Atkins Diet...GO!

I'm not going to post on more than one blog about my various interests. There just isn't that much extra time in my life. So here comes a diet post!

The hubby and I just started the Atkins diet. We both have a good chunk of weight to lose. I've been reading the 1991 book by Dr. Atkins himself and while it is probably a little outdated in the most recent scientific research, I started reading this one and loved his kind but firm style of convincing you to do the diet. He simultaneously makes you feel less guilty about your weight problem while still making it clear that you have to make changes.

Now I'll be honest, I was REALLY skeptical about even trying it. I LOVE bread and well you have probably seen my cake posts. It's really not as bad as I thought it would be. I've been taking the L Glutamine supplements he recommends for cravings, and I think they really help.

Coffee is an obstacle. Did you know that coconut milk in coffee is vile? Like gag a maggot vile? Well it is!!! Heavy cream has the same number of carbs and while not coconuty like my preferred creamer it is quite yummy. Also Splenda in powdered form has carbs to keep it from sticking together. I ordered some liquid Sucralose. I hope it isn't awful!  I will let you know!

I made a bunch of deviled eggs and got two handy deviled egg keepers that hold 20 each from Walmart.  They're very stackable and handy!

Also made a bunch hamburgers for dinner last night and to keep for today.  I think I'm making bacon wrapped venison steaks for dinner tonight.  I tell you all this fatty stuff really goes against everything I ever learned was bad for me!!! I'm swayed by all the scientific evidence though.  This book is SO heavy on the science.  It's not a motivational book, it's plain and simple science and success stories.  That appeals to my fact-craving mind.

Okie dokie.  That's about it for now. I'll try to keep updating regularly!


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