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I have a request...

Could it please stop raining!!!!

Now, about half of my state has been declared a disaster area. We're on a mountain where we are so aside from seriously soggy ground, we're fine. That's not the case for so many people around though.

My parents' river house is within two feet of having water coming in! Check out this article. The picture is actually of the community where their house is, Maddox Bay. It's so sad, because they've been working so hard on getting it all fixed up, and it's absolutely adorable! I'm so grateful that they're not living there full time now, because my mom said there is no way in and out since all the roads are flooded. If you've got a big truck then you can still get in and out, but otherwise you're stuck! Well, unless you have a boat. Since it's a fishing area most of them do, so I guess there is that. Still there are lots of older folks, who have retired to the area. I'm sure it's going to be re…

Thursday Thirteen #42

13 Things I Want for Baby Finn
Now I've got most of the things I need for the little guy, because he's gotten all his big brother's clothes and stuff, but there are a few more things I'd like to have for him. And I'm not feeling very creative in my list today. LOL
Winnie the Pooh Travel System – It's an infant car seat and a stroller that it fits into or you can just use the stroller on it's own. While I'm at it, Nicky could also use a new car seat. Nothing wrong with his other than the fact that it's hideously faded from being in the car for two and a half years. I'll probably just hold off until he is big enough for one of the nicer booster seats.
Breath Monitor – Sounds weird right? It actually measures micro-movements and if it doesn't sense any in a certain period of time (like five seconds I think) it sets off an alarm and wakes mommy and daddy. I know it must make me sound like a crazy woman, but I spent the entire first year of Ni…

Virtual Nesting

I forgot it was Thursday yesterday! I didn't do my Thursday 13! I didn't watch Lost. I think it's cause we have today off work and so it totally blows my understanding of the days of the week.

All I did all day yesterday was clean!

But Nicky's New room is now clean and straightened with lovely matching storage boxes. The only thing left in there is to clean out the closet... Not that that will be a small accomplishment. It actually requires that I clean out our bedroom closet, the now guest room closet, the linen closet, and the coat closet before I can properly redistribute the stuff in there so Nicky and Finn can have some space of their own.

It also requires that Bryon clean out his side of our closet and his side of what was Nicky's closet.

Which brings me to the topic of Virtual Nesting. Now obviously since I'm pregnant there are some things I can't actually do myself. Move large objects, work with nasty chemicals, clean the liter box, that kind of …

Limericks...Cause I Feel Guilty for Forgetting to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

So I'm not a poet. I'm just not... But here are some limericks I wrote to go in my portfolio for one of my Creative Writing classes.

The teacher didn't like them. She was Irish and said she felt cursed by the entire form of the Limerick... Of course, she didn't like ANYTHING I wrote. Didn't learn much from her... Well anyway... Oh, well, I think Limericks are adorable! And no these aren't naughty so get your mind out of the gutter.

Emily May Once in a land far away,
Was a girl they called Emily May,
She didn’t know why,
But she rose very high
That one day she floated away. MontserratBay In a place they call MontserratBay,
It is there that I wish I could stay.
The water’s so blue
You’d think it was new,
But in fact it’s been there everyday. The Fairy Queen She’s as light as a bird on the wing.
Ainé can do anything.
She’s been queen of the fae
As long as they say
The winter’s been turning to spring.

This Woman is So Cool!

This is Amy Walker. She's 25, and she can do 21 accents!!!

Is it just me…

Or does anyone else ever get sick and tired of being the responsible one? The one who says that the elaborate plans are a terrible idea, because such and such a bill has to be paid or such and such a thing be done.
And since you're always the party pooper, why would anyone bother to thank you for seeing to it that things are done and children are fed and clothed and bills are paid?
And when you give up the things that are important to you to make sure that everyone else has what they need and want, does anyone notice? No! They don't! Because why would they?
And why should anyone be proud of you, when no matter how hard you work at everything you do at home, at work, and in your writing you never get a bit of recognition for any of it.
And why do you bother anyway?
Cause you have to. What choice do you have? The bills have to be paid and the family has to be taken care of and if you don't write occasionally then the rest of it will drive you completely insane. Even if no…

Thursday Thirteen #41

13 Things I Would Buy if I Was Ridiculously, Obscenely, Obnoxiously Wealthy and Had Already Bought all My Friends and Families New Cars and Houses and Donated to Lots of Charities

As inspired by Daisy Dexter Dobbs' most recent post!

