The Eternally Blinking Cursor

You know back in the days when I used to write with pen and paper instead of on computer staring at a blank page was bad enough. However! There is something far worse about staring at an empty word file with nothing but that little black blinking cursor.

I have terrible writer's block!

Maybe if I just start writing something random that will help. Sometimes skipping around is useful. Of course then you have to make it blend in and it never blends in as well as it would if you actually wrote it in order. At least it doesn't when I start putting stuff together anyway.

Of course that could just be me.

Happy Belated Halloween!!!

We had fun. Got the little munchkin dressed up like Darth Vader and took him to play with his two baby girlfriends. The highlight of the evening was Darth Vader, the fairy, and the witch all playing in the water table with the bobbing apples. It was tons of fun!


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