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Baby Update

Blood Pressure was awesome, and I'm not spilling protein at all so yay for that!

She is a little concerned that he might be huge though...

She asked me when I thought I'd have him, and I said the sooner the better. So then she checked his heartbeat like they always do and she found it above my belly button. Like well above.

So she said it seemed unlikely that he was low enough that anything would be happening soon. But his head is definitely good and down there. So the fact that his heartbeat is so high up and his head is so low makes her think that he might be a big ol' chunk of boy. If I haven't had him before next week they are going to do an ultrasound to try to gauge his size.

So I told this to my husband and asked him if he knew how big he was when he was born, and he says to me..."I think my Mom said 5.6 Kilos."

So my immediate reaction was OMG!!!!!!!!! Then I plugged it into Google calculator to get it in pounds (12.3) and my reaction was OMFG!!!!…

Yay! This little dude is full term!

As of today, this little munchkin is more than welcome to arrive whenever he is ready!

And as exhausted and huge as I am, the sooner the better!!!

What I don't know about car repair...

...could fill a ... uh well car repair manual! LOL

So the car has been making a terrible noise when you turn left for quite some time, and I've been putting off getting it fixed because it's SOOO hard to get it anywhere when you only have one vehicle. Well we've got the scooter too, but my hubby seems to have some aversion to riding it and since I'm in the family way there's no way I'm going to get on it. Not that I don't love it!!! Cause I do!!! It's just not exactly a family vehicle. If it was I'd be on it every single day! 100 miles a gallon! 100 miles a gallon!!!

Well I took the car last Saturday to finally get it looked at, but I guess I didn't take it early enough because they didn't have time to do the work that day. It needs a new ball joint on the drivers side and the tires need aligned. I also got it serviced, and they do a maintenance check when they do that.

I didn't look at the little form with the smiley faces and fr…

My Child is Silly!

Nicky seems to be under the impression that he is the boss in our house. While he is in many ways, his newest form of manipulation isn't working so well for him.

This conversation takes place on a regular basis...

Nicky: I wanna play Dada's Game! (Dada game is Nicky code for Megaman on the Playstation)

Me: Not right now. Go play with your...*insert any number of fun toys*

Nicky: I said, "I wanna play Dada's Game!"

Me: Tough.

Nicky: I said, "No Tough!"

I dunno where he gets this stuff! LOL

Birth Beads

Okay, this isn't the traditional way of making a birth bead necklace, but it's purty!

Normally you get together in a group and exchange beads and everyone says a prayer or blessing (in their particular faith) over the beads they send to everyone else. Then you put your necklace together and use it as a focus during labor.

Well I didn't sign up for the birth bead exchange when they were doing it so I just went and bought my own stuff. hehe

I got two sets of blue beads one light and one dark and two charms. One is a bear to stand for Nicky and one is a Puppy to stand for baby Finn. Then I put it all together. I used a double ring on the charms so that I can easily remove them from the necklace to just leave the beads. Then when I have my third and final munchkin I can reuse the same charms for that necklace and won't have to restring the beads of this one, because they are just gorgeous and will look great with blue jeans.

I know the picture is just awful! I'm com…

He's so cute!


Ever feel like a bad Parent?

I do today because every single thing my child does is getting on my nerves!

I mean I love him dearly of course, and I'm sure it's just pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep (because he decided to wake up at 2:30 AM and not go back to sleep until 9 AM, when I hadn't even gotten to sleep until like one anyway) but OMG he's obnoxious today!

And I feel bad for feeling this way, because I'm usually much more tolerant of his antics!

The Customer is Not Always Right...

My hubby found this blog and it is just priceless! It's definitely going on my list o' blogs. :-D


I was tagged by Vixen at Vixen's Den for this.

The Rules:

* Link the person who tagged you
* Mention the rules on your blog
* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
* Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
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My Quirks:

1. I can remember the words to songs from ads I saw when I was 4, but for some reason I can't remember lines from a play to save my life.
2. My pink walls of my living room/kitchen/dining room have deer horns hanging on them.
3. I'd much rather be fishing or swimming.
4. I am incapable of taking a nap unless I'm horribly ill or pregnant.
5. I'm bilingual: English and Danish (pretty much useless unless you live there).
6. I, like Vixen, am also one of those people with the second toe longer than the big toe. That means I rule my house, didn't you know?

The Orphanage

I'm not often scared by movies...but this one had me shivering!

I don't wanna say much about it if you've not seen it before, but I just want to say that I highly, highly recommend it. It was absolutely wonderful! Oh and I had NO idea it would end the way it did. None at all! I think I liked the ending though.

That is all... :-D

Thursday Thirteen #50

13 Bits of Random Stuff
Today is 37 days from Baby Finn's due date.
I'm hoping he decides to come on July 4th though, even though as Jenn pointed out I won't be able to see fireworks.
I can't really picture myself enjoying sitting out in the heat to enjoy the fireworks 9 months prego anyway, but maybe it'll be nice and cool.
I wanna go swimming!
Maybe I'll insist that we go to Steel Creek this weekend and go swimming.
Or maybe I'll just insist on going to the Aquatic Park down the road.
I wish I could stop sneezing!
I finished packing up my hospital bag this week. Go me!
Today I'm making a giant thing of taco meat to freeze in meal size portions for after Finn gets here.
I want a pedicure. I should find someplace that does them.
I also want a frappuccino from Starbucks.
Nicky looked at me like I was completely batty when I told him that Baby Finn would come out of Mommy's tummy to play soon.
*sighs* Soon however is somewhat relative.

