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No Thursday 13 Today

I'm just too lazy to think of any lists today.

I made the mistake of cleaning out all my cabinets in one day on Tuesday and my back is still recovering. I swear being pregnant makes me feel like I'm 90 or so. So I've decided to be completely lazy today and not do a darn thing. :-D

Then tonight I'm going to watch the season premiere of Lost! Yay!!!

Answer Your Phone!

Dear Husband:

When you share a car and your pregnant wife is at home all by herself with the 2 year old, ANSWER YOUR PHONE! I don't care if you're still talking to someone. You can see my name on the Caller ID and say, "Just a moment, my pregnant wife is at home with no transportation. Let me just see if this is an emergency." Then answer the phone and say, "Darling, is this an emergency? Because I'm still in a meeting."

I would then respond, "Oh pardon me for interrupting. Just give me a call back when it's over because there are some other things that I need from the store to make your dinner."

Then I would stop calling you. It wouldn't keep ringing!

If on the other, you are not answering because your phone is turned off or you don't have it with you, then KEEP YOUR PHONE WITH YOU AND ON! I could need you. :p

Thank you!
That is all.

Webpage Update

I've still got some tweaking to do, but I've got most of the stuff added to my website that I've been putting off for ages.

Bryon fixed my buttons for me to make editing things easier. Thanks, sweetie!

So what did I add?

I added the first chapters of Click Yes to Submit and Blood and Violet.

I also uploaded The Shadow in the Glass to the Free Reads section.

Wow, written out it doesn't sound like all that much but it took me forever!

Thursday Thirteen #35

Hey! It's thursday! My clock is allll screwed up this week!

Goals for the Near Future

1. Clean out my cabinets!
They are a horrifically bad mess!
2. Go through all my fabric.
It's like a jungle in my crafts closet!
3. Do SOMETHING with the fabric!
I'm definitely going to make some of these for when the wee one gets here.
4. Come up with a menu plan for the whole of February.
I think I'd save money and time if I did this. We shall see.
5. Decide what to do for my husband's birthday and our anniversary...
6. Try to convince my doctor to do our ultrasound on Valentine's day.
You see it has more than average significance in my family. I "met" my husband on Valentine's day, he proposed on Valentine's day, we got married on Valentine's day, and we found out we were having Nicky on Valentine's day. (No those weren't all the same year. hehe) I figure this little one deserves a special Valentine memory too!
7. Decide…

Nicky's First Blog


I'm not sure when he did this...but I figured his very first blog needed to be published. :-D

I'm on a Quest!

Okay, you can feel free to tease me, as I'm sure this is entirely pregnancy craving related, but I really must have some real French bread!

I'm not talking about the big loaves you can pick up at the mega mart that are soft all the way through including the crust. I'm talking about shatter when you cut it with a knife sending crumbs flying off your cabinet and all over the floor it's so crispy on the outside, melt in your mouth like cotton candy it's so light and fluffy inside, French bakery baguette!

Granted, I've only ever found these one place...that was Paris. For some reason I've never found it's equivalent here in the states. American French bread is good. It tastes like French bread most of the time, but it just doesn't have the same consistency. It's usually chewy on the outside and pretty dense on the inside.

I'm going to proceed to try the baguettes at every bakery in Northwest Arkansas until I find something at least close. *si…

Thursday Thirteen #34

I'm a sucker for t-shirts with witty turns of phrase. These are just a few I'd like to have.

13 T-Shirts I Want

1. Well Behaved Women T-shirt
Mine is sadly worn out and needs replacing.
2. Boob Jedi Mind Trick
I found this one for the first time today. Cracked me up!
3. Cute Now Dark Lord Later
Nicky needs this one. :-D
4. Lost Blocks
I may just have to get this in a onsie for the wee one.
5. Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons
This isn't really the version I wanted, but hey...
6. Morning Sickness: Making Hangovers Seem Pleasant
7. I'm not Fat. I'm Pregnant. (...and Fat)
This one makes me giggle!
8. Power Corrupts
I think my sweet hubby needs this. :-D
9. Science: It's What's for Dinner!
I just love me some Alton Brown.
10. I Google Myself...
Oh, you know you do too!
11. Blogging
I think it's important to warn people. ;)
12. iScoot
13. Super Mom

I have a serious need...

