Thursday Thirteen #7

13 Reasons I Wish the "World's Largest Retailer" Shareholder Meeting Was Over

1. I hate traffic!!!

No! I really, really hate it! I hate driving my car when there is no traffic much less when the streets are completely crammed with people who don't know how to obey the simple laws of pedestrian traffic. If I didn't have to drive the little guy around I'd so be driving my scooter every day.

2. If I don't get to see The Eagles, no one should!!!

Yes, I'm bitter! Very bitter! I love The Eagles!!! *pouts and breaks into the chorus of Witchy Woman*

3. I want our parking lot back!

They took over half of our parking lot! I want it back! I'm a bad parker, and it takes me at least four tries to get into those crummy straight spaces when the part of the lot we are allowed is full.

4. I'd like to be able to go to said World's Largest Retailer without feeling like a tourist attraction!

Wow, look it's one of those "Arkansans." OMG! She isn't barefoot or pregnant?! Who'd have thought! Aww, listen to that twangy accent! How quaint! Shut up!!! It's not twangy! Okay, it is a little twangy... Dang stupid Arkansas accent! Why couldn't it have been a cute Southern accent like Paula Dean's!

5. I'm tired of having to point at my parking permit every single time I come into my parking lot.

It's in the same place as EVERYONE else's! Why is it so hard to see? A big thanks to the nice policewoman who helped me turn out today! I never would have gotten out of that parking lot otherwise!

6. There won't be so many jets flying over!

I don't like having jets flying over! I used to live in a dorm where they flew over every thirty minutes, and I have hated it ever since!

7. Did I mention I need to go to the store?

No seriously. The Diet Coke supply is running perilously low! That is quite simply not an option in this house! Yes, I am aware that I have an addiction.

8. I will be able to work without feeling the base beat from the concerts down the block shaking my desk.

While it'd be fun if I actually got to go to the concerts since I don't it's really just rather an annoyance.

9. I'll be able to blog about something that isn't related to the stupid shareholders meeting!

Seriously it's the only thing I can think about right now! I'm so miffed.

10. When it's over I'll be able to forgive my friend's who aren't taking me with them to the Eagles concert!

One of my best friends is an associate of this large retailer in the corporate offices, and she gets to go to the Eagles concert. She is taking another of my best friends and her sister. A big fat :P to the both of you! hehe That's ok I still love you, but that would not be the case if it were Jimmy Buffett here again this year! *Giggles*

11. I could stop being bitter!

Until next year at least! When they deny me again!

12. There wouldn't be so many darn buses that didn't know how to drive our streets!

My husband, son, and I almost got creamed by a giant tour bus who tried to run his red light when we had the right-of-way and were making a U-Turn. Look, I know it's a dumb place for people to make a U-Turn but the geniuses who built our roads unfortunately didn't include an on ramp for the interstate unless you're going south! What does that mean? If you're going north you have to make a U-Turn. They are planning to build an on ramp. It should be ready by 2010...Or was that when they were planning to start it... hmm... I hope its not the same company building it that promised us a water park by memorial day TWO YEARS AGO!!! Still waiting for that one!

13. Did I mention the bitterness?

Yeah! The bitterness! *growls*

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Red Garnier said…
LMAO . . . doesn't it feel better now? =)

I hope that convention is over with ZAP! =)
Rene Lyons said…
Poor thing! I hope it's over soon.
Christine d'Abo said…
Seeing the Eagles would rock! I hope they don't taunt you too much.
Michelle Pillow said…
You didn't get to see the Eagles?! Mandy makes me listen to Witchy Woman sometimes, though she sings it, lol

That sounds awful. *shudder*
Except for Witchy Woman ;)
I'm right there with you on the accent (MO).
Lori said…
The Eagles ROCK!!
Samantha Lucas said…
You CAN NOT run out of Diet Coke!!!!

Something must be done! lol :) Great list.
Me said…
Red: No! hehe Well yeah actually it does! :D Mostly cause I don't have to go to work on Thursdays so I get to avoid them completely.

Rene: Tomorrow is the last day! *Does the dance of joy*

Christine: Oh, if they taunt, I will punish them! *wicked grin*

Michelle: *wipes away a tear* Alas, no, I was not so blessed.

R.G.: It is awful! The horror of horrors!

Joely: Sisters of the Southern Accent UNITE! hehe

Lori: Yes!!!

Samantha: *gasps* I just drank the last one! I knew I should have gone at midnight last night!!!
Whoa. I think I'm going to have to go read your past posts and find out who this retailer is so I can avoid them in the future. I suspect I already know, though...

Happy TT!
Wylie Kinson said…
I'll bite. Who's the largest retailer? I'm guessing Walmart...

I'd be royally miffed over the Eagles thing. I'd give my first born (wait, change that to my husband) to see them live.

Helps to vent though, no?
Tink said…
I want to see The Eagles too! :-)
Thanks for visiting my blue moon TT!
I think blogger ate my last comment..
If so, just was going to say that I hope you get to see the Eagles soon!
I'm hoping to see a couple fun concerts this summer too..
Ann Aguirre said…
You should totally work that accent. Southern women can get away with saying the meanest things, if they just preface it with "bless your heart" (insert horrendously cruel remark) and end with, "but I'm gonna pray for you."
N.J.Walters said…
Hope it's over soon and I'm sorry you didn't get to see the Eagles. That would be so cool!
impworks said…
I sense your feeling bitter about something. Not sure what ;-)
Eden Bradley said…
The Eagles was one of the best concerts I've ever been to-1989. Awesome!
Carolan Ivey said…
[[*pouts and breaks into the chorus of Witchy Woman]]

Chiming in with a verse of "Seven Bridges Road." :)
Me said…
Susan: I don't want to reveal the name of the World's Largest Retailer as they give massive sums of money to the University where I work, and I have no desire to be deuced. *whispers* Just type world's largest retailer into google. ;)

Wylie: Oh I agree! I'd totally sell my hubby out for Eagles tickets. :D (Just kidding, sweetie! maybe...)

Tink: Don't they rock!

Angela: Do they even tour anymore? I haven't heard a thing about them touring lately. All the more reason to pout.

Annie: *giggles* You have a point! I may have to use that... I have the perfect people to use it on too!

N.J.: It ends tomorrow!!! Yay!!!

Impworks: Is it that obvious? *tries for demure*

Eden: The one I went to was in 1997 on their Hell Freezes Over Tour! There was a full moon...wonderful music...*gets teary* It was so beautiful!

Carolan: *Sings* There are starrrrrrrrrrrs in the Southerrrrrrrrn sky! I love that song!
Kuanyin Moi said…
Whew...happy it's over too! :-) Happy TT!
Julia Smith said…
Disruption to that degree is a torment to be endured. Hope it's over soon.
Babe King said…
I'm sensing you feel a little bitter about this? :-p

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