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Happy Halloween!!! Happy Samhain!!!

Well my little goblins are still coughing a little and sniffly, as am I, but they're feeling MUCH Better. I'm so INCREDIBLY thankful for that!!!

For your Halloween reading pleasure, I'm going to share a short story I wrote a few years ago for a creative writing class. No, I can't stay away from the paranormal. I'm completely incapable of it! Enjoy, and have fun Halloween night!

Fire and Water

by Lesley Speller
A small group of little girls laughed and whispered as the skinny, brown haired girl climbed out of the water and padded quickly over to where her friend Alice was standing. She had just swum faster than she could ever remember swimming before in her life. Her coach had stared at her stop watch in amazement before patting her on the back and telling her that they would have to talk to her parents about training for the Olympics. Just as she reached her friend the other …

Weigh In Wednesday

Despite the horrors of the week...(See yesterday's post)

Weight: 229.8 (Yeah, normally I'd just round that up, but it's in the 220's so I'm clinging to it. hehe)
Loss: 1.2 lbs
Total loss: 42.2 lbs

I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth...

I'm just taking care of sick kiddos.

Finn and Nicky started getting congested noses Friday. Saturday they started coughing. Sunday Finn started coughing worse, then started having trouble breathing. Sunday night I took him to the ER because he was having such a hard time breathing his lips were getting blue tinged whenever he coughed or cried.

We got there about 11pm. Finn was in pretty good spirits. I actually told him at one point that he should have the decency to act sick since he was costing me big bucks. We waited about 45 minutes to get into triage. From triage we went directly back to the back. Which kinda terrified me because normally your wait in our ER is from 6 - 8 hours. His oxygen saturation was 92%, his breath rate was 49, his pulse was super high, and he had developed a fever that he hadn't had all day. We waited for a little while in a room that I swear was at least 90 degrees! Great for a little boy with a fever lemmie tell you! The nurse's name…

For Today

Found this over on Katie J's blog and it looked fun.

Outside my window... the mountains are a patchwork of beautiful fall colors
I am thinking… I can't wait for my hubby to get home with my gyro
I am thankful for… my wonderful kiddos and awesome husband and fabu friends
In my kitchen… it smells like Nicky's popcorn
I am wearing… argyle knee high socks, grey capri workout pants, and a lavender top (LMAO This was hard to admit! I did just finish running though so I deserve a break from style.)
I am creating… a book called Dark Waters
I am going… to eat my gyro as soon as my husband gets home! Hush! I'm focused!
I am reading… Night's Rose by Annaliese Evans
I am hoping… to be at my goal weight next summer (I stole that one from Katie J, but I am hoping that too!)
I am hearing… Nicky telling me he wants to watch El Perro and El Gato and Finn snoring
Around the house… there are things I need to do...but I'm not gonna.
One of my favorite things right now… chillin with my boys
A f…

Suri in Heels

Okay, so there have been lots of pictures surfacing of Suri Cruise wearing high heels.

Look, if you've got a problem with this, then you've obviously never been or raised a fru fru 3 year old girl. They probably got these as part of a costume, since Halloween is just around the corner, and she wouldn't wear anything else.

I don't know if you've ever had a 3 year old, but they can be VERY insistent when they want their way. And seriously people, you've got to pick your battles. She might have wanted to wear the whole flapper Halloween outfit out, and they compromised on the shoes.

It's not like she was indecent! I remember once I made a "skirt" on my sewing machine when I was a little girl. It consisted of a piece of stretchy fabric that was sewn on one side to make something akin to a mini skirt, but ummmm let's just say it wouldn't have been appropriate to wear in public. So my mother obviously didn't let me leave the house in it…

Weigh In Wednesday

No Loss.


The only excuse I have is I ate too much and didn't work out enough, but in my defense everyone was sick. I'll do better next week!

Blood and Violets Word Cloud

Okay, I couldn't resist Wordle when I saw it. So I had to make a word cloud of Blood and Violets.

If you've never done it, then I highly recommend you go play with wordle.

Lovely Blog Award!

Katie J gave me this an obscenely long time ago, and I'm a very unorganized blogger so I've completely forgotten until now to put it up... :-D

So here are my 10 Favorite Blogs:

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Anna J Evans

Happy 4th Birthday, Nicholai!


Wave of Light

For Collin, son of Fun Size and grandson of Vixen, and for the little one I lost five years ago next week.

Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 231
Loss: 3
Total Loss: 41

Yayyyy! I'm back to where I was before summer.

How did she lose 3 pounds in one week you say? With no special diet or exercise? I'll tell you! Thanks to the handy dandy stomach flu! You can do it too! But I don't recommend it! Felt like I was gonna die! And we ALL had it! Nicky got sick Thursday. Finn and I got sick Saturday and Bryon got sick Sunday! Have I mentioned how completely through I am with everyone being sick??? Cause really it's getting old!

I didn't run Monday, but finished about half of my run yesterday before Nicky pushed Finn and he landed on the Busy Ball Popper leaving a big mark on his poor forehead. He looks like Voldemort attacked him! Poor little guy!

I almost finished all the painting in my bathroom. There are a few things that need to be touched up still. And I've GOT to finish making the fondant for Nicky's Castle cake for his party. Hell it's already Wednesday. I probably need to start ba…

Just Call Me Plumber Lesley :-D

Okay, we had a very slow leak in our bathroom behind the faucet. I kept accusing my husband of just splashing the wall when he showered, but when the dry wall started getting damaged and started to mold I had to admit that in fact there was something wrong...

So out of sheer fear of the cost of a plumber we decided to give it a shot ourselves. First I did some research on how to cut through dry wall. Then I did some research on how faucets are made. Then I went in to check what kind of attachment our faucet had and when I was checking the faucet basically fell off in my hand. So upon further investigation it was made obvious that the solder had gone bad. Actually it had probably just been badly soldered from the beginning at that joint.

So then I was like OH CRAP! This is a copper pipe and when I started looking at copper pip installation it became obvious that you have to solder to fix a joint on a copper pipe. Well here's the thing... In order to solder I'd have to com…

Weigh In Wednesday

Current weight: 234
Loss: 1
Total Loss: 38

Bah not much loss, but at least it's something. :-D We've finally got everyone all mostly healthy in our house. There is still some coughing and sneezing going on, but no one is really ill anymore. Stupid viruses.

Started today off with a run! Go me! I figured the baby woke me up so I might as well get it done.

My hubby is working his booty off too. I'm very proud of him. He has a hard time getting up in the morning, but he's getting up when his alarm clock goes off and working out. Yay, Bryon!

My Flapper Wig

As you might recall, I decided to go as a flapper for Halloween this year. Actually I might be a Fairy Goth Mother, but I am now prepared to be either. hehehe So here is my flapper wig as well as my great grandmother again who was my flapper inspiration.

I love costumes!

My Civilized Little Man

I made my boys some lunch of the ever popular Kraft Mac and Cheese and put it on their plates, then I put Nicky's on the table and Finn's on the floor. I didn't want to deal with dragging out the high chair and between the puppies and I we can clean up any mess. So Nicky sat at the table and cleaned his plate pretty quickly and Finn was chilling on the floor eating.

I was noticing, not for the first time, how well he used his spoon. Now Nicky knew how to use a spoon from the time he was pretty small, but he just really couldn't be bothered. He would much rather just cram the food into his mouth. Not now, of course, but when he was Finn's age.

Then Finn looked up at me and then at Nicky sitting at the table and stood up. He picked up his plate and walked over to the table and put his plate up on it then went back and got his spoon. He then proceeded to eat his food from the table even though he wasn't even tall enough to actually see his plate. hehehe

He th…