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Wow...just Wow...

So I was in Sam's with Finn, and we were waiting in line for the deli. The lady in front of us in line turns around and says, "Oh, he has such beautiful hair! Is it natural?"


So I said, "No, we dye it about once a month to keep it nice and shiny dark brown. We use that new toddler Clairol. It's great stuff!"

Okay, I didn't really...but I sure as heck thought it. What I really said was something like, "Why thank you, yes it is."

But it gets better. She goes on to say, "You just don't see many little ones with hair so dark. What is his background?"

*blinks* Did you really just ask me my child's ethnic background standing in line in Sam's when you don't know me at all? Really?

My manners often overpower my snark and I didn't tell her how inappropriate her comments were, but I sure as heck thought it. I mean I know she was well meaning. It was just so strange and surreal. LOL I felt a little sorry for her …

What is this?

This was made by one of my great grandmothers. I need to ask again which one, because I forgot since my mom told me.
I think it's really cool looking! But what is it? Okay, I know it's a baby blanket. But is it crochet?

The lines actually seem almost woven, but the border around the edge definitely looks like a crocheted one.

Anyone have any ideas. The pattern is really cool!

Tuesday Teaser: Click Yes to Submit

Her fingers were trembling as she clicked the button for a video call. So if the picture of him wasn’t real, then she was about to find out. It seemed like it took hours to load the call. All the while her stomach was doing somersaults. When the screen filled with his image her breath caught in her throat.

Yes, that had definitely been his picture.

The same strong features and angular jaw framed by spun gold hair looked back at her. Even the eyes, which she’d been sure were contacts, were the same. Of course, he could have contacts in, but it was almost four in the morning. His full, sexy lips smiled back at her, and she couldn’t help the heat that shot through her whole body and concentrated deep between her thighs. “Hello there.” Oh, he had a sexy voice. It was deep and full with just a hint of a foreign accent that she couldn’t place.

“Hi.” Suddenly she lost all ability to speak. She couldn’t think of a thing to say besides hi. Fortunately he spoke.

“So you don’t really have purple ey…

Because I Just Can't Stop Watching It

Desk Dragon's Antics - Part 1

Hi, I'm Desk Dragon! Desk Dragon comes from the far off land of McDonaldia. Desk Dragon met the mistress of this blog when she saved Desk Dragon from certain loss of wings at the hands of a cute but mischievous pair of creatures called Nicky and Finn. From that day, Desk Dragon has lived in the realm of Desk. Desk Dragon loves it here! There are so many things to see and do.

Desk Dragon LOVES coffee and likes to start each day with a steaming pot. Hey, where's the coffee? Get to that, blog mistress!

Desk Dragon supports being green! After all, Desk Dragon is green. Don't you want to be like Desk Dragon?

Enough work! Desk Dragon now wishes to dig his toes and Tail into the sand.

That Kid's Got Smarts

Remember the haunted bridge?

Well I was trying to convince Bryon to take us for a ride to get the kids to fall asleep, and I thought I'd show him the bridge. Not cross the bridge mind you. Cause holy cow no way in the dark am I crossing that thing! Just go look at it. Maybe poke around with our trusty EVP meter.

No, we don't really have an EVP meter. I was just kidding.

So this conversation went down...

Bryon: You want to go out to the bridge now?
Me: Yeah, sure why not?
Bryon: Because you want to see if there are any ghosts...
Me: Yeap.
Nicky: Are they nice ghosts?
Me: *Hugs him* Of course, they're nice ghosts babe. They wouldn't hurt you.
Nicky: Well, fine, but I'm taking my sword.
Me: Huh?
Nicky: Because there are nice ghosts and there are not nice ghosts, and I'm taking my sword just to be sure.

Fishing Holes and Haunted Bridges

This week I took Nicky and Finn for a drive, because they were driving me INSANE and Finn desperately needed a nap and wouldn't sleep. So we decided to go look for Lake Wilson that a friend suggested we try fishing in. I'd never heard of it, but apparently it was one of the Fayetteville Parks. So I looked it up on google. It seemed pretty straight forward. Not too far behind Drake Field, the old airport.

I plugged it into my iPhone, and we headed off. I checked out the route and saw that it was on a road off 15th street called City Lake rd. Hmmm...I'd never heard of it so I figured I'd just keep an eye out. I passed Morningside drive and thought, hmm that really seems to be where it should have been, and I glanced at the phone and I was clearly past the turn off. Well apparently Morning side drive is only Morningside drive for about half a mile then it becomes City Lake rd. At least according to Google Maps. I never actually saw a sign with City Lake rd on it…