8 meals in 2.5 hours? Wow, I rock!

Okay, so I'm trying to stock up on food for after the wee one is born when I'll be WAY too dang tired to cook. Not that I'm not already way too tired to cook, but somehow I managed. hehe

First I started almost an entire bag of frozen chicken boiling, and while it was doing its thing I cut up enough veggies for 3 nights worth of fajitas. So I guess I didn't entirely finish those meals as I need to get some more chicken to cut up and mix with seasoning and freeze to go in the bags with them. But most of the hard work is done.

So when I was done with that the chicken was finished boiling so I tore it up to add to the enchiladas that I then made. Five days worth if you include tonight.

So I have seven meals worth of food in the freezer and one ready to go tonight. Yay!

Hubby is also bringing home the chicken I need for the fajitas and the taco seasoning and huge thing of hamburger meat that I'm going to make tomorrow to freeze so I'll have taco meat prepared that…

You know your pregnant when...

You suddenly and inexplicably desperately want a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich like the one Paula Dean made on one of her shows but trickled with chocolate syrup.

OMG That sounds good!

OMG The Cuteness!

When I got home from work it was raining, and no one had come and unlocked the door for me so I got a little wet coming in the back door. Nicky came over to tell me hi and give me a kiss and when he saw the water all over my arms this conversation took place.

Nicky: Mama's got water on her.
Me: Yeap. Mama's wet.
Nicky: Mama's wet from the rain?
Me: Yeap, the rain got me all wet!
Nicky: It's okay, Mama. I'll clean you up!

After which he proceeded to try to wipe all the rain off my arms. I mean how freaking cute is that???!!!

Gift Registries: Tacky or Practical?

On the pregnancy forum I frequent, people were talking about how much they hated registries and thought they were tacky and selfish...

I don't get this... I wish everyone would have a registry and or wish list where I could see it so that I would have an idea of what to get them when I need or want to get them a gift! I don't like giving gift certificates and money. It just feels immpersonal to me. On the other hand, sometimes you want to get a gift for say your cousin who is getting married or having a baby, and he is the guy in the relationship and lets face it most guys don't get a say in decorating the house. ;) You might not have ever met the girl he's marrying so what on earth do you just randomly pick out if there isn't a registry? Or you know that your friend is having a baby, but you have no idea what their parenting style is or what they might have already gotten as a gift. Here again registries are totally handy.

And just because someone has a reg…


I have never seen anything quite this skanky in my ENTIRE life. ROFLMAO

Thursday Thirteen #49

I watched Juno for the first time this weekend, and I loved it so much that I watched it again right after. The writing was just about the best thing ever! If you haven't seen it, you simply must! So in honor of it being such an awesome movie, here are...
13 of my Favorite Lines from Juno1.“Honest to blog?”2."I hear how pregnancy, it can often lead to an infant."3.“Hi, I’m just calling to procure a hasty abortion.What?Can you just hang on a minute?I’m on my hamburger phone.”4.“Would you like a free condom?They’re boysenberry.”5.“Somebody else is going to find a precious blessing from Jesus in this garbage dump of a situation.”6.“Can’t we just, like kick this old school?Like I stick the baby in a basket and send it your way like Moses in the reeds.
“Technically that would be kickin’ it Old Testament.”7.“Could I use the facilities ‘cause being pregnant makes me pee like Seabiscuit.”8.“No seriously, if I could just have the thing and give it to you now I would, but I’m sur…

Yay for Good Blood Pressure!

My blood pressure is still good! Yay! Last time it jumped at 33 weeks, but at least so far it's still good. :-D I'm retaining water like NUTS, but I think that has more to do with the weather than anything else. Last time my ankles looked like they belonged to an elephant. This time my major irritation has been that my fingers are swelling and it feels like I'm trying to type with vienna sausages!

But I'll take that over high blood pressure and reduced liver and kidney function any day. :-D

Just Join in the Love Fest

I was tagged by Vixen to do this one. :-D

The rules: Write a blog entry with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about yourself.

1. I have to check the stove before I leave the house to make sure that it's off...even if it hasn't been on all day...
2. I have no idea how many cats I've owned in my life time, but I only have one right now and she is quite possibly the craziest cat on earth.
3. Right now there is a television show playing on my tv that seems to be about Pinatas...very odd.
4. I have never tried nor have I ever been interested in trying any illegal drugs. Why mention this now? Because this pinata show could easily have been inspired by someone's drug trip.
5. There is a small thimble collection hanging on my wall that belonged to my Granny. It was only a tiny fraction of her collection, which could have probably been used to open a thimble museum.
6. My child is obsessed with tree frogs. I think it has something to do with Go Diego Go!
7. My fingers…

Okay! That's it! I'm done!

Moonlight Canceled

I will no longer be watching any new series. That's it. I'm done. I'll watch the couple I watch now, which are Lost and Heroes as I'm not afraid they'll be canceled, but the networks are obviously run by a bunch of *CENSORED* who wouldn't know quality if it came with People's Choice awards and encased in a giant Belgian chocolate bunny!

Seriously!!!!!! Why are they so lame????? Why would you cancel something that won a freakin' People's Choice award???

The only thing I can figure is that they want to manipulate what people like instead of making booty loads of money by catering to it. If I were a stockholder of CBS I'd sell and run screaming the other direction. Why is there nothing decent to watch on television? And if something good slips through why the heck do they have to squash it like a bug!? WHY??? Do you not want to make money? Is that the problem? Cause OMG what is wrong with making tons of money by giving p…