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Wednesday Weigh In

Current Weight: 235
Loss: 2
Total Loss: 37

I've been very lazy this week. I didn't workout much at all because there was still so much heavy duty cleaning and rearranging and house purging to do, and then we all got sick.

I'm nursing a migraine today so I'm not feeling very verbose. Hope you're all doing well!

LMAO Oh the whining!

Okay, so everyone here is sick. Nicky got sick starting Thursday night and was sick until today. Bryon got sick Saturday and is just getting better, and Finn and I got sick yesterday and are at the peak of it right now.

So I was sitting here on the couch feeling miserable and turned to my hubby and said, "I feeeel sooooo bad."

His response was, "Oy! The whining!"

"Hey, you whined much more than me yesterday!"

"Yeah, but you said to me 'Oy! The whining!'" Which is entirely true. I did. So then he went on to say, "The only one in this house not whining right now is Finn."

So we look at him and he says, "Whinnne." Like he actually said the word whine. He doesn't talk just a whole lot yet so then we all cracked up. T'was pretty darn amusing.

I *big puffy pink heart* this t-shirt!

Because it's soooo true!

My hubby and boys got it for me for my birthday. They know that I tweet all of their antics. Muhaha Sometimes when I'm sure they would rather I not!

Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 237
Loss: 0 (I can explain!!!)
Total loss: 35

You see it was my birthday, and there was pizza and German chocolate cake involved. Mmmmmmm It was good! I also didn't run yesterday because I was moving all the furniture in my living room into my bedroom and all the furniture in my bedroom into my living room. Sounds weird I know, but it totally works! Which is definitely more than it's share of exercise all on it's own! My muscles are sure sore!

I'm going to use this week to redo my motivation collage. The old one is somewhat out of date as it included such things as "Buying cute clothes in regular stores" and "Getting a full body family portrait on the beach" Check and check! For the most part, I don't need to shop in plus sized at all anymore, and I just love our family portrait on the beach! So I'll work on my new motivators this week and make a collage. I'm also going to redo my weight prize awards sheet and repost all the s…

Weigh In

Now I think I'm going to be following the trend of the net with weekly weigh in's on Wednesday, because Wednesday just seems like a good time for it. It's as far as you can get from the decadence of the weekend so it's probably a good indicator of actually weight loss and not fluctuation because you were naughty. ;)

However, this week I didn't do it on Wednesday so I'm going to do it today and start on Wednesday's next week.

Weight: 237
Loss from Monday when my gung ho start back started: 4
Total loss: 35 (need to lose 6 more to get back to where I was and then 87 more to my overall goal)

Thanks for all the support you've shown me! *HUGS* I love you guys!

Check Out my New Header

It's only temporary. :-D

Coming Out of the Pantry

So as you know I've been working on the whole getting myself into shape thing for some time, but it's only been mentioned very vaguely here. I've decided to come out of the pantry about it, so to speak. I'll do weekly weigh in's and stuff. The whole reason that I didn't mention it here was because I was just ashamed of how much I weigh. Well it doesn't really matter how much I weigh exactly since you can look at me and tell I'm fat...I mean duh! LOL

So there is now a weight ticker at the bottom and link on the side there to my spark page. If you do SparkPeople please be my friend. I have no friends. :'( hehehe Well I have lots of friends. They just don't use SparkPeople so that I have friends on there. hehe So if anyone does then please be my friend. :D

I had gained back some weight because I was a lazy bum this summer, but I'm ready to kick it all. I need to lose 89 pounds from where I am now to be at what I think would be my ideal wei…

Wierdest Art Lesson Ever!

Nicky comes RUNNING out of the bathroom. "Mama, Daddy, the potty is blue!" I had put in one of those toliet bowl cleaners earlier so I knew just what was up.

Me: Oh, that is so neat! Go ahead and go potty and shut the door so Finn doesn't go in there.

Nicky: Daddy, did you see the blue potty?

Bryon: Yes, I did. And did you know that if you pee in it you can make it turn green.

Nicky: Really???

Bryon: Yup.

Me: Yeah, yellow and blue do make green...


Soccer Mom in the House

I am now officially a soccer mom. Yes, I have the minivan and everything. ;)

Nicky had his very first soccer practice today. He did a great job. He did get a liiittttle distracted there at the end, and he didn't quite understand that he was allowed to kick someone else's ball when they started playing a little match. I mean, after all, we'd told him repeatedly to only kick his ball and not other people's. We'll have to work on that. hehe

On other notes, I planted a red delicious apple tree in the field today, where another tree had been that died. We'll see how well it does. I hope it doesn't take too many years before it gives me some nummy apples.

The field project is coming along. I would say we've got about 1/3 of it useable now. I filled in some holes today. There are a few stones that really need to be removed so I don't have to mow around them, but they are so huge that I think it might require a backhoe to get them out of there. I…

You thought he was a figment of my imagination...

But look! I do have a husband! And isn't he handsome?! He's very picky about pictures though. That's why he's been absent from my blog until now. ;)

There is the whole brood. That's my Mommy and Daddy.

Aren't they adorable? I love this picture!

I can't believe he caught me running! I thought he was taking Nicky's picture, and I looked up and he snapped both of us. I had to chase that child all the way up and down the beach like four times, because he took the command "run down there and run back" VERY seriously. LOL Oh well, running is how I lost the 40 pounds that made me willing to get photos taken, so it seems appropriate. ;)

My sweet boys!

The picture were done by Rusty Amos of SGI Photos. He and his wife are really nice people, and he's a great photographer. Check him out if you're ever down on St. George Island. I highly recommend him.

