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Well, I guess that just says it all...

I had a box of fortune cookies up in the cabinet, and I said to myself, "This fortune cookie is going to tell me how the rest of my day will go."

I started pulling plastic wrapper and it wouldn't come loose so I pulled a little harder. It split open all at once and shot the fortune cookie up into the air. It went crashing to the ground and shattered. It was then gobbled up quite quickly by my very happy dogs.

Ummm hmmm...Fine!

Cliches to Live By

You catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar.

No really! You do. Both literally and figuratively. So be nice!!!

Such a Tenacious little Thing Deserves a Chance

I opened my cabinet today to get an onion out to put in the Chicken and Noodles I was making and saw something very odd. it looked a little like a daffodil before it gets it's flower, and it was sticking up from behind the little plastic basket I keep my onions in. So I reached back and pulled it out, and this is what I found.

The onion had apparently fallen out of the back of the basket and hidden there long enough to sprout and grow a FOOT long!!! Well I pulled it out and dropped it in the garbage, but I couldn't stop thinking about that poor little thing. It was giving it all it had to grow not even in dirt and what did I do but drop it in the trash can. How could a be so cold and callus?

So I pulled it out and took it out to the front porch and planted it in one of my big pots that I used for container gardening last year.

Yes, my front porch is a mess. Don't judge me! I'm a busy woman. hehehe

So now it has a chance at life. Probably the world's most boring…

We Shall Never Speak of This Again

Our lawnmower wasn't starting and was in need of its yearly maintenance so I went up to Lowes and put on my "I have no idea what I'm doing" face and asked for help finding all the stuff I needed. I love Lowes! They are always so helpful, and it's one of the few places I know I can trust the information I get. So I got a new fuel filter, new spark plug, new air filter, new oil filter, an oil pan, and new oil. I went home and was so excited! I couldn't wait to get started!

It started out SO well!

I opened up the air filter box and popped in the new one with no trouble. The old one had a colony of ants starting to move into it. Yikes! That could prove to be a problem when you want to make sure you're getting the right amount of oxygen mixed with the fuel!

Then I off the old fuel filter... No wonder I wasn't sure that the one the guy at Lowes pointed out to me was the right one. Here's what the new Fuel Filter looked like once I got it on.

Kind of a terri…

Happy 101 Award: What Makes Me Happy

Madison Woods gave me the Happy 101 award and challenged me to come up with a list of 10 things that make me happy.

So here we go!

Crocheting - the fact that I didn't think I'd ever learn how and now I can make little things!My hubby - though he also makes me CRAZY! hehe Come to think of it so do my boys. ;)Writing - I love it! Filling up a blank page with story is eternally enjoyable.My Furbabies - like the boys. I don't think this one requires explanation. :-DMy iPhone - No, really! I can Google ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! The information of the internet is at my beck and call all the time! That makes me happy!!!Chocolate, Coffee, Diet CokeReading - I love being transported to new places and meeting new people all in the privacy of my own living room. Friends I know I can count on for anything.

The Truth Comes Out

So I told you six bold-faced lies and one truth. Here's the revelation!

1. I like to dance naked in the moonlight on certain pagan holidays. *wiggles eyebrows*

Heck no! The last time moonlight saw my naked skin, I was 18 and skinny dippin' in the woods. Back then there was less of me...and what there was was more evenly distributed. Ah, the joys of motherhood. LOL

2. I once had a member of a band, who is famous for the length of his creepy tongue, lick his lips at me.

Yeap, this is the one. My high school boyfriend was totally obsessed with KISS and so I ended up in the front of the mosh pit at one of the KISS concerts that came to Little Rock. Well, I have terrible allergies at certain times of the year and so I end up with horribly chapped lips. That leads me to lick them repeatedly because I really hate the way chapstick feels. So I guess he must have thought it was a come on, because I licked my lips and he looked right at me and did exactly the same thing... Eww...