The Way to Go from Yum to OMG Yes!

Wrap it in BACON!!!

Yes, that's right! Bacon!

I like venison steaks fried. They are yummy. I'm not wild about the baked. However if you take a venison steak and wrap that puppy in bacon and bake it. We are talking SHAZAM!!!!

I enjoy salmon. It's quite good. Lots of Omega Fatty Acids. But wrap that salmon filet in bacon! Ohhhh yes!

Then to trick yourself into thinking you are getting pasta, sauté some shredded Zuke in butter and olive oil, drain it really well in a colander, put your bacon wrapped salmon on top of it, and then...


Wait for it...

Drench it all in Alfredo sauce!

Then. Just sit back and enjoy your Atkins friendly dinner!


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