New Game: Zombie Appocalypse!

Okay, so I don't know about you... But with all the Christmas presents I just bought, I'm broke!

So...New Game!!!

The zombie apocalypse is about to start!  There are signs.  Scattered reports of people attacking others and eating their flesh.  Bath salts? Or impending doom?

For the sake of safety you better stock up!  For at least the rest of the month!  (Trust's the holidays so shopping in this mess is just like shopping in a real impending apocalypse.)

Once you make your stock up trip, society falls.  Don't worry. At least the power and water are still on and we have tv!

Okay, that's it! Don't buy anything else for the rest of the month!

What? Your kids need fresh milk, and you don't wanna bake your own bread? Hmm OK.  I guess then you can go out on the occasional salvage run.  But you're not allowed to buy more than a bag worth of groceries.  After all with anymore than that, you're going to be too weighed down to run from the zombies chasing you!



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