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Submitted Arianna to Cerridwen Press

*fingers crossed*

Ugh I hate submitting! It makes my tummy ache!

I figured out what is wrong with Blood and Violets!

It has it's own plot, but it doesn't incorporate any of the series (wow I had to try to spell that four times before I got it...I must be tired) plot into it. I was having a terrible time with Dark Waters, until I reworked the plot to include something that builds into one of the other book sets.

I guess I should go back and work on Blood and Violets since I can't submit it until I get it like I want it, and I can't submit Dark Waters until I get Blood and Violets right. But Dark Waters is going so well I don't wanna mess with the momentum.

Ah so many things to ponder.

I also finally got a good playlist together for Dark Waters, which always helps.

Running Songs

Okay, I need your assistance. I am getting tired of my running playlist and need your aid in making a new one. Here's what I've got so far.

I Want You by Savage GardenGet Ready for This by 2 UnlimitedPump Up the Jam by TechnotronicRay of Light by MadonnaHey Ya! by OutkastJust a Girl by No DoubtWild Wild West by Will SmithGotta Be Somebody by NicklebackViva la Vida by ColdplayI KIssed a Girl by Jill SoubleHot N Cold by Katy PerryWe Can by LeAnn RimesSuddenly I See by KD TunstallPocketful of Sunshine by Natasha BedingfieldSo what do you think? What would you like to run to that I don't have here?

The Topsy Turvy

Okay, I'm sure you've seen the infomercials for these things.


Well I was impressed (as I usually am by infomercials) and while I wasn't impressed enough to buy them from the infomercial I was impressed enough that when I saw them at walmart I had to pick one up.

I had gotten a tomato the week before, and I figured I'd transplant it from the pot I had to the topsy turvy thing. Then I got to thinking...I really hate tomatoes. So I wouldn't actually be eating any of my hard earned food. So when I saw the ad again and noticed they said you could also grow zucchinis in it, I decided to get a yummy delicious zuchinni plant instead.

Unfortunatly allt he zuchinni plants looked kinda pathetic, but I bought a little droopy one anyway. Well then I got distracted and didn't plant it for a few days...or water it... Yeah remember, I'm the plant-i-nator. So by the time I actually got it planted in the topsy turvey two of its four le…


*giggles excitedly and squeeee's like a Perky Goth Teenage Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

They are making The Vampire Diaries into a series on the CW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I just might collapse into a fit of bliss!!! These books are what started my love of paranormal romance! *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce to infinity!*

Street View of Arianna and Caedmon's Address

View Larger Map

I got to playing with Google's street view and found the location of Arianna and Caedmon's home in London.'s a Volkswagen dealership now. LMAO If I am comparing my maps right, this is the location at least. Back in the 12th century it was called Candlewick street, and Thames street was actually closer to the Thames than it is now. Dagburn progress. hehehehe

Yes, I am a geek and I'm comfortable with that. hehehe

Win an Apron!!!

You can win one of the cutest aprons I've ever seen over at The Apron Goddesses this week! It's an apron that looks just like a poodle skirt! I want it!!!

Click here to enter!

My Roles

Role 1: Wife/Mother
The ideal me within this roll: I would be a supportive and understanding wife and mother. I would see to it that we keep the house in order, all the bills are paid, and everyone is clean, fed, and safe. I would also discover the activities that everyone likes best and see to it that they have what they need to succeed in those activities.
Role 2: Writer
The ideal me within this roll: I would be dedicated to the creation of entertaining and meaningful works of literature.
Role 3: Fit Girl
The ideal me within this roll: I would be at my ideal weight and able to run a 10K in a reasonable amount of time. I would be generally healthy and well in all aspects of my being.
Role 4: Geek Girl
The ideal me within this roll: I would be helpful, skilled, and hardworking.

Clarifying my Values

I'm working through a planning guide, and instead of hand writing everything in the actual pages of the planner, I'm going to be blogging them. :-D The first step is to define your values.
I put family and friendship first. These I lump together, because true friends are part of your extended family. I would do anything within my power to help both friends and family.
Hard work
I do the best I can at all work that is assigned to me, regardless of whether I like it or not.
I am loyal (sometimes to a fault). Unless someone truly betrays me, then I will never turn on them.
I must express my creativity as often as possible, and I truly enjoy seeing the creativity of others.
I strive to promote peace and avoid strife whenever reasonably possible.
I will work for the physical, mental, and emotional health of myself and my family.
I will accept others and be open to their values and opinions, whether I agree with th…

Lean Cuisine Reviews #2

Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza - I absolutely LOVE this one! Just make sure that you don't have to have any up close and personal conversations with anyone soon afterward who didn't also eat one, because we're talking SERIOUS garlic breath!

Sesame Chicken - One of my all time favorites. This one could use a little bit of salt, but that's why my salt shaker is never far away.

Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans - Meh. I'm not sure how much one can really expect from Rice and Beans. They weren't bad, but they were nothing to write home about. They did have a bit of burn to them. Now that's fine with me. I like things spicy, but some people might not like that about them.

Tortilla Crusted Fish - Wow! Just wow! I was skeptical, but this was scrumptious! The soft springy texture of the fish together with the crunchiness of the fish was so good, and the spices of the flavor of the rice left nothing lacking!

