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Working My Tail Off

Okay, yesterday I got my prelit tree out to decorate...only it wasn't prelit anymore... Now it's been going down hill for the last couple years, and though I tried my best to track down the problem it was a cheap tree and I couldn't figure out what was going on. So I ripped all the lights off the tree. *and a few branches unintentionally - OOPS* Then I only had one string of lights so I draped the tree in net lights before stringing that one on. After that the boys and I decorated it. It looks...special. :-D And it's leaning, but oh well I'll just have to keep my eyes open after Christmas this year for a nice prelit tree on clearance. Cause I'm not gonna spring for a new one this year.

I also did all the monthly shopping yesterday that I hadn't done already. It really wasn't that much because I'd already been to Sams and I have instated a clean out the pantry and freezer rule for the month. They're too darn full! Like if the Apocalypse …

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been entertaining for two solid weeks now. First my MIL came in to visit from Denmark for a week and a half. Then Thanksgiving. So that's why I haven't been blogging much at all or visiting anyone else's blogs. I will try to do better. :-D

I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving! We had lots of fun, but now I'm verrrrry, verrrrry tired! Think I'll take a nap! :-D

Meet Shadow!

He's five months old and one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. We got him this morning, and he's already made himself a part of our family.

We adopted him from the NWA Animal Rescue. There are lots more kitties if you are looking for a new family member.

He is cautious of the boys, as well he should be, but he wants to play with them too. They love him so much!

We've renamed him to Shadow. The name he got from the rescue was Booker...alas the name Booker out of Nicky's mouth is Booger. Shadow works much better. MIL is here visiting and she thought we were saying Charon. Which if you ask me would be a kick butt name for a black cat, but Bryon refused to let me change his name again. hehe

The Birds and The Bees

A woman's best friend has a dream about a positive pregnancy test, the next day she has a dream about a positive pregnancy test - a ridiculously complicated one mind you with four sets of lines, and then the woman's husband has a dream that she's pregnant. The woman then assures her husband that she's not having sex for the rest of the month so that these dreams do not come true as she's NOT ready to be pregnant again yet.

Husband: You're really not going to have sex with me this month?
Wife: Yes, It's not going to happen. I REALLY don't wanna get pregnant right now.
Husband: You're not going to get pregnant just because we have sex.
Wife: *stares at him* How do you think it happens exactly?

I couldn't make this stuff up.

The Dragon and The Knight

I did a photo shoot back in September of my boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes, and it turned out so cute that I wrote a story (in limericks) that went along with it. I just got the book I made of it from Lulu, and it's super cute!

And guess what! You can buy it too. ;) Now don't everyone storm the site at once, because we don't want to crash it. Everyone take your time. hehe

Seriously though, I'm very pleased with it. I hope my boys feel the same!

Red Card!

*Nicky does something annoying and Bryon tells him to get down.*
Bryon: Nicky! That's a red card!
Nicky tries to climb up again and again and again.
Bryon: Nicky! I said you have a red card you can't get back up here!
Nicky: But, Dadddddddddyyy, it was only a yellow card!

Yes, he did let him up again after that. LMAO

Nicky's Fortress Cake

Well after much delay and rescheduling due to illness we finally had Nicky's birthday party on Halloween. It was lots of fun.

I made him a castle cake with orange turrets (since it was Halloween) Let me tell you's HARD to cover those darn towers with fondant! The princess castle that I made for the girls was SO much easier! Oh well! He loved it and that is all that matters. :-D

The second picture is courtesy of my darling Lishy who is the most awesome photographer on earth. :-D