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Fiona and Beltran

I just finished the 3D models for the characters in the book I'm currently working on.

This is Fiona...

And this is Beltran...

I think Beltran is probably my favorite of any of the one's I've done so far. He looks perfectly like the picture of him I have in my head.

I don't want to give too many details away about these two other than the fact that she is the Princess of Sithein, and he's a vampire from northern Spain. To find out all the details someone is just going to have to publish their book. That is to say, as soon as I get it written. :D I've only written about 8,000 words and a pretty detailed outline of it thus far, but it's coming along nicely.

Well no more procrastinating back to writing!

Lightening and All!!!

My darling husband finished adding the lightening to Dana, and we did a few edits! I'm so happy with her!


I lost the 3D models I had when I reinstalled, so I had to completely redo them. I think I've got them like I want them again.

So here is Dana's full body shot. And here is her close up...

And here is my cute little vampiress, Arianna!


Okay, I've tried posting these twice with Picassa and was thwarted at both attempts. Let's see if I can do it this way...

Wahoo at least it seems to have worked thus far... The first picture is Arianna. The next two are Dana. They are still pretty rough. I did the designing but Bryon is supposed to go in and clean them up for me and add some visual effects. Dana's going to be holding lightening in her hands. Can't wait!!!

The Lucky Horseshoe

I have a horseshoe that I've been meaning to clean up and hang above the door for ages and just haven't gotten around to. So while watching an episode of Piggly Winks the other day with my little guy about why horseshoes were lucky, I got to wondering.

I found this awesome website that I just had to share.

The Horseshoe