Happy Birthday, Kaida, Elaina, and Pip!!!

I know three sweet little girls who are all having a birthday this month. Elaina and Kaida are turning 4! And Pip just turned 1 this week!

I was in Hobby Lobby one day and saw this...

The Romantic Castle Cake Set

Well I knew I had to get it! I mean it's the cuteness!

So I decided to make a modified version of it. It's kind of a cross between the super uber princess castle and the medieval fortress.

So I've been working on it for weeks. (Obviously very slowly.)

First I made little dragons out of sculpey, because every castle needs a dragon! Or three!

Then I made ALOT of marshmallow fondant. Actually I made about twice as much as I needed. LOL Oh well! You can never have enough fondant right? :D

Then the real work started this week. I baked the chocolate cake for the top layer first and iced and covered it in fondant. I tried to marble the fondant, but I'm not that skilled at fondant yet so I had to roll it so many times i just turned pink instead of pink and white marbli…

Screwing with the Car Warranty People

*Phone rings, and it's the obnoxious "WARNING your car warranty is about to expire..." so hubby presses one and waits*

Telemarketer: Hello this is **** from the *****.
Hubby: Hello, son. This is Father John.
Telemarketer: Hello, sir. I would like to...
Hubby: Do you guys only insure cars, because I've got a church van I'd like to insure?
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, but I would like to...
Hubby: Are you a Christian?
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, but I would like to...
Hubby: I have to know if you have let Jesus into your life.
Telemarketer: Yes, I have.
Hubby: I have to be sure. So you're telling me that you know Jesus?
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, I do.
Hubby: Do you pray?
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, but back to the warranty...
Hubby: As a Christan, how many times a day do you pray?
Telemarkter: *getting angry* I pray 17 times a day!
Hubby: And you call yourself a Christian, son? A good Christian should pray no less than 20 times a day!
Telemarketer: Nevermind...*click*

Lean Cuisine Reviews

So that I don't accidentally buy anything gag worthy again...

Butternut Squash Ravioli - Ewww... The taste isn't SO horrific...but the smell of this thing makes me wanna just die! It does have lots of veggies. So that's good at least... If you can stomach them.

Ginger Garlic Stir Fry with Chicken - This is delicious! I love ginger and garlic. It doesn't taste like diet food at all. This one I'm going to be going back to repeatedly.

Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce - This one is scrumptdiddlyumptious! I've liked it for quite some time. The fact that the chicken is like .5 centimeters thick is kinda wierd, but the taste totally makes up for it.

Vegetable Egg Roll - The egg roll is soggy from the sauce, which isn't very good, and the rice and vegetables are totally uninteresting.

Roasted Vegetable Pizza - Yummmmmy!

4 New Books On the Way! Yay!

I just ordered four new books off of Amazon. They're all research books, and they all sound terribly exciting. I can't wait!

The Reshaping of Everyday Life: 1790-1840

First Generations: Women in Colonial America

Everyday Life in Early America

Good Wives: Image and Reality in the Lives of Women in Northern New England, 1650-1750 by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

This last one isn't for research I'm doing now. I just wanted it, because I love this author. She is the person who wrote my favorite quote of all time.

"Well behaved women rarely make history."

Annoyingly enough I couldn't find any books on everyday life during the revolution. Well there was one, but it was for 9-12 year olds. I didn't figure it would have quite as much info as I was looking for.

*Giggles excitedly* Yes, I do love research. hehehe

Join my campaign... screw with the morons who call repeatedly asking if you want to extend your warranty on your car. Even if you haven't bought one in years!

It's a computer so it's not a waste of time and money for them until you engage them in a conversation. So press 1! Join the fun!

They'll ask you for the make and model of your car.

I'm going to have a 2009 Ferrari Testarossa. Come on. It's a fantasy so you can have whatever you want. Maybe if they call again it will be an Audi TT!

I'm assuming they'll ask for my name and address after that. I'm going to be Bill Gates. If they're so stupid they don't figure it out by then, well I'll just have to make it up as I go.

This is inspired by the rude person who just hung up on me when I asked them to remove me from their list. Go ahead. Call me back! I dare you! I intend to waste as much of your time and money as possible and convince others to do the same. Muhahahaha

And unless this isn't obvi…

Razorback Flu?

Adventures in Closet Spelunking

I've been working my booty off.

As many of the women with life long weight problems, I have LOTS of clothes in lots of sizes. Things that I just can't throw out because I like them so much and have hopes of someday fitting into them again. So since I've lost 24 pounds, I figured it was time to go through the clothes to see what fits and what doesn't. So I took EVERYTHING out of my closet and tried it all on, and I took everything out of storage that didn't fit before and tried it all on too.

I managed to sort 3 big bags of stuff to donate and found a bunch of clothes that fit again. Yay!

So now I have all my clothes that fit hanging on the shower rail in the bathroom all organized and nice. Now if only I had some sense of style. What I need is someone with some skills to come in and tell me what looks nice together.

I also still need to go through my lounge clothes and workout clothes. Cause I know there is some really old stuff in there that is so worn out that…