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Snow + Southern Girl + Car + Hills = Bad Idea

Listening to: We Can by Leanne Rimes

It started snowing about 11 this morning, but it was so cold I was sure that it wasn't going to mess with the roads. What the heck gave me that idea? So at 11:30 I start over to Lishy's house from work so we can work on some stuff and so that I can have some human contact. (Bryon is still in Orlando.) And the roads are NOT fine! They are in fact already getting quite icky! So after barely making it up a hill near her house, I finally get there. There is a lull in the snow by this time, and I realize that if I'm going to get home my best time is between the last snow and the next band that is incoming. So I get my little bear bundled up in his car seat and start home. About twenty minutes have passed so the roads are a little better. Rather than going up a hill with a super scary 45 degree angle grade, I think, I'll just turn down this side road and then go back up to the main road its only a couple of blocks...

Yes, folks, si…

Scary Sounds and Vampires

Listening to: This One's For the Girl's

I'm trying my hand this week at single parenting. My darling husband is in Orlando *grumbles jealously* at a Sharepoint convention. So Nicky and I and the pups are here alone. Not that I'm really worried or anything. Fippy, though his name sounds like he should be the size of a chihuahua, is in fact a HUGE part Lab who has threatened to attack my husband when he wasn't sure who he was. There is no way he would let anyone get anywhere near the munchkin and me. But it's still totally weird! I have never actually been alone an entire night in my entire life. Of course now I have Nicky with me so I'm not really alone, but still!

So now we're sitting here listening to music so that we don't hear all the creepy sounds that houses make at night! Where do vampires come in to all this? I'm working on a 3D Model in DAZ of my cute little vampire Arianna.

Off to play with it some more and maybe actually write …


I sent an e-query to BookEnds, LLC about a week ago and guess what??? They want to see more! I was so excited I actually squealed aloud at work! Jay, my cubicle neighbor, was a little concerned about me! I've been walking on a cloud all day. Not even the dentist visit and the promise of three fillings could bring me down! Okay, maybe it brought me down a little...

Okay, it's not a sale by any means. It's not even a guarantee of representation, but at least its not a rejection!!! I am so excited!!!

I love Picasa!

This is awesome! I downloaded the new version of Picasa from google, and it's lots of fun. It has some super handy things like you can select a part of the picture and make it color while you make everything else black and white. AND you can click a handy dandy button and it automatically exports it into blogger.

Google is taking over the world and I'm totally okay with that. :D

My New Theme Song

What's Playing: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
(Yes, again)

Writing I did: I wrote a page or so for a contest that Harlequin is holding. I also edited a whole chapter of Arianna last night. Go me!

Workout: 10 minutes on the unknown cardio machine at the gym. 3 sets of 15 on five different upper body machines.

Okay, Lishy (my best friend) and I were discussing working on getting in shape, and she had been reading something written by someone about bringing the beautiful person that's inside of yourself out. She pasted some of the stuff the girl had written into MSN. I don't have it anymore, but the basic premise was good. Although the girl who wrote it was kinda fixated on "the beautiful people" and how much better they were. So anyway, we've decided to work on not sabotaging our self image all the time. No more calling ourselves fat and disgusting and saying how much we hate our bodies. After all I hate my legs, but how much better does it make me feel t…

Toddler Meltdowns and Working Out

The IPod is playing: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
(I'm stealing this from other places cause I love it. What I'm listening to is very telling of the mood I'm in!)

Okay, so my hubby goes to the Pulse Fitness Center near our house and given that I NEED to get in shape I was trying it out too today. They have a childcare center so I figured Nicky is pretty easy going and I'll just let him play for about 30 minutes while I do lower body and a little cardio.


I got to do about 6 sets of Reps on three different machines (give me a break I'm just starting out) and I see over my shoulder a VERY unhappy little boy and the lady from the childcare room. Apparently he was playing quite happily and suddenly looked up and burst into tears. Now this could have been because he wasn't feeling very well as he had his shots yesterday and that makes a boy feel cruddy. I'm hoping that was it, because despite the fact that this place doesn't have ellipticals. (Can …

Anyone Need A Puppy??? :-D

Okay, I already have a GIANT puppy of my own, but I saw this one on PetFinder and I WANT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is a little Newfoundland Girl. In case you're not familiar with the breed they are the gentle giants of the dog world. Great big fluffy sweeties!

I just have to make note of the STRANGE description of her though.

"She was found deep in the woods by a young adult hunter. The hunter left Susie in the woods and went home and told his mother about find a puppy in the woods. He said "Mom I just couldn't bring myself to shoot her so I just left her under the tree where I found her." I was afraid to bring her home though (they already have several dogs and cats of their own.) His mom said she was glad he hadn't shot her too and even though it was getting dark, mom and son made the 20 - 30 minute track into the woods to get the pup. Susie was still in the same place he had left 2 h…

Wanted: One Fairy God Agent

Okay so Nelson Agency was not interested. On to greener pastures...

What I'd really like is for some nice Fairy God(dess) Agent to flit down from the sky and hand me a three book deal. *wishes really really hard*

Okay that didn't work.

*hates writing hooks*

I think I have now written about 200 hooks for Dana of the Whispering Wood and I hate them all!

*Off to pout and work on queries*

*Pauses for Breath*

Okay, I decided the way to go with publishing is finding a good agent, and so I went exploring on my good friend the internet and found Nelson Literary Agency. I really liked what the agent had to say so I sent a query letter. That was approximately two minutes ago and my heart is still racing. Let's hope it slows down enough that I can fall asleep sometime tonight!

So here is to hoping, that she likes my query letter and loves my novel and finds a publisher within the month... What??? If we're hoping we can hope big, right???

My little Nicholai is snoozing beside me. He decided his bed was no place for him tonight and demanded a cuddle so, of course, I obliged.

*heart still racing* Perhaps I should consider a night cap and some yoga!

I just noticed something...At the bottom of blogger it offers me some suggestions for Labels for this post. Scooters is one of them. I wonder if it knows I like scooters or if it just picked random words. Speaking of scooters! I absolutely m…

New Year's Resolutions

Okay here we go..

1. Try to...Stop cussing like a drunken sailor!
2. Try to...Stop calling my husband names even when he deserves it...
3. Try to...Get in shape. Not skinny fashion model, just healthy enough to have another baby.
4. Try to...Get Dana of the Whispering Wood published or get an agent so they can get it published.
5. Try to...Get the rewrites of Arianna Penndragon done by summer.
6. Snuggle my baby bear every single day!!!

I guess that's about it. Note the try to's. I don't really like resolutions because everytime I resolve to do something then I sit on my bottom (had to change that word...see resolution 1) and don't do anything! So I resolve to try to do all those things. Except #6 cause that is just a given!