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Itty Bitty Baby Passport

Everyone with me now...


I just got Nicky's passport in the mail. It only took 10 weeks. I was afraid I was gonna have to pull some strings to get it to go through in time, but nope it showed up today. It's so cuuuute and there are all kinds of pretty multicolored pictures in it. Mine is so lame in comparison. I may just have to get a new one just so I can have a pretty one too!

It's so adorable that I would scan it and share it with you...if I didn't think that was breaking some serious federal laws. And Lesley doesn't break the law. no no no. Never ever!

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Thursday Thirteen #15

13 Characters from my WIP: Blood and Violets

Thanks for giving me the inspiration to do this one with your TT last week, Julia! I hope you don't mind my borrowing your lovely idea!

I make these 3D renders of all my favorite characters. It helps me get a good grip on them in my head.

1. The Heroine!

Marie Moonstone - Yes, Moonstone! I know, isn't it awful? She despises it and only introduces herself as Marie Smith. Marie has got more spunk than anyone should be entitled to. It's virtually impossible for her to get through even five minutes without getting into an argument. She hates being told what to do, and she doesn't let anyone boss her around except for her big brother. He convinced her to study Pre-Law when she'd much rather be studying theater. Her choice of careers becomes somewhat inconsequential, however, when she is kidnapped.

2. Our Hero!

Alexander Farmer was born in small village near Paris in 1674. When he's still pretty young he's kidnapp…

Is a scrap of photocopied paper too much to ask?

I just had a submission returned that did not have any correspondence in it whatsoever. I am not asking for a commentary, but in the very least a photocopied form letter would have been nice. Heck, a post it note with "You suck!" written on it would have at least been something...

I can only assume that this was the submission I sent to an agent who had requested a partial. I just emailed said agent after waiting six months for a reply. In the email they sent back, there was a form letter saying they weren't interested. Now that's fine. At least I got a response. Still this returned submission could have at least had a little scrap of paper saying where it had been returned from. The original letter that I included was no longer with it so it could have been any number of submissions had it not come so soon after the email.

Perhaps I'm over-reacting, but I found it a bit rude.

Nicky's Academy Award Winning Performance

My darling boy is set to be the next world's greatest actor. Now you may think this is just Mommy Bragging Rights, but let me just tell you this little tale.

I couldn't stop laughing for a good ten minutes afterwards.

Nicky's little friend, Kaida, was visiting and they were playing one of their favorite games. It involves running from one side of my living room to the other as fast as they can and screaming all the while. Ah, Infant Joy!

So she somehow managed to trip and bang her little head against the wall.

No, this is not why I laughed for 10 minutes. I'm not THAT evil!

She was, of course, very sad so she went and climbed up into Lisha, her Mommy's, lap and got lots of cuddles and loving. Well Nicky seeing that she was sad walked over and climbed up on the couch with her and started patting Kaida to make her happy and then tried to get Lisha's attention. So I picked him up, told him she was busy,gave him a cuddle, and set him down on the floor.

Nicky looked …

Thursday Thirteen #14

13 of my Favorite Blinkies

So you know blinkies right? They are those silly little graphics that you put at the bottom of your signature or whatever. I absolutely adore them. I don't actually put them anywhere... I just sit and look at them. So I figured this was a good use!

1. Yes, my friends, they are!!!!

If you are unfamiliar with the lengths to which my Geekiness has gone, just scroll down to the next couple of posts.

And don't you forget it! *hugs her dragon protectors*

4. I don't! I won't! My husband does them. :D Okay, maybe if they are really bad, and he just won't...

5. Are you aware with just a little fairie dust and a happy thought you can actually fly? How can anyone go long without it?

6. And I'm scared of the dark! So you better bet I light them too!

7. *Wicked Evil Grin followed by a cute giggle* Dang it if I could just banish the giggle I would qualify for the full on evilness!

8. You can't be anyone else! You shouldn't wan…

I had no idea how much of a geek I really was...

Now, I've always been pretty comfortable with my geekiness. I am a geek. I accept that fact. Embrace it even.

