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My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

I'm not standing here outside your door though...cause that would be creepy. Like stalker creepy... :-D

Well ladies and gents, I'm off! I'll be thinking of all of you while I'm lounging on the beach sipping pina coladas. (Shhhhhhhhhhhhh Lishy...I know the reality is more like while I'm chasing down my three year old while wrestling the live crab out of my one year old's mouth, but I choose to live in the illusion at least until I get through the 16 hours of driving. ;-D

Wish me luck!!! I'm probably going to need it!!!

Introducing the NEW

No, you don't have to hold your applause. Come on let's have it.

My sweetie pie redesigned my site for me, and it is now I have to say the most beautiful website in the history of time. You'll notice it features the absolutely beautiful cross he designed for me to. :-D There is even a new free short story called Fire and Water in the Freebies section.

Squeeee! I love it!

Thanks, baby!!!!

It's not selling out...It's using what you've got!

There has been some anger out there over these new covers of Wuthering Heights. I can see that side of the argument of course, but it's not like they're changing the end of a classic. *glares at the stupid Scarlet Letter movie* I mean sometimes I don't like the ending of a book either, but a movie is not the place for fan fic style changes to a classic book! Whew...sorry I veered off for a moment there.

I do have to say that I've never read Wuthering Heights. *hangs head in uber shame* I know! I should have to return my English degree, but it's on my GIANT TBR list. Perhaps I should move it up to the top so I don't seem like such a tool... Anyway, maybe I would feel differently about these covers if I'd read the book, but I just don't think there is anything wrong with them. I mean I typed in Wuthering Heights into Amazon and there are four pages of versions of Wuthering Heights with different covers.

I'm for anything that is going to get a clas…

How to Add Headings to Just One Part of a Document

Ok, I did this as a test to see if it even worked, but it kinda cracks me up. So here you have it. Complete with commentary from Nicky and soundtrack by Finn. LOL

Thanks to You All

I think I've got my query letter pretty well perfected now. :-D Thanks so much to everyone who offered me feedback. You guys rock!

Pimp my Query Letter: Blood and Violets

I was playing with Nathan Bransford's formula for writing queries as a way to get myself started and came up with this. Let me know what you think.

Dear Mr. Bransford:

I first learned of you through your blog. It’s one of the most amusing publishing blogs I’ve read. I chose to submit to you because of your interest in a wide variety of genres and your fantastic sense of humor.

Blood and Violets is a 66,000 word paranormal romance laced with both action and sharp wit. It not only delves into the romance of Marie and Alexander, but chronicles the birth of a group of dark magicians in an internet chat room called Carpe Sanguis who are out to - yes, that's right- "seize the blood" of vampires for their rituals, and their target is Alexander.

Alexander is a vampire who wants to make Marie his protégé. Marie is a snarky Southern girl, who just wants him to let her go home and get back to her normal life. When things heat up between the two of them, it becomes obvious that …

OCD Packing List Part 1: In the Car

You may remember that I'm going to Florida soon. I talked about it before and my obsessive trip planning tendencies. Well now comes the really obsessive planning part. The lists!

So here is everything I'm going to keep in the front part of the car to entertain myself and my children.
Car Adapter
10 CDs for my CD Player
Car Power Converter
Portable DVD Player
Car Jack
Regular plug in
My Pink Dell min
AC Adapter
2 Cars Blankets for boys
Nicky's game bag
Extra batteries
Coloring Book and Crayons
A couple toys for Finn (hmmmm…any suggestions for good car toys for a 1 year old?)
1 blanket for me
1 pillow for me
2 sippy cups
1 bottle
1 bottle diluted apple juice
Peanut butter sandwiches
Nutri-grain bars
Fruit Snacks
First Aid Kit
I know I'm forgetting things…
I'm sure I'll have to add stuff. What do you guys think?
Soon to come are the various bag lists. LOL As if you're all waiting in rapt anticipation. ;)

Goodbye Easter Bunny *sniffs*

Okay, so the other day Bryon gets home from work and let's the dogs out into the backyard as he usually does. And then comes in to change clothes before I leave to take Nicky to swim class. Well I hear Fippy, our BIG lab mix, going berserk in the backyard. I look out the window and scream and bang on the glass, because he's got a rabbit in his mouth. Bryon comes in freaking out cause he heard me scream (not shout, scream!) and I tell him to hurry because Fippy is killing a bunny!

Alas, it was too late for the poor bunny. *sniffles* It kinda makes me feel all sad and panicky just thinking about it . I mean I know he's a dog and that the bunny was prey on his territory, but I didn't talk to that dog for three days.

Now you may think why are you so sad about a wild bunny? Well because this is the bunny we always saw eating clover in the front yard, and the bunny Nicky saw in the backyard just after Easter this year and came running in squealing with glee telling m…

Mulling Over Hook Ideas

A vampire looking for a protégé finds more than he bargains for in a snarky, butt-kicking southern girl.


He wants a protégé, and she wants for him to let her go home, but neither of them are going to get exactly what they think they want.