Thursday Thirteen #8

13 First Lines of Chapters from Fiona O'Sithein

Which the rough draft of is FINISHED! *does a happy dance*

1. The princess of Sithein’s golden curls fell in front of her sapphire blue eyes as she sat spinning the jeweled dagger on the table.

2. The little girl shivered in fear and hid under the big bed when she heard the sound of footsteps nearing her door.

3. The night was still and so chilly that Arianna felt as if her nose should be growing a little icicle.

4. The next day Fiona was still weak and dizzy from losing so much blood.

5. “I’ll go and sleep in the great room,” he said turning to go, but when Beltran looked he could see the morning rays of sun already filtering through the shutters.

6. Fiona had no idea how many times they’d made love or what time of the day it was, but every inch of her body ached deliciously.

7. Beltran rolled up the portrait he’d been working on of the little girl and shoved it on the small shelf beneath his bed with all of his other pictures when he heard someone stop outside his door and knock.

8. Beltran needed her then, safe and warm and in his arms where she couldn’t get herself into anymore trouble.

9. Fiona was torn from sleep by a knock at the door of the bedroom.

10. Fiona looked around for something edible, but all that was left was a very stale crust of bread, which seemed to have already fed some mice.

11. Beltran stared at the door to Fiona’s bedroom behind which she had just disappeared.

12. Beltran lay with Fiona tucked close against his side watching the lantern light dance on the ceiling above his head.

13. Fiona sat up straight in the chair they’d offered her doing everything she could to look like a noble dragon princess despite what had happened last night.

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Ann Aguirre said…
I like some of those. Very nice.
Me said…
Thanks, Annie!

*Gives her blog a swift kick for not telling me on the first page that I have a comment*
Lori said…
Sounds good....
N.J.Walters said…
Cool list. Congrats on finishing your rough draft!
Red Garnier said…
I liked most of these, so I can imagine what TROUBLE it was to pick!!! =) Awesome lines.
Me said…
Lori: Thanks!

NJ: Thanks! It's always fun to finish a rough draft. Now on to Edits ugh!

Red: Thanks! I've been trying to get to your page all morning, and it keeps saying that it's not found!
LOVE the icicle!

And I like how you let the story progress -- sort of -- through these lines. Masterfully done.
Great idea for a list! :)
Christine d'Abo said…
This sounds awesome! Nothing feels better than getting that first draft done.
Samantha Lucas said…
Oooooh, this was wonderful!
I'm all about reading what happened before #6.

And I have to say, I laugh every time I see your blog title. Too funny.

Happy TT!
Miss Frou Frou said…
Hi, congrats on getting rough draft finished! Great TT
Tink said…
Sounds very good to me!
Thanks for visiting my Google TT.
Oooh, what a great idea! Will definitely have to give this a shot in the near future.
Rhian said…
congrats on finishing the rough draft! keep us posted on when it goes to pub.
Me said…
Susan: It was handy that it turned out that way. :D And thanks! It was particularly cold the day I wrote that. hehe

Michelle: I have to say I didn't come up with the idea. I've seen it several places and just loved it.

Raven: Thanks!

Christine: You said it! Except maybe if someone would just publish the darn thing. :D

Samantha: Thanks!
Me said…
R.G.: Thanks!

*Man I'm not very original with my responses today*

Emma: It was fun to write too! ;) Thanks! I like my blog title too. Although I just typed it in google and found out I was far from the first to use it.

Miss Frou Frou: Thanks I just love finishing a book!
Me said…
Tink: Thank you!

Joely: I hope you enjoyed it! Can't wait to read yours!

Rhian: *Crosses fingers* Oh, there will be much self-pimping when I finally find a publisher. hehe You won't be able to miss it. ;)

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