The Truth Comes Out

So I told you six bold-faced lies and one truth. Here's the revelation!

1. I like to dance naked in the moonlight on certain pagan holidays. *wiggles eyebrows*

Heck no! The last time moonlight saw my naked skin, I was 18 and skinny dippin' in the woods. Back then there was less of me...and what there was was more evenly distributed. Ah, the joys of motherhood. LOL

2. I once had a member of a band, who is famous for the length of his creepy tongue, lick his lips at me.

Yeap, this is the one. My high school boyfriend was totally obsessed with KISS and so I ended up in the front of the mosh pit at one of the KISS concerts that came to Little Rock. Well, I have terrible allergies at certain times of the year and so I end up with horribly chapped lips. That leads me to lick them repeatedly because I really hate the way chapstick feels. So I guess he must have thought it was a come on, because I licked my lips and he looked right at me and did exactly the same thing... Eww...

3. I have a tattoo, which I could tell you about, but then I'd have to kill you...

Alas, no. I'd love to get one eventually, but I still haven't firmly decided on what or where.

4. I once found a meteor crater in the backyard of my grandparents house. Alas, there was no cute little baby in it that grew up to be superman.

Okay, that one was a little too easy.

5. I have played Dragon Age 5 times to explore all the different love life options and to see if it was really possible to have a threesome with the super hot pirate chick.

Not yet. Only played it one and a half times. I'm currently romancing the adorable bard chick and Alistair my fellow warden, because Alistair so ridiculously adorable that I have no resistance to his cuteness. LOL

6. I am going to bed tonight very early, and I'm sure I'll sleep wonderfully!

Ugh, yeah no.

7. I watch American Idol every time it's on, even in reruns.

LMAO No....just no.

Happy Easter to one and all!


Julia said…
I could sniff it out! ;P

Have a Great Easter!
Amanda said…
Is it ridiculous that I'm psyched that I was right? LOL! Happy Easter :D
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Obviously y'all know me. ;) hehehe

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