesChoose the email address field from the list of columns in your Excel file for the To lineEnter a Subject for the EmailSend as “HTML Text”
Click on Mail Merge to OutboxThey will appear in your Entourage Outbox, and you must then click Send and Receive in Entourage and then choose Send AllClick Send on “Script is trying to run” messageThis moment of Wordiness brought to you by Work Lesley. :-D

How to do a Email Merge in Word 2007

Because someone else is going to ask and I'm not going to remember where I saved the file...

Note: This will only work if you're using Word 07 and Outlook is your default email client.

Click on the Mailings tabClick Start Mail Merge and choose Email MessagesClick Select Recipients and choose Use Existing ListBrowse to your Excel File containing the email addresses (If you don't already have one you can go into excel and create it now and then come back)
Click OpenCompose your emailInsert any merge fields that you want by clicking on Insert Merge Field and choosing the appropriate column name from your Excel file
Click Finish and Merge and choose Send Email MessagesIn the "To" dropdown choose the name of the heading of the column in your excel file that contains the email addressesCompose a Subject line in the "Subject line" blankChose between Text and HTML in the mail format blank (only use HTML if you have links or other formatting in your email that you w…

You Need An Apron!

Come on! Who doesn't need an apron? You need one for you and one for your kiddo.

So go buy one of Vixen's beautiful aprons at Apron Frenzy!