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The Great Dress Debate of 2015


Is it okay for only one third of our population to be "good citizens"?

Okay, I started this as a Facebook post and it grew too big for that.

So I read this article... 

I think that this article and maybe the whole liberal arts based core curriculum of college educations places too much emphasis on the learning of what you need to be a "good citizen" at a college level.  Only 33.5% of 25-29 year olds have at least a bachelor's degree.  So that's only 1/3 of students (if they learned and retained everything they should have haha) that have what it takes to be a "good citizen."

This stuff needs to be taught at a high school level and not just as part of the college prep.

They need to understand the basis for our government and the history behind it's creation.  No high school graduate should not be able to tell you why we have a balance of power between the three branches of federal government.  They need to be taught how to read an article and recognize if it's sources are worth listening to, and they need to fully unde…