Such a Tenacious little Thing Deserves a Chance

I opened my cabinet today to get an onion out to put in the Chicken and Noodles I was making and saw something very odd. it looked a little like a daffodil before it gets it's flower, and it was sticking up from behind the little plastic basket I keep my onions in. So I reached back and pulled it out, and this is what I found.

The onion had apparently fallen out of the back of the basket and hidden there long enough to sprout and grow a FOOT long!!! Well I pulled it out and dropped it in the garbage, but I couldn't stop thinking about that poor little thing. It was giving it all it had to grow not even in dirt and what did I do but drop it in the trash can. How could a be so cold and callus?

So I pulled it out and took it out to the front porch and planted it in one of my big pots that I used for container gardening last year.

Yes, my front porch is a mess. Don't judge me! I'm a busy woman. hehehe

So now it has a chance at life. Probably the world's most boring front porch plant, but hey I don't care. :-D


Amanda said…
Hey, it's potentially useful at least? And your front porch is like my front stoop... so I totally empathize, LOL
Julia said…
Hey I that is a cool surprise! I think I'd have planted it too. :)
Lesley Speller said…
Alas I think I should have left it under the cabinet, it shriveled up and died when I planted it in the dirt.

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