Blood and Violets


Marie doesn’t know how she managed to get herself kidnapped by a vampire or how she can possibly be having such uncomfortably lusty feelings for him when he’s holding her a prisoner. Alexander wants a protégé, and this snarky, obnoxious young woman is absolutely perfect. He just has to manage his growing attraction to his feisty prisoner and keep her out of the way long enough to complete a vital business arrangement before proceeding with his plan. Meanwhile, a shadowy group known as Carpe Sanguis is out to not only stop Alexander’s plans but take his very life. 


Amanda said…
Arrrrgh -- why is this not on iBooks!!! Me no have Kindle. Sigh.
Lesley Speller said…
It will be on ibooks later, but you can also download the kindle app for iphones and ipads for free. :)
Amanda said…
Please let me know when it gets to iBooks -- I'm a technophobe and having an additional e-reader on my phone and iPad will turn me into a raving lunatic, LOL

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