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What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

What vampire clan do you belong to?
created with
You scored as GangrelYou belong to the Gangrel bloodline. Gangrel are very in touch with nature and for this reason are often loners and hermits. They have a very keen sense of the beast inside them and can let it out with devastating results. They do, however, have a bit less control over their impulsive, animalistic nature and are easy to drive into an uncontrollable frenzy.









The Greatest Commercial of the Year!

Okay, we have probably watched this video 20 times today and Nicky has not failed to announce the entrance of the wolf or crack up when he spits the bird out yet. I'd say it's a winner. :D

Crazed Hobbit Dancing!

Okay, I don't know if any of you catch Nick Jr...but there is this new show called Yo Gabba Gabba...which I hate six ways to Tuesday! But my little boy is more than amused by it.

This is from that show. I've never been more creeped out by a hobbit. LMAO This video really doesn't do it justice cause good old Elija has a crazed look in his eye that you just can't make out in this video...but here it is.

Thursday Thirteen #28

13 Reasons I'm Telling my Secret Before I Intended to...
Because my mother and father are drug pushers!
I was home for Thanksgiving and had a sinus infection, and they wouldn't stop trying to get me to take some Mucinex. LOL So I had to tell them why I couldn't. Love you guys!Because once you tell one set of parents you have to tell the other...
So we told Bryon's Mom and Dad this weekend.
Because if something does go wrong I'll need somewhere to whine about how sad I am.Because in the meantime I need somewhere to whine about how crappy I feel.Because doesn't Nicky look adorable in his new shirt!?

Don't worry...He's not mad because he doesn't want to share his trucks. He was furious because I took him away from the Wii to take his picture!
Because have I mentioned I need somewhere to whine about how crappy I feel?
Yeah, cause I do!Because I need a good excuse as to why I've gotten NO writing done in the last two weeks other than the fact that I've…

I Need an Opinon

How long should one wait after the submission of a full, before you start worrying that perhaps it got lost in the shuffle somehow? The company website does not give an indication on fulls but says 12 weeks for queries. I worry that my email, which was being rather tumultuous recently, might have lost it.

I'm sure it is just that they are very busy, but I'm a worrier. I certainly don't want to get labeled one of THOSE writers.

So what do y'all think? How long should I wait before sending a polite inquiry? Thanks for your opinions!!!

Big Man...Ugh...Kill Dinner...Bring Home...Feed Family...Ugh


My hubby went hunting with my dad over Thanksgiving and killed a 9 point buck. There is a picture. Don't worry, I won't share it. It squicks me out! But Bryon was very proud and Daddy was very proud of him. I'm proud too. I just don't particularly want to see the pictures. ;D I choose to think of my meat in no other way than coming out of butcher paper prepared for me to cook.

Daddy is getting the horns mounted for him. As Lishy pointed out...I just don't think it's going to go with the pink in my living room. hehehe I guess we'll see where to put it. Maybe over his computer. :-D

So anyway... Congrats on your deer, babe! I'm very proud of you, big strong hunter man. hehe

Wierd Searches that Found my Blog...

So I was playing around in Google Analytics the other day and found some "interesting" searches that led people to my blog. Of course there were the usuals: my name, misspellings of my name, my blogs name, but then there were others...

resplendence publishing will write, resplendence publishing
I wrote one blog asking if anyone knew anything about this company from dealings with them, and I get a lot of hits just from people searching for it. There was even a day when it was like third on the google search for Resplendence Publishing.
All I said was it was one of my favorite words. LOLunknown laws
I have no idea...what games did the vikings play
Research for Arianna Penndragon.arkansas razorbacks its so hard to be humble
Yes, Yes it is! Sorry we just beat NUMBER ONE RANKED LSU. :-D Not that I'm pleased or anything... muhahadyeing a purse, how to dye purses, wine purse
hehe Yes, I dyed my purse.freezer bread dough, freezer compressor doesn't kick on, how to let…

WOooooooooooo PIG!

O Lord! It's hard to be humble.
When you're perfect in every way.
I can't wait to look in the mirror.
I get better lookin' each day.
To know me is to love me.
I must be one heck of a fan.
Oh, lord! It's hard to be humble.
When you're an Arkansas Razorback Fan!

That is all!

"No, I did not name my son after the antichrist..."

Okay, so I've never read these Left Behind books, but I hear they're good. They are at least pretty darn popular.

Now since I'd never read any of them, I was in the dark when someone at a party before Nicholai was born asked me what I was going to name him.

Me: Nicholai Alexander.

Lady: Are you naming him after the Nicholai in the Left Behind books?

