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It's Not About Politics! It's About Gratitude!

I saw this on Vixen's blog and had to share it. It's really lovely!

*Stares Transfixed*

Mmmmmm Lost Finale!

Wireless Allergy

Wireless Allergy?

Okay, so we probably don't have the slightest idea what we're doing to our bodies by filling the air with wireless signals of all types, but radio, tv, and the like has been coursing through us for around a 100 years and we seem to be okay.

I just have to wonder if these people who are "allergic" to wireless get the same reaction everywhere they go or only those places that they know there is wireless. I don't know if you've ever turned on a wireless receiver and driven down the street before, but if you live in any kind of developed area you're likely to get a new signal every 50 feet or so! I usually pick up about 3 different networks in Walmart alone!

I'm not saying I'm any kind of expert on the subject of the effects wireless on the human body. I'm just say, it makes you go hmmmmm...

Why does getting dressed have to be so hard?

No, I'm not talking about myself although that is hard enough these days what with the trying to lean over and put on socks thing. I'm talking about my two year old! Why are clothes some sort of acid-laced bane of his existence???

And if it's SO AWFUL to put on clothes then why doesn't he ever want me to take them off??? I mean I have to wrestle him to the ground just to get him to let me take his dang pants off so he can use the potty, when he himself has just told me he needs to go?!

I do not understand this particular aspect of toddlerdom. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm Midsummer Night's Dream

I saw this on Carolan Ivey's blog and couldn't resist! It's too cute!

Your Score: Midsummer Night's...
You scored 21% = Tragic, 58% = Comic, 29% = Romantic, 53% = Historic

You are A Midsummer Night's Dream. Blending elements of comedy and romance, A Midsummer Night's Dream tells the story of mischievous fairies who conspire to make everyone fall in love with everyone else, often with disastrous, yet humorous consequences. You are most likely haphazard in love, but good natured and friendly. While you may also have a mischievous side to you, it is most likely all in good fun. We have no doubt that you are an outgoing person, who may also be a bit of a klutz. And while you may not always get it right, you always try to do the right thing. We applaud you!

Link: The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test written by macbee on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Thursday Thirteen #48

There is an awesome website hosted by George Mason University that is a compilation of wave files of people from all over the world reading the same text. It's a study in dialects, and I find it incredibly amusing! Here are 13 of my favorites.1. Pine Bluff, Arkansas
That's an hour from where I grew up. Yes, I do know a lot of people who speak that way. No, I don't think I do! LOL2. Glasgow, Scotland
3. St. Anne's Bay, Jamaica
4. Darwin, Australia
5. Yole, India

6. Pretoria, South Africa

7. Haslev, Denmark

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

9. Helsinki, Finland

10. Drammen, Norway

11. Hong Kong, China

12. Casablanca, Morocco

13. Brooklyn, New York

It makes your Mii Fat!!!


Okay, so I got up early this morning and went to the store to get a Wii Fit before work so that I'd make sure they weren't sold out. What? I'm not crazy! The first two shipments at GameStop were already sold out.

I just took it home to the hubby to play with and went through the setup stuff. You give it your height and date of birth. Then it weighs you and tells you your BMI. Well even if I wasn't pregnant I'd be a bit on the rotund side, but as you can imagine... Let's just say it was high. We're blaming that on Finn! Hush! Yes, we are! Okay, Finn and Nicky and chocolate in large quantities. :-D Probably mostly chocolate in large quantities, but I will hear no evil words spoken of chocolate while it's keeping my blood pressure so low!

Anyway so the really funny part is that on the Wii you get these cute little characters to represent you called Miis. When you choose them for Wii Fit if you're overweight or obese it makes your litt…

Another One Bites the Dust

Why do I bother watching TV? Why??? If it's not a crime drama or vapid comedy it's probably going to get canceled and make me all mad!

Jericho is not being picked up by Sci Fi.

Apparently Sci Fi is changing it's audience aim, because it had been viewed as a "niche network." Um...hellllooooo?????? Sci Fi is a niche? People watch it expecting to see Science Fiction! Just like people pick up romance novels with the desire to read romance! Funny how that works, isn't it?

Blood Ties is also not being brought back, from what I understand.

Also there seems to be some waffling as to whether or not Moonlight is coming back next fall. Excuse me... You mean the People's Choice Award winner for Best New Drama? I mean, shouldn't it kind of already have been a given if it's one of the people's favorites? Oh...unless all you care about is that ridiculous rating system that doesn't seem to have any real meaning from what I can tell.

