Email Mail Merge in Word 08 for Mac

For this to work, Entourage 2008 must be your default email client. If it is not, Open Entourage, click Entourage Preferences, and click Set Entourage to be my Default Email Client. Click OK.

  1. Click Tools then choose Mail Merge Manager
  2. Click Create New then choose Form Letters
  3. Click Get List then choose Open Data Source
  4. Browse to file
  5. Click Open
  6. Drag Placeholders into the document where desired
  7. Click on the button in “5. Preview Results” that says “ABC” and click on the left and right arrows to ensure that the results will appear as you want them
  8. Click Generate Email Messages
  9. Choose the email address field from the list of columns in your Excel file for the To line
  10. Enter a Subject for the Email
  11. Send as “HTML Text”
  12. Click on Mail Merge to Outbox
  13. They will appear in your Entourage Outbox, and you must then click Send and Receive in Entourage and then choose Send All
  14. Click Send on “Script is trying to run” message
This moment of Wordiness brought to you by Work Lesley. :-D


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