1. A Truly Over the Top Diamond Necklace
It would be exquisite. This isn't even quite as ostentatious as I had in mind, but you get the idea. I'll take one in blue and one in pink sapphires to go with it. ;)
2. A Castle
I'm thinking perhaps Neuschwanstein. You will all naturally be invited to my housewarming party.
3. A Tiara
Come on! I have a castle and a gorgeous diamond necklace. What's the next logical step?
4. A Rami Kashou Original
I totally got sucked into Project Runway, because Amanda, the mostly lovely of all the models, grew up right down the road from me. Normally I'm not much of a reality tv fan, but I simply had to watch every episode of this one, and I realllly wanted Rami to win! I mean Christian was very talented …

Why the Pyramid Collection can no longer expect my patronage.

Now I have always enjoyed the Pyramid Collection catalog (note that I'm not linking to it cause I'm so not going to encourage anyone to go there) and have purchased from them many times in the past. That relationship is OVER, which is sad because they have a lot of beautiful products that are just my style.
This is how it went down…
Toward the end of last month, I was reviewing my most recent charges on my credit card to ensure that all was well. I do this about once a week, because…well because I'm obsessive compulsive mostly. So I notice this strange charge…
I, of course, immediately called my credit card company and asked them what was up. I was informed that it was a subscription, and they gave me the telephone number of the company which was making the withdrawal. I was also told that this was the second month it had happened. Hmm… Why would I not have noticed a payment I didn't authorize?
I looked up the previous month's and …

Thursday Thirteen #40

Thirteen Random Things about My Youth
I was not at all popular in high school.
Imagine that! With all my wit and charm. LMAO
I played the flute.
And yes…I did go to band camp, but no, ewwww, I didn't do that at band camp or anywhere else!
I still remember how to play the flute, but I've forgotten all the French I learned.
I actually mixed French with Spanish today when trying to say I was tired… Je suis muy fatigue is not correct. Mademoiselle Blimling would be so ashamed of me! Well, at least they're both romance languages. ;-)
There were about 3500 people in the town I grew up in.
I think last I heard the population of that town is actually dropping, but I may have heard wrong.
The main crops of the area were rice and soybeans.
There was actually a festival for a few years called the Soybeananza…
The closest Walmart was 20 minutes away, as was the closest McDonalds.
The town where they were located is host to the FABULOUS World Championship Duck Calling Contest! Yes, I'm 100…

Seeking the Aid of a Higher Power

Don't worry. This isn't going to be a religious post. I can almost 100% guarantee that I will never be going there on this blog.

So I've talked in the past about Nicky's obsession with the Wii. He loves that thing. Passionately. To the point of obsession. His favorite games are Cars, Wii Play, and his new Diego game, which we only got a scant two days before the incident.

Nicky had been trying to convince me all day to play Diego, but I didn't want him playing all the time, and he was being rather ornery about it so that clinched my decision to not let him play. I'm so not giving in to the orneriness! However, after lunch he had ceased his ranting about it and been good while eating his lunch, so when he came to me hugged me really tight and gave me a kiss and asked to play Diego I decided to let him. Well, I got up and turned on the Wii and it said it didn't have a disc...Odd since I'd left Diego in it. I hit the eject button and sure enough D…

Most Definitely Finn and Not Avalon

We are beyond a shadow of a doubt having a little boy. There is no mistaking the ultrasound picture I've got. Bryon asked if maybe it could still a girl? Umm...if it is, she has a penis. LOL

Anyway we're both in good health, but I spent Friday evening in the hospital. Blah!

You darling sneaky child tried to make a break for it. It was about 70 on Friday (today we woke up to several inches of've gotta love Arkansas) so I took Nicky out to play in the backyard. Well our gate isn't the best in the world, and Nicky has figured out how to open it. So I always block it with a big cinder block, which is way too big for him to move. So he found another way around it.

The puppies were out playing with us, and Nicky announced that he wanted to go in the house. So I went and let the puppies in the back door closing the gate behind me. Only I can't cinder block it from the outside. I should have known that telling me he wanted to go in was a scam. …