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The Roaring Aughts?

Okay, so I was visiting my grandmother last weekend and helped her restart her digital photo frame that the family got her for Christmas. And I saw this picture...

This is Minnie Martin, my mom's mom's mom, known to me as Mom Mom. Isn't she just the cuuuutest little flapper you've ever seen?

I've decided I have to dress up on Halloween as a flapper now. ;) I do so love costumes!

I found this wig...

And this dress...

Yes, I know I said I would never shop at Pyramid Collection again, but why is it that they have to have such awesome stuff!!!???

The first line of Blood and Violets...

When Marie arrived to work that evening at the diner on Sixth Street, she’d planned on serving the restaurant’s patrons their dinner not becoming someone’s dinner herself.

So, what do you think? Silly? Cool? Give me your honest opinion. I can take it. *cowers in fear* ;-)

If I seem grumpy...'s because I've had a craptastic week!

Sunday, we came home from my parents. We had a great time with them, but it's a four hour drive, and I've discovered Finn is none too fond of riding in the back where he can't see me on long trips. He screamed most of the way down there, and only didn't scream on the way back because I got on the floor in the back wedged between the seats and the dog crate (I removed the very back seats to fit the dog crate in) letting him play with my hair - it's a dang good thing my hair is like waist long or that wouldn't have worked at all - and talking to and tickling him. So after four hours of that, I was ready to come home relax maybe start some laundry and have a good afternoon of nothing but relaxation.

Well, when we got home it was 90 degrees in the house and turning on the air conditioner full blast didn't bring it down a single degree! Okay, I'm exaggerating! It wasn't really 90 in the house. It wa…

Apron Adorableness

Why not celebrate the 4th in an ADORABLE holiday apron?! Vixen over at Apron Frenzy has some amazing, one of a kind aprons for your perusal. And why not do more than peruse? Why not buy one!?

Tales from a Bad Mommy - Episode 1

Episode 1 because I'm SURE things like this will happen again...

Me: *cringes and prepares to swerve out of the turning lane as the big truck coming toward us in our lane finally gets back on his side of the line when he looks up from whatever the hell he was doing on the floor* You dumbass, maybe you should watch the road!!!

Nicky: *from the back seat* Mommy, was that guy a dumbass?

Me: *oops* Nicky, that's not a nice word. Mommy shouldn't have said it. But yes...

Walking and Running

Well my little Finn is walking. He got up the nerve this weekend and he's been doing a great job. I keep trying to catch him on video, but something about my turning on my camera makes him immediately sit down... Oh well... hehe

I'm back on week 3 of the C25K, because my back was hurting something awful last week, and I didn't want to mess anything up by running. I think I've done this week at 6mph 3 times now... I seem to be stuck on it! Oh well, eventually I will finish the C25K 6MPH... eventually... LOL

I'm also GOING to do strength training this week. I have such a hard time making myself do it! I dunno what my problem with strength training is. Oh well, I'm gonna get the heck over it!

I'm down a total of 35 lbs now. Yay me! I'm two pounds from my first mini-goal. It's the weight I was when I got prego with Nicky.

I want to find some fun plug ins for my blog. I've seen a bunch of cool ones out there. Does anyone have any that they j…

Lean Cuisine Reviews 3

All of these are not actually Lean Cuisines. Some of them are smart ones.

Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan - This one wasn't something to write home to Mom about. There wasn't a lot of flavor and what their was wasn't that great. I like that there are more veggies in the dinnertime selections, but these were lacking a great deal of flavor. I really wish they'd get some more dinnertime selections because they don't have many and what they do have aren't that exciting.

Lean Cuisine Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Panini - I couldn't find this one on their site so there isn't a link. I had high hopes for it, but it fell short. The bread had a kind of sweet cinnamony flavor to it. I didn't like that combined with the egg and sausage flavors.

Smart Ones Orange Sesame Chicken - This one could have used some saltiness to balance out the sweet of the orange sauce. All and all it was Delicious though. I just saw that Lean Cuisine is selling an orange chic…

From Front Porch to Actually in the Ground Garden

Okay, so most of my plants were starting to get mad about being contained on the front porch. So I made them their own little raised garden. I'm going to do the whole square foot gardening thing next year probably, but I didn't do a grid or anything this year.

So now I think I need to go buy some more plants. Since I didn't take up all the room in the garden you know. ;)

Some of the plants are still on the front porch. And the Zucchini is still doing SMASHINGLY in the Topsy Turvy. I love this thing! Remember that this poor little Zucchini was almost dead when I put it in here.

Here is the only one of my peppers that is actually making peppers... I planted three. Two made blooms and one just dropped the blooms and didn't bother with fruit. I'm not sure what the problem with the other one is. It hasn't even tried.

And here is the CUUUUTE little baby pepper it's making!

So there is our little garden. :-D

Edit: I couldn't resist! I went and bought a crook…

Selling on Kindle

Wow, have I been living under a rock?

Why haven't I heard about this?!


Not at sale at all of course, but Arianna passed the first step at Elora's Cave/Cerridwen Press!!!! It's been sent on to an acquiring editor for review. Yay!!! I'm like shakey with glee. hehehe

Oh and yesterday I ran a mile in 10 minutes!!!! I then almost passed right out, but hey at least I did it. ;)

I'm feeling very accomplished today!

Obsessive Trip Planning R Me

Okay, I'm kinda an obsessive planner in all situations, but when it comes to trips I'm even more so!

We're going on our first family road trip this summer to St. George Island in Florida. It is so beautiful there. I can't wait! But I have to wait because it's not until August, bah! Oh well I have lots of other exciting things between now and then, like Finn's 1st Birthday in July! :-D

So on with my obsessive planning.

My parents are going too, and they picked out an awesome beach house. So that part is all taken care of.

We're planning on taking the Memphis route, seen here:

View Larger Map

I'm thinking we'll have to fill up around twice on the way there. I found this totally awesome website where you enter the type of car you drive and where your going and it checks local prices on gas and your cars estimated millage to give you an approximate price. Now this won't help me a lot because it can't see the future and tell me what prices will b…

Okay...This is Weird I was a bit on the bored side, and I like playing games with google. So I was typing in some of my characters names to google to see what happens.

Markus Canamore is one of my heroes, but his name used to be Markus Patrick until I decided to change it. I typed that into google and the third thing down...

Markus Patrick Luebke Jr's Facebook page.

Okay not all that weird, until you know that my maiden name is Luebke. Now I don't know this person. I would have to assume we are at least very distantly related as Luebke is not at all a common name. I'm tempted to add him as a friend, but that would be a long explanation of why I found his name and I don't want the poor guy to think I'm stalking him or anything. LMAO

So okay that's my weird moment of the day. :-D