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Nicky's Front Porch Garden

Well as you know, I'm well known for my planticide, but apparently my little guy has a green thumb that somehow counteracts my black one.

Hmmm I just noticed there is an orb in this picture. You know the ones they are always saying are ghosts? Upper right in front of the fence post. Maybe someone sent my poor plants a guardian angel...

So here are Nicky's watermelons.

His pumpkins. These are going to already have to be transplanted soon. I wonder where I should put them where they might not die... hmmmmmm....

My cute little sage sprouts.

Thyme and one tinnnnnnny sprout of rosemary.

The basil I almost apparently didn't like the first planter I had it in, because it was way too moist. So i pulled it out to just it's peat pots and I'm going to replant it again.

The tomato plant that I'm going to transplant to the topsy turvy I bought. Yes, it's that thing that grows your tomatos upside down. hehehe I know I'm a sucker for infomercials.

And thr…

Why do you eat?

I've been working on this for more than a week, and I'm still not sure I've got it right, but I'm just going to publish it and be done with it.
Okay, well there is the obvious answer to this question. Because you're hungry. Or is it just because you think you're hungry? Or maybe you're not even hungry, something just compels you to pick up that brownie.
I've been overweight for most of my life. There were a few brief periods where I was thinner, but for the most part, I've always had a weight problem.
I don't know why I ate the way I did when I was young. It was probably similar to the reasons I've discovered for my eating in my adult life.
I was reading The Crazy Woman Inside Me the other day, and got to thinking about the reasons that I eat. I'm a binge eater. I always have been. However, years ago I got it mostly under control. At least in that I don't often eat to the point of making myself physically ill anymore. So for …

Query Letter Video

Well when you've tried everything else with your query letters...why not? Okay, I'm not seriously going to send this to anyone, but this program is so fun to play with I had to do this too.

Nicky's Movie

My brilliant little guy helped me write this one. He actually provided all of the dialogue for the ninja. :-D

Welcome Video!

This was terribly amusing!

These kids are amazing!

And their music teacher has to be the coolest teacher ever!

So very, very, very tired

Okay, so I just have to say that all viruses and bacteria better stay the hell away from my family for like the rest of the year after the time we've had lately.

So first Bryon got a nasty cold that he had for about two weeks. Then Nicky came down with Rotavirus, which he gave to me. Then I got a HORRIBLE cold (that I still kinda have). Then Bryon got the same cold (Still has it). Then Finn got it, and it turned in to croup.

I have to say croup is HORRIFICALLY AWFUL! He started coughing right about the time the doctor's office was closing. (of course) And it got progressively worse until bed time. That awful barking croup cough. He was making the horrible, wheezing sound when he was upset, but not all the time. I didn't sleep much at all that night. I spent the entire time making sure he could breath. About 3 in the morning I came really close to taking him to the emergency room, but after some steam in the bathroom he was enough better that I decided to wait it …

Genetically predisposed to silly faces...


This makes me ANGRY!

Mr. Rogers was a wonderful man, and it didn't hurt children to hear that they are special!!!! All children are special! I completely loved Mr. Rogers, and there is NOTHING wrong with my work ethic! I work my butt off!

Fox is disgusting! I hate that channel with a deep and horrible passion! They just say stuff to piss people off! Well they succeeded!

Mr. Rogers, where ever you are, just know that you didn't hurt anyone! If children developed a sense of entitlement, it was because their parents felt the need to buy them everything they ever thought they might want the second they wanted it instead of having them earn it or save for it. That's the source of this sense of entitlement. Not Mr. Rogers saying that they were special!

Gardening, Weeding, and Planting! Oh my!

My mother-in-law arrived today at 11:30am...mind you, she was supposed to get here yesterday at 6pm... Her flight from Newark got canceled due to a nasty storm. They sent her to Houston where she arrived at 3am and then got on a flight this morning that was delayed 40 minutes to Bentonville. But she's here! And can I reiterate why I'm not going to be flying anywhere until the boys are like at least 6! Flying isn't that big a deal if everything goes smoothly, but it doesn't always go smoothly... See here for proof!

But anyway, she's here. :D

So I took advantage of the fact that she was playing with Finn and chatting (in Spanish...seems like they always revert to spanish when they chat...*Lesley doesn't speak Spanish...Danish sure. Spanish nada*) So I took advantage of this fact to get done some of the stuff that has gone neglected due to the fact that my little munchkins are very time consuming, especially Finn. I trimmed the roses that didn't die ou…

House Guest INC

My mother in law is coming in from Denmark to visit so I'll probably not have much time to blog or surf blogs, much less write. I need to finish cleaning up the house and do some shopping before we go pick her up from the airport.

She's too dang good a cook! I absolutely refuse to gain back any of the 22 pounds I've lost. I will be strong!

Too much to do must go clean!