So I've discovered something. I think I like to bake just for the sake of baking.  I made 42 or so cupcakes, iced them, and sprinkled them without so much as licking the icing off my fingers.  I also made about 42 Pumpkin muffins without eating any. (I did taste a bite and spit it out to make sure it was the right recipe.) 

I thought it was going to be a nightmare to be on Atkins, because I wouldn't be able to safely bake.  Apparently, however, I'm totally good with baking and feeding stuff to others.  I'm not saying I don't want to taste it...but the urge is not so great that I can't resist it.

Next baking experiment?

BTW I LOVE that girl! She's perfectly adorable!

So instead of the Tetris design, I'm going to do MARIO! Since Finny is obsessed!


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