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Cool or Lame?

Okay, so there are some books out there that have "a thing." Like the heroine likes to cook so the author includes some of the recipes she cooks during the story.

Well the fairy queen in my books is a crafter. She has two separate and distinct lifetimes, one that ends in the 1100s and one that is modern day. Back in the day she was a weaver. In modern day, she's a pretty funky chick. I think the right craft for her in modern day would be crocheting. More specifically making little goth amigurumi characters. So I figured it could be cool to come up with some patterns and include them.

What do you think? Cool or lame?

Amusing Anecdotes from Eclipse Midnight Showing

Yes, that's right. I did go with my bestie to the midnight release of Eclipse. And yes I did get there hours early. And yes, I did have a smashing good time.

Last time (yes we went to New Moon too) there were fairly normal people surrounding us. This time I'm afraid...well...they were special.

Heard while waiting in line outside the theater.
Girl 1: Yeah, our freezers went down so our boss went and got some dried ice to keep it cold.
Girl 2: Oh no!
Girl 1: Yeah, the guy I work with said, "Should we really be serving this ice cream to people? What if they get CO2 Poisoning?"

Okay, sweetie. CO2 is carbon dioxide. You're surrounded by it all the time. It can't poison the ice cream.

Heard while sitting inside the theater.

Another Girl 1: OMG I just don't understand his taste in women. We were sitting there, and he was staring at this chick jogging by. I mean her butt was jiggling when she ran! It was disgusting.

Wow...there are people whose butt doesn'…

Finn's ER Trip for Stitches

Finn's ER Trip for Stitches
Originally uploaded by MsSnarkyPants Yes, that is an ER room where my son is singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. He fell onto the corner of the filing cabinet that is now in my yard awaiting me and my baseball bat to beat it all to hell and gashed his lip open. It took 6 hours and 3 stitches.

He was very chipper for most of the time in the ER. Until they actually stitched him up. Then he kept insisting that he wanted to go home. I kept telling him I did too!

He hasn't really seemed bothered by it as long as I keep him dosed with Motrin, but he has been waking up from sleep with TERRIBLE nightmares since it happened. I think those nightmares probably include being wrapped up like a burrito and held down by three nurses while a doctor sews up his lip.

And this is his 3rd ER visit...he'll be 2 on Monday. I find those statistics frightening!!!

Day 2 of the Tadpole Adventure

Day 2 of the Tadpole Adventure
Originally uploaded by MsSnarkyPants Here is our collection of future tadpoles. They're doing great!

Laziness Turned Science Experiment

So last time we played in the kiddie pool I didn't empty the water. Then it rained. Then it rained again. Suffice it to say a good week went by with water in there. So it got icky.

Yesterday I went out to dump the water and found small gelatinous clusters with little black dots int he middles. Yeap, some mommy frog had left her eggs in our pool. Doh! Well I couldn't just dump them out, because guilt wouldn't let me. But I didn't want to be without a pool either.

So after Bryon got home from work Nick and I went to the store and got a big 10 gallon aquarium. I filled it with water from the pool and put all the eggs in it.

Today when we went out and checked on them today they had grown little tails on their dots and were occasionally wiggling around. Nicky is very excited and I must admit I am too. :-D