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Thursday Thirteen #26

13 Kinds of Candy I Shouldn't Have Eaten so Much Of Over Halloween

York Peppermint Batties
They were soooo cute! Peppermint Patties shaped like bats. Nicky kept asking for them by shouting "BAT" and then doing his impression of the Count from Sesame Street.
Reeses' Pumpkins
Peanut Butter Cups shaped like pumpkins.Hershey's Ghosts
What can I say they were in the bag with the Batties and PumpkinsMoundsAlmond Joys
I had mad cravings for these when I was pregnant with the munchkin. Almost as mad as for mashed potatoes.
Tootsie Rolls
At least these are fat free. We won't talk about carbs, but they are fat free!Tootsie Pops
Okay I only had two, and both of them had the little boy dressed as a Native American shooting his arrow at the star! Did y'all always say those wrappers were good luck or were we just wierd?Double Bubble Gum
I love this stuff. The flavor lasts all of ten seconds but while it's oh man!Cadbury Roasted Almond Bars
Okay, this had nothi…

Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

Happy New Year to all the Pagan's out there!

Okay, now everyone repeat after me...TRICK OR TREAT!!!

Good job! Okay, here is your treat! It's a short story with a spooky theme. Be aware though, it is a F/F romance so if that kind of thing offends you then read no further.

Also there is a bit of strong language. *gasps* Bad Lesley!

The Shadow in the Glassby Lesley SpellerMegan Smith had just gotten down from her stair climber and was checking out her butt in the big mahogany mirror behind her desk when someone came knocking at the door of her shop, Through the Looking Glass. The shop had been closed for about thirty minutes, and her new assistant never forgot to turn the sign around.“Who on earth could that be?”She dabbed a tissue at the sweat on her forehead and headed out into the store, despite the fact that she was wearing her workout sweats, and she usually never let customers see her dressed like that. Outside there was an old woman in a wheelchair.She raised a walking stic…

My PersonalDNA

But, but, but...

What the hell happened to!!!!!!!


It used to be cute plus-sized goth clothing!!! Now it's like prepville! It makes me want to cry.

I'm so old! I mean, I used to tend toward goth, and since I've been writing the short I'm working on I've had renewed interest since my heroine is a goth girl. (Yes, I do morph into my main characters temporarily. What of it?) But lately I've been looking at goth websites and the stuff they call "goth" now is totally different! And I don't like it! Now it's all 80s punk! What happened to my lacy white shirts and long velvet coats! That is goth! Not this strange punk stuff!

*goes off to sulk and feel like the old lady remembering her goth youth that she is*

Vatican to Publish Knight's Templar Book

Ooooh This should be interesting!

Not that I'm going to take any information the church got from the knights under torture at face value mind you... It should still be interesting!

I Smell Like Smoke!

But not the yucky kind! I smell like yummy woodsmoke. We got one of those outdoor table sets this summer that has a fire pit in the middle, but we haven't really gotten to use it until now because it's been too hot. It was fun. We made smores and had dinner outside sitting by. The trees are starting to turn and the view is just beautiful! It was a lovely afternoon. Nicky had a blast running up and down the hill with his dump truck.

We did, however, learn something about ourselves. If we got dropped on a desert island, we would not be like the cool people on Lost. At least not where fire building comes in. We'd be more like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Cause it took us about an hour to get it going, and (my darling husband will argue this point, but it is fact) we didn't really get it going until I pulled out the starter log I had forgotten I bought. So if we have a notebook, a barbecue lighter that is akin to a flame thrower, a lot of dry grass, and a starter lo…

This is Hard!

I'm working on Click Yes to Submit, and I have to say writing online conversations as dialogue in a novel is somewhat challenging! You'd think I'd be good at this! I mean there isn't an hour that passes a day when I'm not writing at least one instant message. Not to mention the fact that I met my husband online. This should be easy peasy, but there is no way to include body language which is pretty darn important in dialogue. Oh well, I'm off to slave away and figure it out! :-D

My New Friends: Gabe and Claire

This is Gabe and Claire. They're the main characters in the short I'm working on, Click Yes to Submit.

Thursday Thirteen #25

I'm not feeling particularly creative today. I did, however, see tons of wildlife this evening, so...

13 Animals I Saw Today

One Baby Skunk - I dunno if it was actually a baby, but it sure was cute! We saw it when we were driving home this evening. It was just running along side the road.Three Deer - Saw these tonight too, grazing next to the access road to the interstate of all places. I think the almost full moon has got them out and about.Vultures - There are always a few of those circling over us.A HUGE Dog - I swear I thought someone's pony had escaped and was wandering in the road!Crows - We have plenty of these too.Another HUGE Dog - This one lives with me though! ;) This is the giant lab mix, Fippy. He's a mess.