For some Cadbury MiniEggs! I mean absolutely dire need! I want some! NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Hershey's, what is wrong with you??? You could sell these year round and people would still buy them off the shelves. They are like the best candy ever!

I sometimes buy the Cadbury bars just so I can get a little hint of the yumminess of the eggs!

Come on Easter!!! Hurry it up!

Birth Month Meme

Julia tagged me for the Birth Month Meme!

The Rules:

1. Mention the person who tagged you and create a link back to them.
2. Copy-paste the traits for all the twelve months (see below).
3. Pick your month of birth (see below).
4. Highlight the traits that apply to you.
5. Tag 12 people and let them know by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment for them.
6. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve done it!

I'm breaking one of the rules, because I'm not tagging anyone. *gasps* I barely have the energy to write a single blog lately, as you all might have noticed, so if anyone wants to they can do this Meme and say I tagged you, but I'm not going to make it official.

I'm a September girl. Let's see if I'm anything like all the other girls and guys out there.

Suave and compromising.
I actually looked up suave because the only picture I have in my head of suave is of a used car salesman with slicked back hair.

Suave - Courtesy of - (of persons or thei…

Baby Picture

The wee one was hiding from the Doppler at my appointment on Monday so we got to run down to the ultrasound room to make sure everything was okay. All was well and we got to see our little bundle of joy. It's much too small yet to tell if it's a boy or girl, but I think it's a cutie.

Yes, Miss. Jenn Jenn, I did label it just for you. ;) I know ultrasound pictures just look like blobs to ya. hehe

Thursday Thirteen #33

13 Places I Like to Play Online

It's got a great natural mothering discussion board.
Well obviously...or this blog wouldn't be here. Despite the fact that I've been seriously neglecting it lately. Bad Lesley!
3. The Luna Discussion Board
This is a line of Harlequin books that are all about strong female characters in fantasy worlds. Great stuff.
4. Google Analytics
Yes, I do obsess about this thing.
5. Ebay
Do I really need to say anymore?
6. Write, Read and Romance
Great new romance writers' organization.
A blog geared toward female scooter riders.
8. Various other blogs that are too numerous to be named.
Seriously they have everything!
I've got plans! Big ones! Only no energy or extra cash to carry them out...
11. Yahoo Games
Bejeweled...It's a mind sucking beast, but I love it.
12. Etsy
Ohhh...if only I had infinite funds!
13. Nymbler
It's this cool baby…

This is so weird...

Okay, I was searching Amazon to see if they had any cute scooter themed baby stuff and found this...

The Cruizin Cooler!!!

Tell me something ladies and gentleman... Why? I mean seriously! Who could possibly need a cooler with a motor and wheels? Is it for if you drink too much of the stuff you're storing in the cooler and cease to be able to walk on your own?

If anyone knows of a good use for this please share!

Thursday Thirteen #32

Oops I totally forgot it was even Thursday!

13 of My Favorite Things

1. Raindrops on Roses
2. Whiskers on Kittens
3. Bright Copper....

Just kidding! Not that those aren't lovely things. hehehe

So here we go in no particular order.

1. My Precious Little Boy
2. My Darling Husband
3. My Family
4. My Girlfriends
5. Puppy Breath
6. Riding my Scooter on a Nice Warm Day
7. Naps when I'm Pregnant (I hate them all the rest of the time! But I need them so badly now that they are WONDERFUL.)
8. Snuggling When It's Cold Out
9. Roses
10. Springtime
11. Playing in the Snow
12. Autumn Leaves Painting the Mountains
13. The Look on My Little Boys Face When He Opened His Puppy Computer on Christmas Morning