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"When you assume, you make an ass of you and me."

The first time I heard that I had no idea what the heck they were talking about it, and then someone who said it to me wrote it on a chalkboard and put marks between the letters like so: ass-u-me.

You know, that old adage has so much truth to it.

Don't make assumptions about people. Especially if you're going to admit that you made them...

Don't assume that because a person is a techie that they are male. Girls can be tech geeks too.

Don't assume because a woman is a mother that it is the only thing in her life. It's probably a HUGE part of who she is, but it's not necessarily the only part. She very likely has other interests and dreams that go along side being a mom. On the same note, don't assume that is always the case. Some women genuinely find being moms and wives their biggest goal in life. That is a worthwhile dream too. Don't assume that either one of these mothers is better than t…