Thursday Thirteen #18

13 of my Favorite Quotes from Fiona O'Sithein

I'm too darn sleepy to be creative tonight so I'm drawing on my ready-made list. Not to be confused with the one I did about the first lines of the chapters in Fiona. Those weren't nearly my favorites.

Is it narcissistic to have favorite quotes that you wrote yourself? When I'm giggling my head off at something I wrote, my husband always looks at me kinda funny. Oh, well if it is, then here is me reveling in narcissism. :-D May you enjoy them as much as I do.

Fiona: “What? You think just because I don’t have any magic like my brother or super strength like you people that I’m useless?”

Bonnie: “He’s not a heretic, is he?”
Fiona: “Isn’t everyone these days?”

Fiona: “No one wants to be the one to deflower the king’s daughter.”

Fiona: “Yes, Beltran, you’re a vampire. How could anyone forget it when you’re reminding them of it ten times a day? You are the only vampire I know who seems to obsess about it so much.”

Fiona: “I’m not laughing at you, Beltran, but it’s just amusing that a vampire who thinks he’s damned is trying to convert me to Christianity.”

Dana (who has visions): “If I had seen your death, I would have you knocked out and strapped to my back by now, so I could take you home to Sithein myself!”

She absolutely refused to cry in front of them. She was supposed to look like a regal dragon princess not a whiney, sobbing girl.

Fiona to her mother: “Daddy says he’s sorry for being a jerk.”

Fiona: “Oh, Daddy, let’s not throw stones. We all know you had Mama barefoot and pregnant before you even thought about marrying her.”

Beltran: “We were being followed, but I never expected them to knock.”

Dana: “What you don’t seem to have grasped about Fiona is that regardless of what you say or do, she does exactly what she wants to, even if it’s not the wisest of choices.”

Fiona: “Don’t look at me like that! Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass too.”

Tarran: “I believe I’ve been a good man and will go to heaven when I die, but even paradise without Wyn would be hell.”

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Your Fiona quotes were wonderful, Lesley! Give your husband time. He'll get used to living with a writer. We all do what you do. And I think our husbands all react the same way. LOL!

Great TT.

This week I've posted 13 mini excerpts from my books. :-)
Christine d'Abo said…
These are some excellent quotes, Lesley! My husband's learned to ignore me when I start doing those things.

*Me giggling*

Husband: "What's so funny?"
Me: "Writing"
Husband *shudder*
Great quotes -- and nope, not vain at all of you to love your own creation. It's when you love every single last word and they're all perfect after you bang out a first draft that you have the problem. *grin*

Happy TT, babe!
N.J.Walters said…
LOL These are just wonderful, Lesley!
Carolan Ivey said…
I'll have to remember no. 7 when I feel weepy. :) Nice list!
Julia Smith said…
#2 - Bonnie: “He’s not a heretic, is he?”
Fiona: “Isn’t everyone these days?”

My favorite! Interesting TT. If the writer isn't in love with her own stuff, how can she expect others to love it?
scooper said…
Number 3 is my favorite. Neat list.
I don't think it's vain either! Great quotes.
LA Day said…
Great quotes!
I carry on conversation with my characters on occasion and my dh has learned to ignore it.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Those were awesome! That character is funny!
Nicole Austin said…
The quotes are great! Nice list.

Happy TT!
Elle Fredrix said…
Number 2 is my fave!

Great list.
Michelle Hasker said…
Those are great lines, Lesley. Often times I crack myself up and laugh out loud. My family has come to expect this when I write ;)

Happy TT!
I love #12, Lesley! She sounds very cool.
spyscribbler said…
Wow, #5 really makes things interesting, doesn't it? And it's narcissistic at all! It's intriguing!

Happy TT!
Robin said…
#10 is a great quote!

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog.
Ann said…
Great quotes. And I don't think it's narcissistic either. Happy TT.
imogen howson said…
I like number 9! :-) And hey, all the best people are vain. ;-)
Rhian said…
those are hysterically funny! i loved this:
“Don’t look at me like that! Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass too.”
Lisa Andel said…
yeah, I can relate too. It gets even worse when I try to sum up the plotline. He looks at me as if I'm speaking in a foreign language, or terribly insane.
Me said…
Daisy: I dunno we've been living together for 8 and a half years and he hasn't yet. ;)

Christine: I think he just like to rub in the fact that I'm a little off my rocker. hehe

Susan: I have embraced the joys of editing. hehe I, in fact, have become a little too familiar with them.

NJ: Thanks!

Carolan: I try to remember it whenever possible. hehe

Julia: You have a point, and I do so love my little imaginary friends. :-D

Scooper: Thanks! And it was much to Fiona's dismay. Let me tell you!

Joely: Good! I have much backup now when my husband picks on me.

LA Day: hehe Me too! And they say talking to the voices in your head makes you a crazy person! Bah! It just makes you creative. :D

Jennifer: Thanks! Fiona, is an absolute mess!

Nicole: Thanks! Happy TT!

Elle: hehe It still cracks me up! Thanks!

Michelle: *whispers* I think it most disturbs him when I am supposed to be paying attention to something driving. LOL

Cat: She is quite the booty kicker when it suits her. ;)

Spyscribbler: You don't know the half of it. LOL I have another favorite line I was afraid to include as out of context it might make some people pretty irritated with me. hehe

Robin: hehe Beltran caught me off guard with that one. I didn't even realize how funny he was being until I read it through again.

Ann: Thanks! And WOOT! More backup!

Immi: It's great to have that kind of ammo to use against your parents in situations like this. :-D

Rhian: That's pretty much her motto. hehe

Lisa: I had my hubby read a synopsis for me the other day, and he was like...but you just say something that took you twenty pages to write in the book in a sentence. Yes, darling, that is kinda the point of a synopsis. ;)
Joy T. said…
Love #12 LOL Very cool list and very cool blog! Thanks for visiting my TT today :o)
Wylie Kinson said…
Those were terrific quotes - and if they don't make YOU laugh, what hope is there for your audience? :)
Tink said…
Haha, I like the quotes! let your hubby look funny, you are right!
Thanks for visiting my BED TT.
Lady Penguin said…
Super list! I really enjoyed it!

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