Happy 101 Award: What Makes Me Happy

Madison Woods gave me the Happy 101 award and challenged me to come up with a list of 10 things that make me happy.

So here we go!

  1. Crocheting - the fact that I didn't think I'd ever learn how and now I can make little things!
  2. My hubby - though he also makes me CRAZY! hehe Come to think of it so do my boys. ;)
  3. Writing - I love it! Filling up a blank page with story is eternally enjoyable.
  4. My Furbabies - like the boys. I don't think this one requires explanation. :-D
  5. My iPhone - No, really! I can Google ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! The information of the internet is at my beck and call all the time! That makes me happy!!!
  6. Chocolate, Coffee, Diet Coke
  7. Reading - I love being transported to new places and meeting new people all in the privacy of my own living room.
  8. Friends I know I can count on for anything.


Anonymous said…
Love the self-explanatory pictures! I wish I'd have thought of that :) You have a wonderful list. Reading everyone's list makes me feel happy, too.
Julia said…
Your first picture is wonderful. Enough said! :)
Katie J ♥ said…
Love those little angels :-D
Your pictures of your two boys are wonderful - you've captured natural smiles and that's not always easy with kids.

Love your list. I wish I could say the same about writing - it makes me cranky! But I'm forced to do it or I'll go insane.
Vixen said…
Great 10! That first picture, lmao!
Anonymous said…
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Oh My Goodness, the first picture is just wonderful! It makes me smile for sure. What would we do without our kiddos. I'm sharing the comment luv and following you now:-)
Jennifer Shirk said…
Aww, those were great! And those pics are adorable. I couldn't help smiling at them!
Lesley Speller said…
Thanks, guys! I can't stop grinning when I see that picture of Finn. He's such a little ham! LOL

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