But I was just looking through some old backup CDs, and I found something that if I don't acknowledge now could possibly be used as blackmail in the future.

So here it goes...

*Steels herself*

I actually made custom .wav files for Baldur's Gate. Yes, I recorded with my own voice all the little sounds your character says throughout the game.

Now it would have been bad enough to do it for one character, but I did it for two.


*Deep breath*

The second character was a bard, so every one of her files is actually a song that I sang.

Okay, that's it. I've owned it! Now when Nicky stumbles across this CD when he's a teenager and tries to make me buy him a Corvette, or he releases it to the public I can tell him, "So? The whole world knows! It's on the internet!"

Whew...I feel better now that I got that off my chest!

Are Templar swords really meant for slaying serpents? Methinks not!

We got to chatting about fears in one of the yahoo groups I frequent the other day. That led to a discussion about snakes, which reminded me of an incident which occurred about three years ago...

One day when we lived in a little apartment in town, my cat started acting more peculiar than usual. Which if you knew my little Aine, you would know is saying quite a lot! She kept walking into the living room looking at us then going back into the bathroom. My husband got up to check it out, and he came out of the bathroom with this horrible look on his face. I'm like...WTH? So he walked over to where he had his Templar sword leaning up against the wall behind the door. (Have I mentioned we're super mega geeks? Yeah... we are.) And looked back at me, sword in hand, and my big, brave warrior said, "There is a snake in the bathroom!"

I, naturally, assumed he was screwing around with me, because he is well known for that. I can only believe approximately ten percent o…

Snake Sighting

I saw one of these little guys when I was weedeatting today. I think I scared him half to death. He scared me a little bit too. I thought he was a worm!

If I had money I'd put up a GIANT fence...

Why? Well, let me just tell you.

We have about an acre and a half of land. One acre of that is pretty much useless at the moment. It's a slightly sloped pasture. The person that had it before us had several horses on it. Now you're not supposed to have more than about a horse per acre. Unless, of course, you're feeding them a great deal of grains in addition. Well I have no idea what he was feeding his horses, but I do know that when we moved in there was NOTHING growing on the field. We live in the mountains so when there is nothing growing you get erosion. What's under the top soil in the mountains? That's right, my friends! Rocks! Big ones! Giant ones even!

So we had a field we couldn't mow for all the rocks and even if we could all we had was a push mower my husband probably would have dropped dead before he finished it. Well now we've got our lawn tractor so we're going to start the long and arduous process of making it a big field that…

Beltran Revisited

Yes, I just think he's so cute I had to play with him some more. ;)

Thursday Thirteen #13

Hmm…Thursday 13 #13 the day before Friday the 13th…
This could get a little freaky deaky, baby!
13 Reasons I'm Ecstatic I FINALLY Got my Wireless Keyboard for my PDA Working
After a good week of struggling with this little beast, my husband found me a link that helped me figure out what the heck was wrong with it and fix it. It required that I download a driver that a fellow Axim owner had actually altered to make it work for our Axim 51s.
It was driving me CRAZY!!!
Seriously it made no sense. I had done everything that everyone said to do, and it kept lying to me and telling me that another process was trying to use the Infrared.
I can now work on scenes that pop into my head ANYWHERE!!!
Seriously, the combined weight of this keyboard and my axim is like 1 pound! I can pop it in my purse, and jot down scenes on the fly. I can't stand hand writing anymore! It is sooo slow! It saps my creativity. I do still like to plan with a pen and paper though.
I can reward my husband fo…

*Lesley is a Nervous Girl*

Whew! I just entered a couple things in the Romance Junkies writing contest. And now I'm absolutely all aflutter! I'm looking forward to any commentary that I might get back on them even if they don't do well.

It's so scary putting your little babies out there in front of the world for criticism!!!

Organizational Woes

Now no one is going to ever claim that I'm organized. Not even jokingly. If they did a lightening bolt would come down from the heavens and strike them dead on the spot.