Me: Oh, there is a Nicholai in those books. I didn't realize that. That's cool.

Lady's husband: Um, yeah, but isn't he the Antichrist?

*stunned silence for a count of ten*

Me: did NOT name my child after the Antichrist.

Now no one has since asked me this, until today when I was at the doctor. I have a terrible sinus infection. *whines* So I went to the Urgent Care Clinic. It's so much nicer than trying to get in to our real doctor.

Nicky was being particularly difficult, so much so that Bryon ended up having to take him out of the room so I could actually hear what the doc was saying.

The doctor c…

Ancient Greeks and Silly Husbands

Okay, so we've been working on the field next to our house. It's been nothing but a grown up mess since we moved it. When we bought the place there was absolutely nothing growing in the field. They'd had too many horses in it, and they'd eaten everything! Even the bark off the trees! Which of course killed many of them...but I digress.

So as I mentioned in a previous blog a couple of weeks ago, we borrowed our friends weed and brush trimmer and have been slowly hacking away at it. Well Bryon finally finished it today! Yay!

So we were just chatting, and it went something like this...

Him: Oh, that was so much work!

Me: Yeah, and just think how much more work it's going to be when you have to schlep all those stones out of there. (We have...umm...let's call them stones, but some of them actually weigh more than a grown man...littering the entire field. We're going to have to get them out of there over the course of the winter so that come spring we can…


Dude! That is just cool! And not only because it's been frozen for the past 400 years.

I'm Learning to Knit!

I've always wanted to learn to knit as my attempts at crocheting have all failed mesirably, which makes me sad cause my Granny was an amazing crotcheter (is that a word) and I would really love to be able to make those adorable Granny square quilts. I thought they were so silly looking when I was a kid but now that I'm grown I think they are just beautiful!

Well anyway, I bought the Knitting Made Easy CD-ROM from Hobby Lobby and have already perfected...err...attempted the knitting stitch. Actually I keep ending up with these strange extra stitches and I have no idea where the heck they come from, but I guess I'll figure that out with time. I decided to wait until tomorrow to attempt the purl stitch. Wouldn't want to over work my poor little preoccupied brain.

This CD is fabulous! I lurv it! It's funny, because I have the same one they make for crocheting and have tried to prefect my techniques through that with absolutely know luck! Obviously I just wasn'…

One of my favorite scenes from television EVAH!

Being a loud mouthed Southern Girl myself, I've always loved Julia Sugerbaker on Designing Women, and this is quite possibly one of my favorite scenes from the entire series.

This scene takes place right after the current Miss. Georgia World and another girl were just badmouthing Susanne and she overheard it and got very sad. Poor Susanne! And Julia comes in to put her in her place.

What a wonderful sister!

Wow! Yeah! I'm glad I came to the auto shop today!

I have been putting off getting my spark plugs changed but my car has been hesitating a little bit in the past week or so since it got cold so I brought it to Precision Tune Auto Care to get it looked at. Good thing I did too. He just brought me my serpentine belt and showed it to me and it was...well lets say it was BAD! It looked like it was about to fall apart in his hands. I'm absolutely sure it would have died on the way to my parents this weekend. Cause that's the way things go. But now it's all fixed and my car should be happy again. Yay! So it got spark plugs, a chassis lube, new oil, a fuel filter, and a new serpentine belt.

But at least I had a coupon! If you need any work done that website has one for 10% off.

More Quizzes!

What holiday food am I? This one cracked me up way too much to not post!You Are a Yule Log
While you do have holiday spirit, you have a secret, heathen past.What Holiday Food Are You?
What Christmas Tree are You?Obviously I'm in the holiday spirit. :-DYou Are a Bright Christmas Tree
For you, the holidays are all about fun and seasonal favorites.
You are into all things Christmas, even if they're a little tacky.What Christmas Tree Are You?

Lesley Means...

What Lesley Means

L is for Likeable

E is for Extreme

S is for Sultry

L is for Legendary

E is for Energetic

Y is for Young

What Does Your Name Mean? Awwww...They know me so well!

Thursday Thirteen #27

13 Reasons I'm too Impatient to be a Writer

I check my email every ten seconds to see if I've gotten a response to my full yet...*checking*...Nope, not yet.I contemplate all the different possibilities...
Is it taking so long because they hate it and can't think of anything nice to say?
Is it taking so long because they love it and are debating exactly how much money they want to give me? (What? I can dream!)
Has my email somehow been capturing the responses and hiding them from me in an effort to push me slowly over the edge?What's with this no simultaneous submissions thing? So many publishers demand that you not send a work to anyone but them, and then wait six months to respond to you with a form letter! Not that that's happened to me? Nope! And I'm not bitter! Not at all!I didn't just check my email again! No, I didn't! Okay, yes, I did.I'm almost too impatient to even online shop! How can I possibly wait months to know if my dream's going to…

Seven Random and/or Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by Lesley!
Here are the rules:Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogThis is much too hard! I have so many weird things I couldn't keep count! So I guess I'll do random!

