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Hey check it out!

My WIP Counter moved!

Why I wanna be like Sherrilyn Kenyon When I grow up...You know besides the fact that she's a NYT Best Seller!

Okay, I edited Click Yes to Submit and submitted it to Nocturne Bites and am currently trying to edit Blood and Violets again. This book is like a freakin' bane to me! I edit and edit and edit it, and I still don't quite love it... I know it needs more but I'm not sure what. Blah!

I think I need other points of view. Right now I've only got the Hero and Heroine, and then one little place where I've got another character's point of view because there was no other way to do it. The problem with that is that it's not the way I really like to write. I used to give tons of different perspectives. Well tons may be an exaggeration. The thing is I've got like hundreds of books in my head, and they all play off each other. Characters from one book pop up in another, and less important characters get their own books later on. So I like being able to see into their cute little brains. I think someone told me once that they didn't like POV shift, and it…

Maury Povich is a Sick Freak I admit that a pickle phobia is pretty ummmmm weird....but who am I to judge, I'm afraid of the dark and being trapped in something underwater.

But what kind of a freakin' sadistic nutjob sends someone to a pickle factory when they're afraid of pickles and has them dragged in... Or brings out a plate of them and sticks it in their face. Or tells them just to stop shaking!

Phobia's are often unexplainable and downright strange, but taunting someone with it is just cruel!

New Plan

Going to work on cutting down Click Yes to Submit to 10-15k to submit to Silhouette Nocturne Bites. It's 19k now so it's gonna take some substantial cutting.

Wish me luck!

What to do? What to do? hmm...

Should I work on rewriting Blood and Violets?

Research which agents I wanna submit to?

Try to convince people to Beta read some of my stuff?

Work on something "new"?

Or perhaps babble on my blog and not get any of it done... hmmmm...

Decisions Decisions!

Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Okay...I'm not taking any names. hehe But I am kicking butt at the Couch to 5k!

Did Week 5 Day 2 today. That's 8 minutes running 3 minutes walking (was supposed to be five but apparently I'm a lamer and can't read :-D) and 8 minutes walking. It was hard. I'm not saying that. I got a terrible stitch in my side, but I didn't stop! No, I didn't! Go me! I rock! Yay! hehehe I really didn't think I could do it, but I manged. I've got my first 20 minute no walking run on Friday. I dunno if I can do it, but I'm gonna try my best.

Robot Babies!!! Eek!

This has been the STRANGEST Evening!!!

But like strange in a good way…

First I started to walk outside to go to the car and pick up some Gyros for dinner. The back door was standing WIDE open and the dogs were NOT in the room! I guess I had not pulled it completely shut when I took them out to the bathroom. So I squeaked and walked to the door and they were just standing there staring at me like they had just entered the Twilight Zone! They as you have probably guessed are NOT outside dogs.

So I put them in the house again and locked the door and got in the car. I rolled the windows down cause it’s 70 degrees today! 70!!! In Christmas Break!!! It’s nuts! But delightfully pleasant! Then EVERY song that came on the radio was one of my favorites! It was an absolutely lovely trip to town!

And it just reminded me how incredibly grateful I am for my life. I love my little boys! I have a wonderful family! I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for, who I absolutely love! I adore my husband, even when he is a…

Happy New Year!!!!

My Goals for 2009

Finish Rewriting Blood and VioletsGet a descent start writing something else.Get things submitted!
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a dayTake better care of myself - Taking care of your kiddos is vitally important OF COURSE, but you gotta take care of yourself too. Cause if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! I'm finally seeing the wisdom of this.Run (Well slow jog) 10K.Do 100 pushups.Do something physical almost everyday.