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I finished writing Arrianna Penndragon. Well, at least the very rough first draft. I know there is tons I'm gonna wanna rewrite when I get back into it, but I'm going to let it lie and finish up Dana of the Whispering Woods in the meantime. And then off to the publisher with it. Eeeeeek!

And Now We're Back Round to Writer's Block

*beats head on post*

It's so freaking annoying. I know where I am and I know where I need to be, but I can't seem to find my way there. I've been sitting staring at two pages of a chapter for about an hour. And seeing as my hours are somewhat limited that is quite a loss!

And now my crazy dogs are inspecting something that their sure is a burglar...It's probably just the ice maker if I had to guess. Well they didn't wake Nicky up so I guess I can forgive them for being nuts.

Okay enough procrastinating!

Tylenol PM and A Wonderful Husband

Through the graces of a dose of Tylenol PM for the headache I got from the exhaustion and a darling husband to watch Nicholai while I slept in a drugged haze I finally got some sleep last night! I can't tell you how lovely it was!

Now I just finished writing about six pages so I hope that's enough to calm my creative whims so I can get some sleep. Of course, writing might have just made it worse but we shall see. Can't stop the creative juices when they are flowin'!

Noooooo.....My Writer's Block Turned into Writer's Insomnia

Okay I don't know if any of you writers out there have experienced this, but it tends to happen to me when I working hard on a book. When I try to go to sleep I lay down and scenes start playing out in my head. So much so that its impossible to sleep! Yesterday I woke up at 2:30 when Nicholai was fussing and got him back to sleep and laid down and could NOT go back to sleep. So I laid there until about 4 when I completely gave up and sat up and just started writing. I got a little done. Not nearly enough for someone who was awake most of the night though!!! I can't do this anymore. I've got a little munchkin who doesn't permit naps during the daytime. It worked fine when I was younger and with no one to tell me he wanted a snack or a cuddle every two minutes.

This morning I woke up at 2 again! Except this time it was Fippy, my crazy Lab, who did it. I swear! I love the dog! But he is NUTS!!! He is afraid of everything! This morning when he woke me up he wa…

The Eternally Blinking Cursor

You know back in the days when I used to write with pen and paper instead of on computer staring at a blank page was bad enough. However! There is something far worse about staring at an empty word file with nothing but that little black blinking cursor.

I have terrible writer's block!

Maybe if I just start writing something random that will help. Sometimes skipping around is useful. Of course then you have to make it blend in and it never blends in as well as it would if you actually wrote it in order. At least it doesn't when I start putting stuff together anyway.

Of course that could just be me.

Happy Belated Halloween!!!

We had fun. Got the little munchkin dressed up like Darth Vader and took him to play with his two baby girlfriends. The highlight of the evening was Darth Vader, the fairy, and the witch all playing in the water table with the bobbing apples. It was tons of fun!