A Somewhat Smaller Dog - This one lives with me too. This is Ninka, the Danish Swedish Farm Dog or Dansk Svensk Gaarhund in her native language.

A Spoiled Rotten Kitty - Aine is the last of my animal companions. She is half Siamese, a quarter Persian, a…

The Truth in the Tale: Legends of King Arthur

I've been fascinated by legends and how they got their starts for as long as I can remember. So when it came time to pick out research topics, King Arthur was at the top of my list. Now, mind you, I wrote this when I was in high school, and when I made my very first webpage, I put in a "Library" with some of my papers.

Not long after that I thought it would be amusing to google myself... Yes, I do that when I'm alone and bored. ;) And I found out that my paper was actually being linked to as a source for the history of Arthurian legend. There was even a college class that listed it on it's syllabus at one point! If you type "king arthur truth" into Google it's the number two hit.

I'm not bragging, mind you. It still baffles me to this day!

So you can go and see it at the original location. Keep in mind I made that page back in 97! Jeez that was ten years ago! Or you can just read it here. :-D

The Truth in the Tale: Legends of King Arthur

Raven Halloween Hunt

I'm almost through with the Raven Halloween Hunt!

It's taken me almost a month! There are 60 authors' pages to hunt through looking for a graphic, and I only have one left! CJ England's. You can email the authors and ask for hints, but I want to exhaust all my hunting abilities before I do that. hehe

It's been really fun, and I've added WAY too many things to my To Be Bought list. So many books, so little time...and money. hehe

New Dana

I had some issues with transferring my Daz stuff to the new hard drive so I had to redo my Dana picture. I like this even better than the last one! Thanks for the lightening, sweetie pie!

Click on her for full size

Thursday Thirteen #24

In honor of finishing the rough draft of Blood and Violets and because I need y'all's help with a playlist I'm working on for the WIP I might start next...

13 Songs from the Soundtrack of Blood and Violets
Bitch by Meredith BrooksTheme from Mortal Kombat by Utah SaintsMy Little Town by Meredith BrooksI'm Sensitive by JewelI Need by Meredith BrooksDream Lover by Mariah CareyThis Kiss by Faith HillWe Can by LeAnn RimesA Taste of Things to Come by George ClintonKung Fu Fighting by Carl DouglasSex and Candy by Marcy PlaygroundMy World by Avril LavigneBuilding a Mystery by Sarah McLachlanSo that brings me to what I need your help with. :-D One of the next WIPs I'm planning on working on is set in modern day but has a little bit of a film noir detective feel to it. At least that's what I'm planning for it to have... We shall see if I succeed. I want to find some songs like you'd think of a sexy 40s dame singing on a stage in a smoky club. I always love musi…

Things to Know Before Killing Your Zombie Loved One

I thought I'd share a short story.

This is NOT a romance. I know I usually write romance, but this is not one. In any way, shape, or form. You have been warned!

Things to Know Before Killing Your Zombie Loved One

We had all seen zombie movies. We all thought we knew what to do when one day our fellow man started changing into the walking dead. If someone you love gets bitten by a zombie and starts to turn, what do you do? Shoot them in the head, of course. It’s better than becoming a zombie and attacking others until you eventually rot and fall apart. I told my husband that’s what I wanted him to do if I got bitten. You know you’ve seen those movies. Wouldn’t you do the same thing? The emergency news reports told us to do it before the channels went off the air. We all did, and we were so wrong…

It all started when we got the news that a biochemical agent as yet unidentified was released in the New York subways. The people seemed fine. They were kept under close observat…

Blood and Violets Rough Draft Complete

Excuse me while I collapse into an exhausted pile on the floor here. :-D

It's going to be some hefty rewriting! Oy!

Thursday Thirteen #23

Welcome to my 22nd Thursday Thirteen and my 200th post! So presenting...

13 Things I did on my Summer Vacation (With Pictures)

1. Saw one of the strangest blends of cultures I have every seen in my life. Witness La PetitBankok.

2. Figured out what to do when Nicky is too old to use his pacifier. Hang it on the Binky Tree! Isn't that a perfectly adorable thing to do with your little one when it's time to retire the old bink?

3. Went to see my hubby's old home, Rosenborg Castle.

4. Learned that one of the kings of Denmark was a drunk. I can't remember which one it was, but the king who built this brewery drank 8 liters of beer a day. As our tour guide pointed out, he wasn't capable of holding meetings after 10 in the morning.

5. Took a realllly terrible picture of the Little Mermaid.

6. Wasn't impressed by the new Opera House. There are some that call it the toaster. I don't get that comparison, but I didn't like it. I'm just not in to the modern buildings.