This has been the STRANGEST Evening!!!

But like strange in a good way…

First I started to walk outside to go to the car and pick up some Gyros for dinner. The back door was standing WIDE open and the dogs were NOT in the room! I guess I had not pulled it completely shut when I took them out to the bathroom. So I squeaked and walked to the door and they were just standing there staring at me like they had just entered the Twilight Zone! They as you have probably guessed are NOT outside dogs.

So I put them in the house again and locked the door and got in the car. I rolled the windows down cause it’s 70 degrees today! 70!!! In Christmas Break!!! It’s nuts! But delightfully pleasant! Then EVERY song that came on the radio was one of my favorites! It was an absolutely lovely trip to town!

And it just reminded me how incredibly grateful I am for my life. I love my little boys! I have a wonderful family! I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for, who I absolutely love! I adore my husband, even when he is a paiiiin in the booty! I love my job! I love my house! I love my pets! I love NW Arkansas where I live! Life is good!

So thanks very much to the powers that be. I sincerely appreciate all of the gifts you’ve given me!

*Big universe wide smoochies*


Anonymous said…
And I love having you for a friend!!
Anonymous said…

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