Why I wanna be like Sherrilyn Kenyon When I grow up...You know besides the fact that she's a NYT Best Seller!

Okay, I edited Click Yes to Submit and submitted it to Nocturne Bites and am currently trying to edit Blood and Violets again. This book is like a freakin' bane to me! I edit and edit and edit it, and I still don't quite love it... I know it needs more but I'm not sure what. Blah!

I think I need other points of view. Right now I've only got the Hero and Heroine, and then one little place where I've got another character's point of view because there was no other way to do it. The problem with that is that it's not the way I really like to write. I used to give tons of different perspectives. Well tons may be an exaggeration. The thing is I've got like hundreds of books in my head, and they all play off each other. Characters from one book pop up in another, and less important characters get their own books later on. So I like being able to see into their cute little brains. I think someone told me once that they didn't like POV shift, and it tainted my writing. Well I'm tossing that out now. I don't care if no one likes POV shift but me, I'm still gonna do it. I like it. I love it even.

Sherrilyn Kenyon does it like a mad woman, and it's all so exquisitely done. Not that I'm Sherrilyn Kenyon mind you. The woman is a master. But I can dream of one day being almost as cool as her. hehe

So maybe that's what I'll do. I'll go through and give it some more depth with more perspectives...

In the meantime would anyone like to volunteer to Beta read a few things for me? *big kitten eyes* I need to get some outside critique before I start trying to get some stuff published again.


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