I want to be organized! I try to be organized! I buy all kinds of organizational tools! I love organizational stuff! Notebooks, little caddies for household items, calendars, wall things that you're supposed to hang your keys on. And what happens. The notebooks get piled in a pretty little pile, the calendar never gets touched, and my keys end up places like in the refrigerator. Yes, it's happened! Oh, hush, its not that weird! I probably put it there when I was putting away groceries or something.

Anyway! I finally at least organized my computer files for my writing yesterday. It took two good hours, but now they are organized into fragments that are related, fragments that are undeveloped story ideas, and that sort of thing. I even have a file of "supporting documents" which includ…

Out, damned apostrophe! out, I say!

I've been working so hard to actually use contractions, which is something that for some reason I have difficulty doing, that I'm afraid I've accomplished my goal a little TOO well. I was trying to type up something for a professional report today, and it was chock full of contractions. That's a big no no! Good thing I'm an obsessive editor. ;) Except where it comes to my blog. *scolds herself*

*Curses Loudly*

Oh, I'm having an angry night!

First of all I bought this awesome fold up keyboard that is supposed to work with my Axim 51v. It would be amazing because then I could write with a full size keyboard anywhere anytime. It fits in my purse no problem, but it keeps telling me there is another process trying to use the infrared port. No matter what I do it doesn't fix it! I have had a team of people helping with it and no luck! I'm just about to cry!

And also I'd like to find the person who rented the last Disk of HEX three weeks ago and hasn't brought it back yet, and give them a sound thrashing! Dang it, people! I need to know who the heck this strange demon hunting woman is!!! I sure hope Season two is on dvd too, because otherwise I may just explode from the stress of not knowing!

I think that Azazeal is actually a good guy. I refuse to believe that someone that adorable could be bad. ;) And he loves his little boy! Really! Come now! How could he be all bad…

Go Me!

Finished the revisions I was doing to Arianna Penndragon last night. Now I'm on to working on Fiona O'Sithein. Although I may have to take a few days off and work on the outline for a book that just came to me. Revisions make me such a tired girl!

Thursday Thirteen #12

13 Books I’ve Read Recently
I am exhausted from a night of fireworks and revelry so my brain is not terribly prone to being creative. I'm just gonna list all the books I've read recently, starting with the one I'm reading now.

1. Polly’s Perilous Pleasures by Daisy Dexter Dobbs
2. Making Chase by Lauren Dane
3. Tempting Darkness by Rene Lyons
4. The Daystar by Rene Lyons
5. Midnight Sun by Rene Lyons
6. Buying Mackenzie’s Baby by Kim Rees
7. Eyes of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready
8. Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts
9. Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts
10. Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts
11. Dark Dream by Christine Feehan
12. Dark Legend by Christine Feehan
13. Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan

Yes, I know...I'm a Series fiend. I can't resist reading them. I can't resist writing them. Yay for Series!

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Why I shouldn't be in the room when someone is reading one of my books...

My husband is reading Fiona O'Sithein, and, of course, he always seems to be doing it when I'm in the room. So when he laughs or makes a comment aloud, which is apparently supposed to be to himself, I respond with...

"What??? What is it?"

What am I supposed to do? I really just have to know what the heck it is he found so funny! Now if I hadn't intended it to be funny, I would be very upset by all these outbursts of hysterical laughter, but since it was intentional I'm pretty darned flattered.

When he was about 50 pages of reading into it, he started teasing me every single time I asked him what he was laughing at. So I tried to ignore him and then naturally every time he laughed he would look at me and wait for a response. To which I had to hide my head behind my laptop from him. :-D

So from now on unless he can be quiet or take the questions he is just going to have read them in another room!

Meet My New Friends

Who hasn't read the romance novel about the rich, handsome man, who hires a beautiful young woman to be the nanny to his young child? I know I've always enjoyed them. Well here we have the same story... Only with a twist. A rather large twist.

The rich, handsome man is Arlan, the King of the Dragons, and the child isn't his child at all. She's the reincarnation of his grandmother, the Queen of the Fairies.

Then things start getting really complicated...