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Thursday Thirteen #46

Yes, I know there are still many, many days until my little guy's due, but I'm an obsessive compulsive list maker. :-D So I figured why not start now. If anyone else has any suggestions, please share!
13 Things on my Hospital Bag List
Travel size assortment of toiletries
When I told my husband today that he had to get a travel size toothbrush and deodorant today, he told me that he would just add his stuff to the bag when the time came. I laughed at him and we left the store with travel size stuff for him too. Silly husband! With Nicky I didn't even get to go get my bag! I was at work when they called me and told me I HAD to come to the hospital RIGHT THEN because of the test for pre-eclampsia they'd just run…even though it sat there all day until I called them to find out the results and they remembered to actually do it.
A robe
How can you go to the hospital without a robe? Mine is fuzzy and pink.
Yes, they match the robe.
Pre-paid phone card
I think we some…

"Honey, could you stop and get me some medicine on the way home from work?"

My friend Crystal just sent me a most interesting piece of medical research. Possibly the most interesting I've read recently.

Dark chocolate lowers your risk of Pre-Eclampsia in pregnancy!

Now what better reason could I possibly have for having a nice bit of chocolate every day?

Viking Suggestions?

I'm a search for info on the everyday life of the average viking. If anyone has any suggestions for books or websites. I would really appreciate it.

You'd think I'd know tons about Vikings after, you know, living in Denmark and all, but alas I really didn't learn that much about them then. We were supposed to go to Lejre last time we were there. It's a recreation of a Viking settlement. I've wanted to see it forever. Unfortunately, they had just closed down for the cold season when we were there. Doh!

If I find any particularly juicy bits, I'll be sure to share.

Coming Home Outfit

So here is my little guys coming home outfit. I hope it fits. They didn't have one of the strictly newborn, so I got a 0-3 months. It might be a bit big on him, but I'll bet it'll be cute. I just love the tiny little booties! The blankee wasn't actually part of the set, but I thought it matched smashingly. It's sooo soft. It's made out of that microplush stuff. I think that's what they call it. So snuggly!

This adorable little outfit is from one of my best girlfriend's, Amanda. It's toooo cute. I lurv puppies!

"Thank you, your holiness. Awesome speach."

And that, my fellow Americans, is your president.

Thursday Thirteen #45 - and my 300th Post!

13 Random Posts That Caught my Eye from my First 299

1. This is my very first test blog!
Not at all exciting, but it was my VERY first.
2. Mommy's Little Paleontologist
Yup, he is still obsessed with rocks!
3. Well Behaved Women?
I just really dig this picture!
4. Norman London and Shameless Promotion!
Because I just can't say enough nice things about the Norman London book!
5. Thursday Thirteen #1 very first TT!
6. Are Templar swords really meant for slaying serpents? Methinks not!
This was a very strange experience...
7. I Love You, Bryon!!!
I figure it is worth repeating. *looks at her ring longingly* I can't wait til my fingers stop being swollen so I can wear it again! Ah the joys of pregnancy.
8. It could have gone one of three ways...
A chronicle of the worst plane trip ever that didn't end in death.
9. My Son the Locksmith!
Crazy boy!
10. The Royal Guard Incident
Cause Nicky is so darn cute!
11. Razorback Scooter Gang
Go Hogs!
12. I'm a Farmer's Daughter!…

Baby Stuff! And Walmart is Silly!

I must be nesting because my best friend's due date is looming near, because it's still AGES until this little dude will make his arrival. Yes, ages I say! Pay no attention to the ticker with the countdown to your right. It's ages I tell you!

Anyway, I finished cleaning out my bedroom closet, so that I can clean out the guest room closet, so that I can clean out the boy's playroom/future bedroom closet, so that I have somewhere to put my children's clothes.

I also got some little bottles with drop in liners. I'm planning on nursing, but last time it took my milk almost a week to come in. They kept telling me to keep trying, and I had no intention of giving up but looking back I sure as heck would have given him some formula before I did. Poor little guy lost 15 oz that first week. He was a tiny little guy and only weighed 5 lbs 15 oz when he was born because of the pre-eclampsia. This time I'm going with my instincts and forgetting what the doctors a…

*Gags* I just....*Gags*

Hey! I said STOP IT!

I think my plea for no more rain has gone unheard!!!

Flooding Shuts Down School in DeWitt and Stuttgart

Yeah, so DeWitt is where I grew up and Stuttgart is where my parents live...

I don't remember it ever flooding except on some really low lying spots growing up. It's just nuts!

Thursday Thirteen #44

13 Ideas for Girls' Night Out

My girls and I were coming up with a list of things that would be fun to do for our Girls' Nights/Days so I figured, Hey! What a great Thursday 13!

1. Ice Skating
2. Paint Your Own Pottery
3. Horseback Riding
4. Visit Wineries
5. Putt Putt
6. Visiting a Tea Room
7. Tie Dye Party
8. Sewing Party
9. Roller Skating
10. Beading Party
11. Scrapbooking Party
12. Bowling
13. Movies

My Husband...The City Boy

Now my darling husband spent most of his life growing up in Copenhagen so I understand that the WILDS of Arkansas can be intimidating, even to a big, brave, strong man such as himself. However, I was throughly amused by the situation that arose the other evening.

I was taking a nice, relaxing bath. Nicky was already snoozing away, and big brave hubby was taking the dogs out for their evening excursion into the backyard. He came in with a horrible look on his face and said with a great deal of concern, "I saw something moving under the leaves and moved them out of the way, and there was a giant scorpion under them."

I was raised in the country, and though I have never seen a scorpion I learned at a young age to have a healthy respect for all wildlife. So I responded with, "Well then leave it alone."

"No," he insisted, "if I leave it alone it could come in the back door or sting one of the dogs." Let me add here that it wasn't even that near …

Thursday Thirteen #43

13 Questions I've Been Pondering
Is my due date club (the group of women on the forum I go to that are all due in July) cursed or something?
It's been so sad and scary lately. We've had so many of our mom's with problems. One poor mommy went into labor at 22 weeks, and they couldn't stop it. Her little one passed away not long after being born. Another went into labor and they were able to hold her back until 26 weeks. She's doing remarkably well. Thank goodness! Another mom has been put in the hospital for constant monitoring for early rupture of membranes. I hope she's doing well. I can't imagine how hard that must be since she has some older kiddos as well. And there were more than a couple others who have been having problems with contractions. I wish them all the best!
Is it ever going to stop raining?
See the post below for why it REALLY needs to!
Is Finn going to flip over so that he's not kicking me in the bladder soon?
I'd really …