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Lesley's Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

Tips for Enjoying the Holidays More: Shop Early - Nothing spoils the happy holiday mood like last minute shopping.Don't expect it to be like a holiday movie - Accept perhaps National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ;)Don't expect it to be like a Christmas Card - Expectations ruin the beauty of the experience you're having. Sure the kids throw clumps of icicles all over the tree, dump sprinkles in 3 inch high piles in the middle of the cookies, and decide halfway through that they're not remotely interested in making ornaments with you, but who cares. Enjoy what it is instead of mourning what it could have been.It's the thought that counts - This applies to receiving as well as giving. If you get a gift you don't like, be happy that the person thought of you enough to spend their hard earned money or time on it. Same goes for giving, put some thought into the gift you give someone and if they don't like it well they can just suck it! Don't…

New Game: Zombie Appocalypse!

Okay, so I don't know about you... But with all the Christmas presents I just bought, I'm broke!

So...New Game!!!

The zombie apocalypse is about to start!  There are signs.  Scattered reports of people attacking others and eating their flesh.  Bath salts? Or impending doom?

For the sake of safety you better stock up!  For at least the rest of the month!  (Trust's the holidays so shopping in this mess is just like shopping in a real impending apocalypse.)

Once you make your stock up trip, society falls.  Don't worry. At least the power and water are still on and we have tv!

Okay, that's it! Don't buy anything else for the rest of the month!

What? Your kids need fresh milk, and you don't wanna bake your own bread? Hmm OK.  I guess then you can go out on the occasional salvage run.  But you're not allowed to buy more than a bag worth of groceries.  After all with anymore than that, you're going to be too weighed down to run from the zombies ch…

I've been a Busy Little Bee

I know I promised to be better about posting here, but I've been so busy that I haven't been able to manage. There is something about this time of year! I swear I get SO overwhelmed by everything. Work has been crazy! And I just had Nicky's birthday party last weekend. He had a Halloween birthday party. I built a little haunted house in our barn. It was epic! And on top of all that, I've finished up publishing all the Women of Sithein books and Blood and Violets in print and Kindle editions. So here you have them! In suggested reading order, even!

Kindle Print
Kindle Print
Kindle Print
Kindle Print
So that's why I've kinda had my hands full! I'm working on Dark Waters right now again.  The sequel to Blood and Violets.

Contest: Slay Your Own Dragons Necklace

In celebration of the release of Dana of the Whispering Wood in both Kindle and Print formats, I'm giving away a Slay Your Own Dragons necklace!

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Big Stuff!

Okay, so I finished my edits of Dana of the Whispering Wood! Go me!
And now it's available on the Kindle store.
Buy it now for only $2.99!
Not only that!
You can also buy a print copy of it!!! $13.99 for that. 
Buy on the Kindle Store Buy it in Print 
Blood and Violets is also available on the Kindle still for 99 cents and now in print for $12.99!
Yes, I've been a busy girl!
Buy on the Kindle Store Buy in Print
Big thanks to my amazingly awesome hubby for the super cover art!

Free for Three Days

Since tomorrow's my birthday, I'm giving you all a present.
Blood and Violets is free today, tomorrow, and the 21st!


This is my very first giveaway EVER so you'll have to bear with me!  You can win this gorgeous necklace just by following the instructions below.  If you've read Blood and Violets please review it to earn more points! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Romance Novels


Blood and Violets

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Marie doesn’t know how she managed to get herself kidnapped by a vampire or how she can possibly be having such uncomfortably lusty feelings for him when he’s holding her a prisoner. Alexander wants a protégé, and this snarky, obnoxious young woman is absolutely perfect. He just has to manage his growing attraction to his feisty prisoner and keep her out of the way long enough to complete a vital business arrangement before proceeding with his plan. Meanwhile, a shadowy group known as Carpe Sanguis is out to not only stop Alexander’s plans but take his very life.