At least Eli Stone…

More Praise for Chocolate!

Today my blood pressure was 122/68! Yay!

I'd strangely lost four pounds, but I think that had less to do with losing weight and more to do with the last appointment being in the afternoon and this one being early in the morning so I wasn't retaining the usual swollen ankle fluid that comes standard with pregnancy. Also Finn's measuring 2 weeks more than last time just like he should be so he's obviously getting all the food he needs. So no worries there.

So Yay! Off to eat more chocolate!

Thursday Thirteen #47

13 Reasons I Need a Wii Fit
Because I can cheat! Muhaha! If I go from pregnant to suddenly not that has got to boost my fitness rating right?
Because I'm in terrible shape!
Because unless exercise is fun, I just really can't make myself do it.
Because while I haven't gained much weight with this pregnancy, I've still got weight from Nicky to lose!
Because anything that will improve my crappy balance is a darn good thing.
Because gyms don't have decent childcare… Seriously, how is from 10am-12pm and 1pm-4pm supposed to help someone who has a job? Really?
Because even if they had decent childcare, Gyms are crazily overpriced.
Because I will soon have two children.
Because before I decide to have a third child I'd like to be in much better shape!
Because it has yoga and hula hoop! How cool is that?
Because the balance games sound super fun.
Because it's for the wii, and I LOVE my wii!
Because how cute would my kiddo look trying to figure it out!

The conversation that has taken place 500 times today...

Nicky: *bouncing on my leg while I attempt to balance my laptop there* Mama...what cha dooooooooin?
Me: I'm workin.
Nicky: Playin work?
Me: No workin work.
Nicky: Nicky play?
Me: Yes, you go play with *insert one of 10k toys*
Nicky: *ignores me about two minutes in favor or said toy* Mama...what cha dooooooooooin?

*repeat to infinity*

It's a girl!!!

No not mine! It's still a boy as far as I know. :-D

But my best friend Lisha's little girl Perryn Marie was born today at 12:30 pm!

She was a lovely 7 lbs 13 oz and 19 inches long.

Isn't she just beautiful!?

More on the Tornado

I found some more news articles on that tornado that hit Stuttgart.
My parents are still without electricity. I sure hope they get it back soon!

Stuttgart Residents Count Blessings After Surviving Tornado

Governor Tours Stuttgart, Declares Disaster In Arkansas And Phillips Counties

How did you spend your weekend?

Why, hiding in a bathtub from a tornado of course!

We went down to visit my parents this weekend, and what followed us there but an F3 tornado...

They'd said on CNN that south Arkansas could be getting tornadoes popping up Saturday, but when I talked to my friend Lish on MSN and she said that they were right then seeing footage of a funnel cloud dropping and jumping into a cloud right over our other friend, Jenn's, neighborhood (Yes, Jenn, we're very glad you were camping!), I kind of assumed that the majority of the nastiness had gone north of us. Little did I know that right at that moment there was a tornado forming just up the road.

The sirens went off in Stuttgart about 8ish, and that was odd because it wasn't even raining yet. So I grabbed Nicky, and we went directly to the bathtub. Then my dad came in and told us that it was actually still about 20 minutes out. Since the toddler didn't understand the need for sitting in the bathtub without even any water to…

Thebromine is Your Friend :-D

...well not if you're a dog...but if you're pregnant!

Okay, so I'm not saying that the chocolate is directly responsible. I am saying, however, that my blood pressure was lower than it has EVER been when I've been pregnant at my last appointment. It was almost my normal, not prego, blood pressure. 122/66

So if you're pregnant GO EAT SOME DARK CHOCOLATE!

The Mist: Two Hours of my Life Wasted


Ugh! We watched The Mist on Demand last night. I have to say. Not only was it completely predictable, but despite it's predictability it was one of those movies that makes you think...Well crap, why the heck did I just waste my time to subject myself to a movie that offers nothing but pure and utter despair? Now I like horror movies. This one wasn't even scary though... Yucky at times, but I wouldn't say scary. Granted, I'm not easily scared, but good grief!

I adore stories. Even badly crafted ones. So I'm seldom disappointed with movies or books, but for the love of all that is good and holy I wasted 4 dollars and two hours of Nicky snoozing in bed time on this that I will never get back!!!