Tuesday Teaser: Click Yes to Submit

Her fingers were trembling as she clicked the button for a video call. So if the picture of him wasn’t real, then she was about to find out. It seemed like it took hours to load the call. All the while her stomach was doing somersaults. When the screen filled with his image her breath caught in her throat.

Yes, that had definitely been his picture.

The same strong features and angular jaw framed by spun gold hair looked back at her. Even the eyes, which she’d been sure were contacts, were the same. Of course, he could have contacts in, but it was almost four in the morning. His full, sexy lips smiled back at her, and she couldn’t help the heat that shot through her whole body and concentrated deep between her thighs. “Hello there.” Oh, he had a sexy voice. It was deep and full with just a hint of a foreign accent that she couldn’t place.

“Hi.” Suddenly she lost all ability to speak. She couldn’t think of a thing to say besides hi. Fortunately he spoke.

“So you don’t really have purple eyes.” His little grin set her heart on fire. He even had dimples. Someone was going to have to throw a bucket of cold water on her for sure.

“No, they’re just plain old blue.” She couldn’t stop smiling at him. He probably thought she was some kind of nut job with this silly grin plastered across her face.

“Well, they are beautiful.”

Claire pulled up her knees and could feel herself blushing. “Thanks. Yours aren’t so bad yourself.” She sounded like a complete idiot!

Gabe didn’t seem to notice though, because he just smiled back at her. “So how did you get a name like LiLith_N_ChainZ?” Her cheeks went redder, and this time he did notice because his sexy smile turned into a smirk. Dear Goddess, those dimples were going to be her undoing!

“Well, I…” Claire saw her favorite bracelets on the desk where she must have tossed them. They were black leather with a tiny pair of handcuffs attached. She couldn’t type with them on, that’s why they always ended up next to her keyboard. She held them up where he could see them and shrugged. “I’m rather fond of chains. You know…as accessories.”


Madison Woods said…
Excellent teaser! Thanks for playing along. And I hope you'll be waiting to join in next week, too :)
Lesley Speller said…
OMG I'm so lame... I wrote Clicker Yes to Submit...it should have been Click Yes to Submit.

I've had clickers on my mind because I'm studying them for work. hehehe
Julia said…
Great teaser. But are these vampires?? ;)
Lesley Speller said…
There are, in fact, no vampires in this one. hehe Shocking I know! :-D
Amanda said…
Ooo... nicely done!
彥安 said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vixen said…
Excellent teaser...keep up the amazing work friend. You are so good.

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