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Cute Boy!

Here is my sad attempt at photographer, but at least I had a great subject!

The beautiful blanket under him is the one that Vixen made for him. Thanks so much again!

Thursday Thirteen #51

13 Things I’ve Learned in the Last Few Weeks
Why some people thing bibs are so vital!
I never understood people's fascination with bibs for little babies. Why they make so many adorable ones for newborns… I understand now!!! Nicky spit up like three times in his entire infancy. Finn spits up three times in one feeding!
That you should never let a nurse give you Pitocin to speed up labor unless she swears a blood oath that you'll get an epidural when you ask for it!
My water broke at midnight and at six the next morning I still wasn't really in labor. I told them if they gave me Pitocin I'd want an epidural. They did and when I asked for my epidural they said he was with someone else… An hour later during which I'd had the most excruciating pain of my entire life, I was fully dilated and he was still giving someone else her epidural… Well that isn't true at that point he was filling out paperwork… No comment there…
Babies who can be laid down for short periods …

Oh Lord!

My child is such a mess!

Nicky was playing Mario 3, and this conversation took place...

Bryon: I wanna watch a movie.
Nicky: No, I playin!
Bryon: I wanna watch That 70s Show.
Nicky: No! I playin, Daddy!!
Bryon: I wanna watch a movie.
Nicky: *turns around glaring angrily* I wanna pinch you!!!

Followed immediately by...

Bryon: I wanna watch a...
Nicky: Movie? No! I playin'!

So I thought they looked alike...

But I didn't realize they were practically twins until I put their pictures next to each other. I took an older picture of Nicky since he was such a tiny little guy when he was a born. He was closer to Finn's size when he hit one month.

Introducing Finn Gabriel Speller!

Finn Gabriel Speller
7 lbs 13 oz
21 inches
Born: Saturday July 12th, 2008 at 11:15 am

He's here, and we just got home from the hospital. We're both doing great.

I think I'll take a nap now. :-D


Blood pressure was back down today!

I have an appointment to go back to the doctor next Wednesday, but she said she didn't think I'd make it that long. So YIPPIE!

Obviously I've Been Neglecting My Chocolate

Well my dang blood pressure went up. Not crazy high or anything 142/82, but enough so that they are probably going to want to induce me if it isn't back down by tomorrow when I go for a checkup. According to my home blood pressure cuff which I take with a grain of salt since it will give me 20 point differences one right after another... it's still about the same it was yesterday. No higher so at least there is that!

They also put me on the fetal monitor for 20 minutes or so because when she checked his heart rate it was really high, 185. He had of course been doing his usual jumping jacks right when she was trying to get his heart rater though. On the monitor it stayed in the lower 160s and upper 150s so they weren't worried about it.

I was having contractions when they were monitoring him and they were completely regular, but they weren't even strong enough for me to feel. At least maybe that's a sign that he'll be here soon without having to serve him a…