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So I've discovered something. I think I like to bake just for the sake of baking.  I made 42 or so cupcakes, iced them, and sprinkled them without so much as licking the icing off my fingers.  I also made about 42 Pumpkin muffins without eating any. (I did taste a bite and spit it out to make sure it was the right recipe.) 

I thought it was going to be a nightmare to be on Atkins, because I wouldn't be able to safely bake.  Apparently, however, I'm totally good with baking and feeding stuff to others.  I'm not saying I don't want to taste it...but the urge is not so great that I can't resist it.

Next baking experiment?

BTW I LOVE that girl! She's perfectly adorable!

So instead of the Tetris design, I'm going to do MARIO! Since Finny is obsessed!

The Way to Go from Yum to OMG Yes!

Wrap it in BACON!!!

Yes, that's right! Bacon!

I like venison steaks fried. They are yummy. I'm not wild about the baked. However if you take a venison steak and wrap that puppy in bacon and bake it. We are talking SHAZAM!!!!

I enjoy salmon. It's quite good. Lots of Omega Fatty Acids. But wrap that salmon filet in bacon! Ohhhh yes!

Then to trick yourself into thinking you are getting pasta, sauté some shredded Zuke in butter and olive oil, drain it really well in a colander, put your bacon wrapped salmon on top of it, and then...

Wait for it...

Drench it all in Alfredo sauce!

Then. Just sit back and enjoy your Atkins friendly dinner!

Atkins Diet...GO!

I'm not going to post on more than one blog about my various interests. There just isn't that much extra time in my life. So here comes a diet post!

The hubby and I just started the Atkins diet. We both have a good chunk of weight to lose. I've been reading the 1991 book by Dr. Atkins himself and while it is probably a little outdated in the most recent scientific research, I started reading this one and loved his kind but firm style of convincing you to do the diet. He simultaneously makes you feel less guilty about your weight problem while still making it clear that you have to make changes.

Now I'll be honest, I was REALLY skeptical about even trying it. I LOVE bread and well you have probably seen my cake posts. It's really not as bad as I thought it would be. I've been taking the L Glutamine supplements he recommends for cravings, and I think they really help.

Coffee is an obstacle. Did you know that coconut milk in coffee is vile? Like gag a ma…