I am done with all my Christmas shopping except for the stuff for my husband - who is getting coal unless he is very nice ;) - and my little boy. I do think I know what I'm getting both of them though. I just have to find time when they aren't with me.
I have a secret that I'm not tellllllllllllllllling. :-DI don't understand the people who pounce on their lawns with rakes in hand the moment the leaves start to fall! How can you not just enjoy walking around in piles of lovely colorful leaves!
I'm an obsessive compulsive list maker…

Yes, I am Procrastinating!

I hate writing synopses so I am going to contemplate my next course of action instead of doing it. Muhahaha

I think I'm going to write the two books that have most to do with Blood and Violets next. The question is which one. One of the books is tentatively titled Blood in the Water, and it's about Alexander's brother, Tristan, and a lovely lady from the coast of South Carolina, Caroline. Yes, her Daddy did name her after the state. It was a terribly patriotic time. (Can you be patriotic in regard to your state? Well, at any rate...) The other isn't yet named, but it has to do with Alexander's father, Finn, and quite possibly the spunkiest little horse trainer this side of the Mississippi named Harley. Yes, the name Harley can be either masculine or feminine. Finn had no idea she was a woman when he hired her until she showed up at the airport though... oops! Lucky for him. ;) hehe

I have contemplated both books coming first... I really think I should do Bl…

Tristan and Caroline

Meet Tristan and Caroline the stars of my next WIP, Blood in the Water.

I'm working on their outline right now. Tristan is actually the brother of Alexander from Blood and Violets. I guess I should really be working on the rewrites for that instead of playing with my 3d program... Neah! It's much too amusing.

Thursday Thirteen #27

I found this extension of the "Lesley needs..." game on Daisy Dexter Dobbs blog the other day and simply had to try it out.

Lesley dreams she’s trapped on a ferry to nowhere, but she doesn’t listen to the dream’s message till forced to by a brain injury.
A brain injury, eh? I was dropped on my head as a child... Explains a lot, doesn't it? hehehe
To say Lesley hates men is like saying Lesley hates chocolate, it is something that could never happen in this universe.
I concur! I do think men are kinda....difficult at times though. :-D
Lesley loves to dance and in 1985 she won the Scottish Disco Dancing Championships.
Wow at the tender age of five I was winning Disco Contests??? How cool am I?
Lesley travels the world presenting workshops that help release past life blocks, and. awaken natural clairvoyant abilities.
I think I need to take some of my own courses!
Lesley searches for understanding in his life as a son and a father.
If I am a son and a …

Razorback Scooter Gang

Now see! I knew I loved my Hogs for many reasons!

One of the many reasons I bought my scooter a whopping four years ago, (I can't believe how time flies) was that you can park it at any bike rack on campus! And the permit for it? 5 bucks! Well it seems that our football players liked the idea too. I've seen the number of scooters growing all the time outside the stadium during football practices, but I was never really sure exactly how many there were.

Until someone sent me this article...

"Roughly 20 Arkansas football players own scooters that can go around 50 mph on straight-aways and 65-70 mph if they're heading downhill. Of course, their coaches are constantly telling them to slow down."

Yes please, slow down! We don't want our star players wrecking. That wouldn't be good for the image of the scooter in Arkansas!

They've even formed their own "Scooter Gang" called the Rydaz for which they have a hand signal that they often flash to th…

Twas a Bad Plan!

Now you'd think I'd be smarter than this at the age of twenty-eight, but I guess I'm not. I've been feeling crappy for like three-ish days. Sinus issues mostly. However, I still thought it was a good idea to spend the entire day working on the pasture next to the house. Hubby and I took turns running the Weed and Brush Trimmer thing that we borrowed from our dear friends (THANKS GUYS!) to try to make some progress in clearing the field. It's full of waist high brush right now and below and no I don't mean like gravel. I'm talking mega monster rocks! Well we did a great job! We got almost all the way around the perimeter of the field in about a fifteen foot depth. That's saying it a lot considering the size of that sucker! While I was working on it, I felt decent...better even! But as soon as I sat down I felt so much worse than I have in days! *whines and moans and complains* I'm a very bad sick person as I simply don't…

Click Yes to Submit is Done!

It's 18.5 k instead of the 15k that I'd first intended, but I'm okay with that!