Thursday Thirteen #53

13 Things I Watch While my 4 Month Old Has me Awake for His Nightly Two to Three Hour Fuss Fest

Gotta Love DVR!
  1. The News
  2. The Daily Show
  3. The Colbert Report
  4. The Biggest Loser
  5. 30 Minute Meals
  6. South Park
  7. The Weather Channel…What? I like the weather channel!
  8. Movies like…A Girl Interrupted
  9. Elizabeth: the Golden Aged
  10. Knocked Up
  11. 27 Dresses
  12. Alvin and the Chipmunks
  13. And the Occasional Infomercial *gags* They suck me in almost as badly as HSN! Mmmmm….Diamonique! Just call me Simi!


Anonymous said…
This is still a VCR household!

I often wonder who 3watches infomercials, and who buys stuff from them at 4.30am. Obviously people do because they are big business.

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