I'm less loved than goats!

Me: I love you, Nicky.
Nicky: *Stares at his Leapster*
Me: Hey, Nicky. I love you! *still being ignored* Nicky, do you love me too?
Nicky: *Glances up* Yeah.
Bryon: Nicky, if you love someone and they tell you that they love you then you say I love you too. Especially if it's a girl.
Me: *forseeing this causing major issues for him at some point in his life* Yes, but only if you love them too.
Bryon: Nicky, do you love goats? *I have always wanted pygmy goats and we saw a bunch of cute ones at the fair last week*
Nicky: *looks up for the first time and grins* Yeahhhh, goats are cuuuuuuute!

Wow, so his love of me ranks WAAAAY below his love of goats. He at least looked up when we asked him what he thought of goats. LOL

What I Did on my Summer Vacation - Part 3

Finn discovered the joy of chasing sea gulls. Very slowly chasing sea gulls. So in the interest of entertaining the boys, we fed them to lure them down for chasing. ;)

There were a few times he got SO angry because he couldn't catch them. hehe

I don't care what anyone says. I think sea gulls are adorable!

While we had to stay inside because it was raining Nicky played a lot of Gameboy. Finn took to sitting next to him and watching him play. He even likes to play with his hair while he does it, much to Nicky's irritation. I think Finn's going to grow up to be a world famous hair dresser! He's obsessed with hair! His own and other peoples!

We bought a skim board and tried to use it... The operative word being tried. It's much harder than it looks! But doesn't my little surfer dude look ADORABLE!

Silly little guy!

Finn took a big time liking to his net and wouldn't even let go of it long enough to sleep!

The last morning that we were there this awesome…

What I Did on my Summer Vacation - Part 2

When I said calm...I mean Caaaaalllllllllm. :-D

Since the seas were so calm we could see lots of little animals under the surface. I found quite a few of these Lettered Olive Snails. Nicky thought they were pretty cool since they're like Sponge Bob's pet snail Gary. Well....they're like Gary in that they live in the sea and they're snails. There the similarities end. LOL

Around Wednesday...or Thursday? The days run together. The water started getting choppy and a storm started rolling in.

It sure made for some nice picture backgrounds. That top one is Nicky with my beautiful Mommy.

Since it was too choppy to really swim anywhere but the pool, we went to check out the bay. Apalachicola Bay is FULL of oysters, and let me tell you, I decreased the population a bit with all of the raw oysters I ate when we were there. ;) Mmm they were so good!

It's also full of Florida Fighting Conchs. (At least, I think that's what those are...) And the shells that have been …

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

We drove down to St. George Island, Florida to spend a week. On the way down we stopped in at my brother, Brett's, house for the night. It was great to see him. I haven't actually been down since he moved into his house. It took us about 12 hours to get there. We left at 8:30 the night before and arrived around 9 after we stopped for breakfast and stuff. The boys did OK. They were very uncomfortable in their car seats, but we were able to keep them mostly asleep most of the night. And when they weren't asleep they were either playing gameboy (Nicky) or watching Yo Gabba Gabba (Finn). We got to Mobile, Alabama just as the sun was coming up and let me tell you that town is gorgeous in the morning light. We were on a street lined with big old mansions and GIANT Live Oaks just dripping with Spanish moss. I wish I'd taken a picture. It was absolutely enchanting!

My brother has a family of the CUTEST tinnnnnnnnny baby lizards living in the lava rock next to his fro…

Wow, Nicky better have been glad I was doubled over in pain!

Okay, so Nicky and Finn have both been EXCEPTIONALLY whiny and grouchy today. Finn is teething so maybe I can forgive it, but I don't know what Nicky's problem is. I think they miss their Gramma and Grampa and the beach. Anyway...

We took Nicky to Game Exchange to buy him a new game for the old Gameboy I gave him. So he was STILL whining as I was getting him out of his car seat to take him into the store. So I said to him, "OMG STOP WHINING or I'm not going to get you a game!!!"

So we started toward the store and I stepped wrong and turned my ankle so that it made this awful popping sound and it hurt so bad that I screamed. Like screamed. Now I'm pretty good with pain. I don't usually scream when I'm in pain. You know except when I'm in pitocin induced labor with no meds, but this was ungodly!!! So I'm doubled over trying not to fall, and Bryon is asking me what happened, because since I didn't actually fall down it just looked like…

Mysterious Meltdowns

This was so incredibly strange! He seemed to be having a grand ol' time and suddenly he just melted. Poor little Finn!

Please forgive the shot of my husband had the camera...

Oh and we were waiting for the photographer to arrive to do our pictures we don't just match our clothes everyday. LOL We're not THAT kind of family. ;)

OMG! It's a curse!

Okay, so while we were gone on vacation the beach house we were in's air conditioner stopped running. Now that by itself wasn't so odd. I mean those air conditioners do not last well in the salt air and humidity.

It only became odd when I got home and turned my air conditioner down from where I had it set while we were gone and waited for it to kick on and start cooling. Well it blew, but it didn't cool off. So I went outside and the compressor wasn't kicking on. Hmmm....I just bought the thing!

So I called the great guy who installed it, and he couldn't be here until tuesday because he was out of town monday. Good thing it was cool! But he was out here first thing this morning, and he found something unlike anything he's ever seen before!

A spider had apparently built its nest in the place where the electricity kicks on. (I dunno what this is called. Connection or whatever. I'm no electrician. hehe ) Well when the power tried to connect it fried th…